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Gareth Thomas ‘threatened with outing’ at 2007 World Cup

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  1. Must have been stressful for him and at least he doesn’t have to worry about that any more.

    However I think he is being inaccurate when he refers to outing.

    The whole concept of ‘outing’ does not really apply any more.

    In the current climate where internet blogs; twitter; gossip websites, papers and magazines are scrambling to find dirt or secrets on ANY celebrity (gay or straight) then people in the public eye are being targetted for gossip.

    When you think about it – if it is acceptable to do a ‘kiss and tell’ on a straight football player like Ashley Cole; then I hardly think a kiss and tell done on Gareth Thomas is so different.

    Both are being ‘outed’. It is acceptable to out Ashley Cole then it’s acceptable to ‘out’ Gareth Thomas.

    Equality implies equal treatment after all. That goes for the bad as well as the good stories.

  2. Erm isn’t this old news now? As handsome as he is I fear him turning into a Peter Tatchell with the media attention delight. Any ol thing will do it.

  3. I wish he’d do some porn.

  4. Simon – Cole is being exposed for what he does, whereas Thomas was threatened for being exposed as what he is.

    Gareth should go further and name the people who made those calls.

  5. No 4: Adrian: “Simon – Cole is being exposed for what he does, whereas Thomas was threatened for being exposed as what he is. ”

    I see no difference to be honest.

    Both would have been exposed for what they do – cheat on their wives.

    Both would have been exposed for what they are – adulterers.

    The only difference is that 1 is gay and the other is straight.

    It is not remotely in the public interest to know about Ashley Cole’s private life.

    However if it is acceptable to rummage about through Cole’s dirty linen then I fail to see why a double standard would be applied to Gareth Thomas simply because he is gay.

  6. Blimey SimonM you sound like one of them religious nuts.

    The difference was:

    Cole did it for glorification, only had to hide it from his wife. Probably considered a hero amongst most of his supporters.

    Thomas did it because society tells you being gay is wrong. It actually takes a lot for someone brought up like this to admit it to themselves let alone anyone else. What Gareth did was not ideal for his wife but I appreciate it must have been a very difficult journey. One that could have very well ended badly. Luckily rugby’s a mans game where real men are more accepting and not a little bigot boys game (football). I have no doubt the pain Gareth must have gone through hiding who he was.

    The difference, Gareth had much, much more to loose than Ashley. More than just a wife.

  7. Simon – if it’s adultery, so long as the person in question is not a hypocrite, so what?

  8. I see it as a double standard though.

    You say Cole did it for his own glorification. You cannot know that for a fact. Who knows what went on in his marriage. Perhaps Cheryl Cole knew.

    We don’t know. The papers made the decision to ‘out’ him as ‘cheating’ on his wife to sell newspapers without any regard or knowledge about what goes on behind their closed doors.

    I just think it is hypocritical for newspapers to ‘out’ a straight celebrity, whereas they should not ‘out’ a gay celebrity.

    If we live in a society where a straight celebrity’s private life is fair game for public exposure then I don’t see why a gay celebrity’s private life is off limits.

    Equality means equal treatment – the godd along with the bad.

  9. Ashley Cole and Gareth Thomas could have both been exposed for what they are, Gareth as gay and Ashley as a rat. Getting a pay-as-you-go phone for his booty calls is a pretty low move – I wonder if it is the same phone he was alleged to have stuck up his wotsit and pressed vibrate?

    However, Simon is right, if you take the celebrity payroll you should expect for your private life to be exposed, whoever you are. Remember that Saint Cheryl sold her wedding for a lot of money and these celebrities regularly brief the press to “pap” photograph them in order to get coverage, so they are being hypocritical in trying to turn off the tap when it suits them.

    Although Cheryl Cole has been treated badly and deserves a decent bloke, stories are appearing in the press about her wanting a quickie divorce and not 50% of the estate as long as he keeps the house, valued at, er, 50% of Ashley’s estate! Can’t think where they come from. And that most northerly of northen lassies keeps those northen roots maintained in, er, Godalming! Up the Jarrow March

  10. I hate the way so many people who won’t come out are ashamed to.. so what if they printed it? he should just have always accepted his sexuality.. grow up and get on with your life..

  11. What the hell has his private life got to do with any of you? And what the hell has that tacky bitch cole and her supposed bi boyfreind got to do with this? None of you have obviously ever been to a rugby match to know how brave it was for this guy to come out.
    Or maybe we should make every gay man wear a pink triangle so that we are all outed and everyone knows the truth! idiots.

  12. The real point is that this story reveals yet again the vicious cynicism of the press. Attacking and humiliating the vulnerable is grist to the mill if it sells copy.
    Thomas is to be applauded for finally coming out in such a macho world (I mean traditionalist Wales, not just rugby). If the press had outed him when he didn’t feel confident enough to do it himself it could have been disastrous.

  13. He should have called a press conference and held it somewhere miles out of the way so that that journos had to travel far and lose a day, then when he got them all there just read out a two word statement “So what?” and left the building! That would show them what a big fuss they were making about nothing.

  14. No 11: Jay: “What the hell has his private life got to do with any of you? And what the hell has that tacky bitch cole and her supposed bi boyfreind got to do with this? ”

    Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s private life has nothing to do with any of us.

    Neither does Gareth Thomas’s private life.

    If it is acceptable to sprawl ‘poor brave Cheryl’s’ private life all over the press then Gareth Thomas should not expect different treatment.

    So long as equal standards are being applied between gay and straight, then there is no problem in my view.

  15. Well I’m sorry Simon, but the the threats to out a player for what he is and cannot choose to be, rather than what he chooses to do, is scandalous. Imagine how that affects player’s psychology – no one should have that weight hanging over their heads. Imagine the potential reactions, having to deal with team mates, family, fans, club officials.

    This is why, I urge Mr Thomas to actually name names. Who made the calls? At least tell us which newspaper. It’s time we smoked out journalist scum like that. The red top media has been party to whipping up the xenophobic, homophobic mentality in football stadiums. It’s time the tables were turned for once.

  16. Mihangel apYrs 8 Mar 2010, 2:52pm

    @SimonM: there’s nothing in the report about him cheating on his wife, therefore no adultery. So it does come down to outing him because the public would be interested; no-one should be outed unless they preach homophobia and are therefore hypocrits.

    What did amuse me was: ““I was trying my best to take myself away from the squad because I didn’t want the squad to see me thinking.”” I suppose “thinking” is not something they normally do (sorry!)

  17. I beg to differ in all this argument. I praise those who tried to expose Gareth; I thought he was brave but this has shown the little brat in him. If you are gay and cant stand up to it, then sorry, you deserve to be exposed for what you really are. The press guys did half a good job; wish they had done it full. He was a coward and that is clear. Its ludicurous for anyone to think the jurnos were wrong… The media is there to expose truths and this was one of the reasonable one. No one was wishing him to wear tutu or rainbow skirts and walk about; none of us who are out do so. And he hasnt done it now that he faced the truth either. He was a pretender, liar, deciever & could have cheated (this isnt a problem if they both handle it privately in a sensible way) on his wife.
    I do not enjoy being told about people’s private life but where such is a pretence… Gareth’s wasnt anything comparable to private life of cheating but of exposing what he really is.

  18. Yuk. what horrible comments. He couldn’t accept he was gay, ok? He was in denial, unaccepting, struggling, call it what you will. Have some compassion for the guy. He was doing the thing he loved most; representing his country at the highest level of rugby. It was his life. Can you blame him for wanting to come out in his own time in a hostile world? He’s human.

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