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‘Serious errors’ made when equality watchdog was set up

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Reader comments

  1. EHRC wastes 39 million and that’s a bad thing and Trevor Phillips should resign over it.

    However this government has wasted five billion on computer systems that don’t work and wont communicate with each other. So how come we have not had the National Audit Office and the public accounts committee report on this major failing?

  2. Sister Mary clarence 4 Mar 2010, 7:13pm

    ” …. the commission made mistakes …..”

    39 million quids worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Mumbo Jumbo 4 Mar 2010, 7:24pm

    Bear in mind that this critisism is coming from Edward Leigh MP – a fundamentalist anti-gay Catholic.

    Ironic really, because the real serious error in setting up the Commission was the inclusion of religion in their remit so creating inevitable internal conflict when it comes to taking on discrimination against people’s intrinsic qualities.

    Humans have rights. Not ideas.

  4. “Bear in mind that this critisism is coming from Edward Leigh MP – a fundamentalist anti-gay Catholic.”

    Really – he sounds therefore as if he is qualified to be an Equality Commissioner.

    After all a homophobic, religious extremist Joel Edwards was hired as an EHRC commissioner because of his work in the black community.

    The EHRC however didn’t see any conflict between his homophobic extremism and his position as one of their commissioners.

  5. Its strange SimonM how Stonewall did not make a big issue out of Joel Edwards being a EHRC commissioner. Yet they found the time to publicly campaigned against Christine Burns MBE (a trans woman) getting a EHRC commissioners job.

  6. MumboJumbo – exactly. Including the Evangelical Alliance, which promotes ex-gay reparative therapy, was a disgrace (Joel Edwards on the board of trustees at the True Freedom Trust in Liverpool for instance).

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Mar 2010, 10:04pm

    Mercy! What next a jihadist extremist sitting on the board?

  8. Yet another nest-feathering f_cking quango. Sack the lot of these PC idiots. A pointless organisation run by a self-aggrandising busybody. We really don’t need their bureaucratic meddling, particularly when it costs this much.

    Cue closure, “lessons will be learned” and probably a knighthood.

  9. Tired of the lack of accountability by the over paid! 4 Mar 2010, 11:31pm

    As someone who has tried repeatedly to get the EHRC to tackle multiple institutional homophobic abuses
    …I can tell you they are NOT THE SLIGHTEST INTERESTED in homophobic abuses & violations carried out & protected within local authorities, institutions or the police.
    Mind you…niether is STONEWALL!

  10. It was/is a good idea but shockingly mismanaged. Still £39M spent doesn’t mean £39M wasted. The overspend on salary and IT would only have been a small fraction of that sum.

  11. Abi1975 –

    I’m sorry are you seriously suggesting that a person should get a job just because of who they are not on if they are best to do the job?

    Without Stonewall we would be in a lot worse situation. If we left it to Outrage we wouldn’t have any rights because we would be hated.

  12. Squidgy – Outrahe doesn’t make people hate us
    homophobia and ignorance makes people hate

  13. @ Squidgy

    Christine Burns was the best person for the job though!

  14. “Without Stonewall we would be in a lot worse situation.”

    So what have they done lately apart from mess up the advice to the government for all the LGBT parts of the equality bill.

    *sarcasm on* Ge thanks Ben Summerskill! *sarcasm off*

  15. So you were at the interview then Abi1975? Surely that’s the only way you’d know if she was the best person..

  16. There is a lot Stonewall have done. I know from these threads that you have asked and been told over the last couple of days. All you have convieniently ignored so there’s very little point in me repeating something you clear Don’t want to hear.

    So Stonewall tend to do things ‘under the scene’ rather than P. Tatchell’s embarrassing ‘in ya face’ attitude. It’s the ‘in ya face’ that does the damage. Stonewall tend to do whats best in a way I for one prefer but then I’ve never been a greedy person.

    Keep Up The Excellent Work Stonewall!!

  17. I getthe impression that stonewall allow companies to buy credibility. you can’t eradicate homophobia with a logo.

  18. Stonewall is the self styled leading LGB (but not T) rights group in the UK.

    Stonewall is opposed to marriage equality for same sex couples.

    Their ‘Top 100 employer of the year awards each year is made up of companies who sponsor them and have adverts on Stonewall’s website.

