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09 March 2010

  • 9th March 2010

    TV shows with gay characters could lose Florida tax credits 26

    Glee's gay character Kurt may not represent "non-traditional family values".

    6:18 PM — Television shows and films with gay characters could miss on tax credits in Florida for not being "family-friendly". Lawmakers in the state have been coy over the meaning of the phrase "non-traditional family values".

  • Barbara Walters regrets Ricky Martin gay interview 23

    Barbara Walters said she regretted the interview

    5:44 PM — Veteran US broadcaster Barbara Walters has said that asking Ricky Martin to confirm whether he was gay was "inappropriate". She now believes it could have damaged his career in the US.

  • Will & Grace star Sean Hayes confirms he’s gay 24

    Sean Hayes said he was "never in" the closet

    5:03 PM — Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes has confirmed he is gay - adding that he was "never in" the closet. The star, who played gay character Jack McFarland in the sitcom, has been criticised in the past for not declaring his sexual orientation.

  • DC gay couples begin marrying today 7

    Reggie Stanley and Rocky Galloway tied the knot today

    4:27 PM — The first gay couples to marry in Washington DC held their ceremonies today. They were able to apply for marriage licences last Wednesday and, due to a mandatory waiting period, the first ceremonies were set to take place today.

  • Priest sorry for ‘Adam and Steve’ joke 43

    The priest said marriage was not for "Adam and Steve" (Photo: runneralan2004)

    3:53 PM — A Catholic priest has apologised after joking that marriage is not for "Adam and Steve" in a sermon. Reverend Frank Wainwright, 48, a deacon at St Gregory's Church in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, made the quip at a Sunday service when discussing commitment.

  • Bing ‘censors gay and lesbian searches in Arabic countries’ 7

    Bing was found to restrict searches

    3:31 PM — Microsoft's Bing search engine has been accused of blocking non-pornographic gay and lesbian searches in Arabic countries. Researchers said that Arabic words which were filtered included the terms "gay", "lesbian" and "homosexuality".

  • Harriet Harman could ban prostitute adverts 34

    Harriet Harman is concerned the ads are selling trafficked women

    1:25 PM — Escort adverts in magazines and newspapers could be banned if Labour wins the general election. The party is putting forward a new law in its election manifesto which could impose a £10,000 fine for those who fail to comply.

  • Christian registrar Lillian Ladele refused leave to appeal to Supreme Court 46

    Lillian Ladele's application to the Supreme Court was refused

    12:15 PM — A Christian registrar who was disciplined because she would not officiate civil partnerships has been refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

  • Homophobic senator Roy Ashburn comes out as gay 85

    Roy Ashburn said he was gay

    11:42 AM — The California senator who was arrested on suspicion of drink driving last week after leaving a gay club has come out. Roy Ashburn said he was gay on a local radio show yesterday.

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