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Australian group calls for trans Facebook option

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Reader comments

  1. “Being a transgender person myself, why the hell would I select transgender, when I know what sex I identify as?”

    I would like to point out that Trans as an option is also open to being used by Transvestites, Cross Dressers, Genderqueer, Intersexed, Third Gender people as well as those exploring where on the gender spectrum they might be.

  2. Agreed. Those trans people who identify as male or female can put that, but for those who identify outside of male or female, a ‘trans’ box would be handy. I know several people who’d like to use it. But in the grand scheme of things – this is just facebook. It’d be nice, but not something I’d put effort into campaigning for.

  3. You people amaze me. You fly off the handle immediately at the thought that someone may have misinterpreted your gender / sex / packet /whatever you have decided to call yourself today.

    How about they just reword it to:
    “What gender would you like people to identify you as?”
    That way it covers everyone from Danny La Rue to Mister Blobby.

  4. Did everyone get that? RobN called us ‘people’ – well praise the lord, we will all be able to sleep at night now!

  5. for what it’s worth, my point of view, is that it would be great if trans Men or Women were happy to be identified as such. This way, positive role models could be identified for trans people coming out, rather than what we have at moment such as sex obsessed porn sites or crossdressers/transvestites, etc. But I also accept that most trans people want to just blend into society and not be known as “different”, so I have no positive non sex obsessed role models to follow, But as Naith said “its just facebook” after all

  6. Janet, I think the point of this is for people who are transgender but don’t identify as either male or female. But come to think of it, there is already a privacy option not to disclose your gender as M/F on facebook.

  7. AKyth; “Did everyone get that? RobN called us ‘people’ – well praise the lord.”

    Was the generic term acceptable enough for you? One never knows on here in case one treads on the sensitivities of some gay transsexual hermaphrodite with lesbian tendencies trapped in a man’s body, and then get vehemently attacked for not recognising the fact.

  8. Christine Rourke 9 Mar 2010, 11:07am

    “You People”? “You People”?

    If someone dared to address gays or lesbians as “You People” in such a manner, there’d be uproar.

    RobN, you really do come across as having a HUGE chip on your shoulder.


  9. OrtharRrith 9 Mar 2010, 11:11am

    Clearly this is aimed at those trans-people who are uncomfortable with being labelled either male or female, so in other words those who are genderqueer.
    The only possible downside is that this could lead to spates of bullying on Facebook from people that disapprove and/or hate. In that regard it’s probably better not to answer the question in the first place.
    This really doesn’t apply to transsexual peoples, who generally drop the trans part of who they are when refuring to themselves. So a trans-man for example would simply refure to himself as a man – except perhaps during conversations spacifically refurring to his transsexual status. Generally this is because of the feeling that we are more then just our transsexual status.

    I am a transwoman (that’s transsexual woman, to avoid confusion with all the other types of trans conditions) but as far as Facebook, Myspace, and pretty much any other site or form that may ask the question, I’m simply a woman.

    RobN, you may not be aware of this but please try to remember that hermaphrodite is an old out-dated term no longer used by the medical proffesion. The correct term is Intersexed. Many who have this condition find hermaphadite offensive. Thanks

  10. To be honest I dont identify with trans people and dont at all consider them to be part of the gay community. And before I get flamed can I be clear I have no negative beliefs or feelings about them. Transvestites, Cross Dressers, Genderqueer, Intersexed, Third Gender = each to his own but the gay community doesnt have to open its arms to everyone that isnt traditionally heterosexual.

  11. @Reb Kean You don’t consider trans people to be part of the gay community? Not even the significant proportion of them who are gay?! If I’m a neutrois going out with another neutrois I guess that’s not gay enough…

    What is with this assumption that everybody who doesn’t want to ‘blend in’ or who is something other than male or female is ‘sex obsessed’. Many of my neutrois siblings are asexual! I suspect somebody who would be a positive role model for me may be quite different from someone who is a positive role model for you.

    If facebook asked your sexuality and the options were ‘hetersexual’ ‘do not wish to disclose’, would you be happy with that situation?

  12. Ian Bower 9 Mar 2010, 1:31pm

    I always thought that the word gender referred to a person’s ‘role’ (in traditional male/female roles).
    Surely the now apparently outdated term trans-sexual is still a more accurate description of someone who has undergone the relevant surgery.
    ‘Gender roles’ – The once great Gay Liberation Front would be turning in its grave!

  13. OrtharRrith 9 Mar 2010, 1:48pm

    Were is it said that transsexual is outdated? It’s not really the most accurate I’ll grant – trans meaning to transition, thereby implying that the person in question is currently UNDERGOING transition from one sex to another – which is another reason why it tends to get dropped from use by some who have undergone surgery. But out-dated? No.
    Transgender is a catch all term that covers various different but related conditions such as: Transsexual, Transvestite, Genderqueer, Third Gender and more. It’s not designed to replace them.
    Why would “Gender Roles” be turning in its grave?

  14. Ok xyl, I wouldn’t be happy and there’s no real reason why Facebook shouldn’t make another category. But in the mean time theres a way round choosing m/f and I didnt know if people knew that.

  15. Christine Rourke: “If someone dared to address gays or lesbians as “You People” in such a manner, there’d be uproar.”

    Well I for one wouldn’t give a toss. If you are not people, what the hell are you then? F_cking hood ornaments?

    Amazing, I would have thought the term “people” would cover all eventualities, but it seems there’s still some f_cking piss-elegant queen that’s got to have a moan about something.

  16. OrtharRrith 9 Mar 2010, 5:58pm

    Can we please let the “evil bitch trans queens” stereotype that people like to throw around every once in a while go?
    RobN – Christine was by all appearances commenting on your somewhat cold use of the term “You people”. Weather intended to or not it can be taken as “YOU people” – drawing a line between oneself and the others you are talking to or addressing. And that is often taken as a hostile act to distance yourself from them. I’d like to think that was not your intent but as she points out, it could easily have been pounced on and complained about were it in reference to gays and lesbians for example

    @Rab Kean, thanks for making us welcome.

  17. Caroline Crozier 22 Apr 2010, 8:39pm

    I would like to have a trans group on facebook,because i still think we are an isolated as a community.

  18. Unfortunately Transsexual is a ‘sub classification’ under Transgender which is closely aligned and recognised by society as as part of the GLB community. Yes there may be may transsexuals who are active sexually within GLB circles but there are a significant number who for a variety of reasons or circumstances are not. I am a woman who has had to overcome the conflict between my physical sex and my gender, my sexuality is completely secondary to my transsexualism and should not be used to label me within this group or another. Whether a transsexual is heterosexual, bi-sexual, gay or lesbian these are only a sexuality attribute of the individual and IMHO it is only when the TS Community turns the current impression that Transsexuality is all about sexual preference it will not be able to achieve the equality that we know we deserve.

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