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05 March 2010

  • 5th March 2010

    US senators call to end gay blood ban 29

    The letter called for end to the blood ban

    5:29 PM — Seventeen Democrat senators and one independent have called to end America's ban on gay men donating blood. The 1983 rule is "outdated, medically and scientifically unsound", they argued in a letter to the Food and Drug Administration yesterday.

  • Gibraltar court to rule on gay age of consent 10

    Gibraltar's age of consent for gay men is 18

    4:50 PM — Gibraltar's Supreme Court is to rule on whether the unequal age of consent for gays violates constitutional law. The British territory has an age of consent of 16 for heterosexuals and lesbians but 18 for gay men, which contravenes European human rights law.

  • Gareth Thomas ‘threatened with outing’ at 2007 World Cup 18

    Gareth Thomas said he was threatened with outing

    2:42 PM — Gareth Thomas played in the 2007 Rugby World Cup fearing he could be outed by the press any day, he said this week. The former Wales captain, who came out in December, revealed that at the time, he was constantly getting calls telling him the media were about to out him.

  • Government could reject religious civil partnerships amendment 35

    The government could remove the amendment

    12:56 PM — Equalities minister Harriet Harman could remove an Equality Bill amendment allowing civil partnerships in church over fears it could raise problems in the marriage system.

  • Anti-gay group wants killer whale stoned to death 47

    Dawn Brancheau was drowned by a killer whale

    12:07 PM — An anti-gay religious group is calling for a killer whale which drowned its trainer to be stoned to death. According to the American Family Association, the Bible says that captive killer whale Tillikum should have been put to death in 1991 after the first time he killed a trainer.

  • Gay sex scandal at the Vatican 57

    The Vatican has been hit by another scandal

    11:39 AM — The Vatican has been hit by a gay sex scandal after allegations that a chorister had procured male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting. The chorister, 29-year-old Thomas Chinedu Ehiem, was sacked after police heard him talking on a wiretap to Angelo Balducci, a Gentleman of His Holiness.

  • Guernsey may equalise gay age of consent 15

    The age of consent is currently not equal

    10:58 AM — Guernsey is to debate equalising the age of consent for gays later this month. Currently, the age of consent for gay men is 18, compared to 16 for heterosexuals.

  • Trans woman fighting for pension rights 30

    Mrs Timbrell is fighting to get her pension backdated

    10:47 AM — A trans woman who refuses to divorce her wife is fighting to get her pension backdated to the age of 60. Christine Timbrell completed her transition in 2000 but is not legally recognised as a woman because she will not divorce her wife of 42 years, Joy.

  • US senators introduce bill to overturn gay military ban earlier than Obama planned 12

    Joe Liberman wants the law to change quicker than Obama

    1:28 AM — Following President Barack Obama's call for the end of the United States' 'don't ask don't tell' policy, banning gays in the military, senators are introducing legislation to repeal the current law or halt discharges of gays continuing to take place.

  • Mexico City’s new gay marriage prompts throngs of licences being granted 9

    Mexico City becomes the first place in Latin America to allow gay marriage

    1:11 AM — Scores of lesbian and gay couples have registered for marriage licences in Mexico City, the first place in Latin America to legalise gay marriage with the first ceremonies taking place in ten days.

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