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Gibraltar court to rule on gay age of consent

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Reader comments

  1. Blimey, Gibraltar! Drag yourself out of the past and get a move on about it!

  2. Gay people in Gibraltar would receive equal rights and treatment as citizens of Spain.

    Even if the age of consent is equalised in Gibraltar, gay people will still be denied access to the contract of civil marriage because of their sexuality.

    Gays in Gibraltar should be campaigning to be part of Spain.

    Britain regards them as 2nd class citizens after all.

  3. It really is about time Gibraltar was returned to Spain. If I lived there I would be actively supporting that. The British Government should tell the Gibraltar government that they will be doing what they did with Hong Kong and set up a timetable.

  4. Chris; The difference is, Hong Kong was a colony we took on for a finite amount of time right from the outset as it was always the property of the Chinese. Gibraltar however, is British and was rightfully claimed in the same way the Spanish took much of South America. The majority of people there wish to remain under British rule, and so it will stay until they decide otherwise. That is why many British colonies have voted to become independent like Jamaica or Tonga, whereas others like Gibraltar or the Falkland islands prefer to stay under our protective wing.

    This isn’t some stuffy colonial hangover, this is modern day democracy at work.

  5. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 7 Mar 2010, 12:25pm

    Gibraltar and Gunersey currently have an age of consent at 18 for gay men, 16 for lesbians and heterosexuals. I am very sure both Gibraltar and Gunersey will have an equal age of consent for all at 16 by the end of the year – However please do not forget Bermuda (in the North Atlantic) as well – they too as an UK Crown territory have an unequal age of sexual consent at 18 for gay men (16 for lesbians and heterosexuals).

  6. If they want a quick way to equality, just bump the heterosexual and lesbian sex age up to 18 as well.
    Unfortunately my own initial idea would have bad effects, since it’d probably make people sneak around more. Less safe sex and higher rates of teenage pregnancy and so forth. Plus, no teens hormones could take lasting the extra 2 years (don’t really need curious kids being labeled as sex offenders for the rest of their lives, now do we).
    It is sad that even when realizing this, that they would still take my initial thought and not just lower the age of consent for gays.

  7. “Blimey, Gibraltar! Drag yourself out of the past and get a move on about it!”

    No surprise – if you ever visit Gibraltar you’d see how provincial their world view is – a small minded bunch of racists – there are places in deep south US that are more tolerant of skin colour and homosexuality, and I am not exaggerating. Awful, awful place with god awful people – the monkeys on the rock have more of a pluralist nature than the people.

    I hate to generalise, but I am actually from Gibraltar before anyone jumps down my throat, I very much speak from experience.

  8. Zoe King: When did legislation EVER stop people doing what they wanted? If kids want sex, do you really think the age of consent makes a gnat’s testicle worth of difference?

    The point of these laws is merely to set guidelines within the law for other situations. For example, if two 14yos were caught having it away, they might get just a caution, but a 30yo and a 14yo… well you know the rest.

  9. Pumpkin Pie 8 Mar 2010, 6:45pm

    rightfully claimed in the same way the Spanish took much of South America

    Wut. Britain conquered Gibraltar and took it by force in 1704. That’s about as “right” as Spain’s brutal subjugation and conquering of “Latin” America. While I agree that it should be up to the inhabitants where their allegiance lies, this is only because the current inhabitants are quite clearly not the same people who lived there when it was first conquered. Britain had no right to claim an already occupied territory as its own, but **** happens.

  10. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 26 Mar 2010, 4:40am

    Gunersey age of consent has now been equalized to 16 for all individuals since March 2010 by a recently enacted law.

    GET WITH IT Gibralter!!!!

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