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Opponents demand explanation for Steven Purcell’s departure

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Reader comments

  1. This guy is New Labour through and through – incapable of doing the job but hangs on in their taking the salary until the last minute. When he goes he hires lawyers and spin doctors to threaten injuctions against the newspapers and tell lies and deny there are illegal drugs involved – the spin doctor Persil chose was Jack Irvine who “masterminded” the “Keep the Clause” campaign, Brian Souters failed but hugely damaging homophopbic campaing against the repeal of Section 28.

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Mar 2010, 10:09pm

    Mr. Purcell was named Councilor of the Year just last November. If his behavior and decisions had been erratic and unreliable, wouldn’t his fellow councilors have noticed? He was said to be the most powerful gay politician in Scotland.

    If the guy needs a rest, I hope he fully recovers so that he can confront the opposition and set things straight, although politics is a tug-of-war at the best of times, of course.

    I’d be curious to know how many members of the opposition are alcoholics and/or users. It doesn’t always show on one’s face, and not all people difficulty putting a sentence together while under the influence.

  3. Jean-Paul – the first thing he did when rumbled was to employ the notorious Jack Irvine, the “mastermind” of the homophobic Keep the Clause campaign and have him lie to the newspapers and threaten them with injunctions if they printed the truth – why are you so in love with such a creep?

  4. Glasgow Labour run council is notorious for corruption and mis doings. There are many stories doing the rounds right now, including that the other Labour councillors all knew he had a cocaine habit, but no action was taken.

    Just in case anyone thinks the opposition in Scotland are calling for the facts is due to Purcell being gay, that is just not so. The problem is that both Labour and Purcell, are using high powered lawyers to effectively ‘gag’ the Scottish media.

    Those not in Scotland might be interested to know that Purcell quit, just a couple of days after Gordon Brown and his team visited him in Glasgow.

    Glasgow Labour council is the largest in Scotland, and recently there have been numerous resignations linked to expenses scandals.

    It has nothing to do with Purcell’s sexuality – that is not even being discussed in Scotland. His former colleagues do seem to be briefing the Scottish media in order to tarnish his political reputation. That is how it appears to be.

    Alex Salmond who leads the SNP Scottish Government has actually only recently praised Purcell. Surprisingly, neither Gordon Brown or any other Labour MP in Scotland has defended Purcell.

  5. Alex Salmond praised this character Purcell? Well, we all make mistakes don’t we! But you are right, there is nothing more vindictive that a former Liebour colleague – they’ll be lining up to drip poison into the ears of their journo friends about their former bestest friend Steve!

  6. theotherone 9 Mar 2010, 1:34pm


    i think that’s the point. He wasn’t acting in an unusualy way he was just worried what might come out about him.

    Odd that he’s gone off abroad and not to a British Rehab Unit – I hope he’s not hiding from the press and I sure as hell hope his holiday’s not being paid for by the Tax Payer.

  7. Nice to see Gordon Brown standing by him…..NOT! The Dear Leader has abandoned this guy faster than he can grab a typist out of a chair!

    Some of the blogs had been going on about how white Purcell powder was, wonered what this was all about. Of course absolute silence from the unbiased BBC. Drug taking, corruption of public fnds and a death, so close to a General Election, of course nothing to report by the McBeeb.

    Imagine if it had been a Tory accused of such behaviour, they might have even dropped Lord Ashcroft as their lead story to highlight it.

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