    In my eyes Stonewall’s opposition to legal equality for same sex relationships utterly delegitimises them as an organisation.

    Stonewall is like the Anglican Church – well meaning but overall it’s just wishy-washy, feeble and slightly pathetic.

  19. The biggest mistake made was putting Trevor Phillips in charge.

  20. Blimey, for once AngieRS I find myself in full agreement with you.

  21. Surprise, surprise, new quango wastes money. What is it with these self important ‘social commentators’spending other peple’s money like it is going out of fashion, then jumping from one quango to another, earning millions as they go? Trevor Phillips should be prosecuted as he has overseen fraud, pure and simple. No doubt there were plenty of “fact finding missions” in the caribbean during the winter, Sharm Al Sheik for a spot of diving and Gstaad for a bit of skiiing Mr. Phillips simply had to attend.

    The sight of this media liberal elite jumping from one bandwagon to the next is sickening. I was at an environmental construction seminar this week and the sight of Kirsty Wark, Rosie Boycott, assorted Dimbleby’s and Ed Stourton hosting seminars on the most ridiculous subjects because they know everything about blinking everything, striding about lecturing people in the industry about how they should be building things mae me want to vomit.

    Where do these “experts in everthing” get off? If gay and straight people had had the chance to save the £39 million in tax then we all might be able to lead decent lives left to our own devices. All people are not quite as evil and unenlightened (by this mob?) as the liberal elite like to think. We don’t all need to be saved by a public school educated socialist.

  22. Yes, well, to err is human, Squidgy, try not to let it happen again.

  23. Squidgy:”Blimey, for once AngieRS I find myself in full agreement with you.”

    Well sometimes even the best minds can coincide with leftie, politically-correct socialist clap-trap peddling pillocks.
    It’s simply a matter of probability.

    That still doesn’t mean they are ideologically sound.

  24. Hmm? Sorry, did a knuckle dragger just drag his paws over the keyboard? I suppose it’s a bit like monkeys typing out the works of Shakespeare, give them enough time and they’ll type something intelligent. But not this time, eh, Bobby boy?

  25. No 23: RobN: you say:

    “Well sometimes even the best minds can coincide with leftie, politically-correct socialist clap-trap peddling pillocks.”

    What exactly do YOU support RobN?

    It just seems to me that you attack other people’s opinions, without offering an alternative, well articulated viewpoint.

    You often call me a ‘leftie’ for the opinions I express.

    Perhaps I am.

    But at least I express an opinion. Unlike you, who seems to simply sneer at other people’s opinions.

  26. SimonM: I put forward original ideas constantly on here, but you, like so many, only choose what you want to read and skip the rest.
    See Post (8) – who on here was I criticising apart from Phillips?

    AngieRS: “Sorry, did a knuckle dragger just drag his paws over the keyboard”

    Well it least it was only my knuckles, dear.
    You manage to do it with your tits.

  27. Oh please, bobby, is that your best? By the way, if you were only criticising Phillips, why did you think you could gob off at me with impunity? You’re a joke, bobby. You can’t even stick to the same lazy excuse in the same post. As for consistently original ideas, that’s stretching credulity a tad too far for me. I’m sure UKIP or the BNP would be proud of you, even though you’re a poof but I don’t think you’ve got the guts to tell them that, have you bobby boy, because you’re the archetypal bully and bullies don’t like being bullied back.
    You even think putting Godwins Law as your URL pre-empts people from attacking your rabid right wing views. Just how stupid is that? Just citing Godwins Law before anyone else does means you’re the one losing the argument.
    I’m pretty sure most people on here just look at your childish and abusive outbursts as the result of an insecure attention seeking man looking for an audience and if he can’t win them over by persuasion and logic (given that those efforts always fail) then you seek to heap abuse on them until they respond, like I am doing now. In effect, bobby, your a troll, and like most trolls, you’re not even amusing with it. So you keep on, sad, scared and closeted little man, I won’t be responding to you any longer. I’ve only got got so much time in this world and wasting it on a twat like you really won’t do.

  28. Jess Conrad 18 Jun 2010, 7:39am

    All these ‘Equality Watchdogs’ do is draw fat salaries and that,s it!!…Bastards!!

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