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Bishop of Liverpool ‘in sympathy’ with religious civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool is a true Christian and demonstrates how the minds of all us can change over time. I hope other Bishops will follow his sincere and thoughtful lead.

  2. Rev Laurie Roberts 9 Mar 2010, 6:10pm

    I agree with Thomas 100 %

  3. human being + christianity = blind foolish retarded slave

    when are christians gonna learn that they are not wanted anymore. being gay and a christian is a complete oxymoron. they are using gay issues to get media space, by giving their opinion – more people watch eastenders on a tuesday night than go to church in a month – no one is interested anymore in christianity – we all know what a load of cr*p it is. that’s why the church hates gays, we can see through their nonsense.
    I wonder if this cathoilic priest is also a paedophile.

    1. Paul O'Neill 16 Jan 2012, 11:31am

      What a strange and hate filled person you are Jay. Bigotry comes in many forms. God bless you though.

  4. Just another step in the processs of changing religious culture for the good.

    there are good priests, bishops, etc. It is the culture of always needing someone to hate, and living in the dark ages that needs to change.

    And I think for most of the western and closely allied world, eg Japan, Australia, NZ, and yes, even more so Central and south America, this is happening.

    And in the next ten years it will snowball into an avalanche, wiping away the purveyors of hatred and discrimination in Gods name

    But we must all be involved politically, in our church if we do go there, to insure success

  5. How can you change a religion I don’t understand? Christianity clearly states that Homosexuality is a sin! Leave these people alone and let them practice there religion just like you are able to practice your sexuality. And as for the people talking about Christianity they need to stop thinking about it and get on with there lives how dare you tell people what they should and should not believe in just like how you believe in having sex with the same sex is just how the believe in their faith.

  6. I met him once at work: LOVELY man. Apparently he has a gay brother.

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