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Lesbian love scenes for Desperate Housewives

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Reader comments

  1. Another media ‘flash in the pan’ ‘one of those mad moments’ when a hetrosexual woman kisses another woman… making it sound like sexuality for many women who identify as being a Lesbian, is a choice, something you can ‘dip in and out of’. When in fact the media are mistaking us for women who identify as being bisexual.
    Hum hum.. there is a difference you know!
    If they prove me wrong, then catherine will be a ‘screen Lesbian’ for the rest of the programme… like thats gonna happen! NOT!

  2. The Grinch 3 Mar 2010, 4:39pm

    Yeah that kiss looks really convincing….I’ve had better tongue from my labrador…

  3. I can see it now, she puts on a K.D Lang CD and the next minute she is kissing a women!

    It happens all the time :p

  4. /spoilers/

    I saw that episode and I thought it was tastefully done.

    I was worried it would reinforce that common stereotype/misconception that women turn gay only after being disappointed or hurt by men. They’ve dealt with that elegantly with Katherine questioning herself if perhaps she wanted this all along.

    And yay for Barrowman! He’s probably the one hunting that Italian terrorist lady.

  5. Aggh, I am sick of hearing about Desperate Housewives! I am not watching it. EVER. Not even if John Barrowman does nude scenes.

  6. Susan Gabriel 3 Mar 2010, 8:10pm

    It’s great to see such a hit series as Desperate Housewives develop a lesbian theme. I’ve never watched the show regularly, but I tuned in this week to see the plot develop between Katherine and Robin. My novel, Seeking Sara Summers, has a very similar storyline: a woman unhappy with her marriage and searching for a more authentic life, who never considered “barking up that tree,” now considers expanding her universe!

    Susan Gabriel
    author of Seeking Sara Summers
    (a novel about a desperate housewife who comes out later in life)

  7. About time… I hate the way gay men are so much more “fashionable” on female shows like Desperate Housewives.
    I hope it is a lesbian ‘relationship’ and not one mistaken kiss.

    But I do like the show… and I can’t help feeling I will enjoy that episode a little bit more either way ;)

  8. sorry both of the two last posters, but seriously, I think the earlier comments are more valid. This is just a stunt to juice up a storyline in a lightweight piece of TV. It does nothing for real lesbian issues.

  9. I gave up watching DH two years ago, but I will definately tune in to see John Barrowman! Maybe I’ll stay loyal this time. I hope that the lesbian story line is legit…but I agree with those who think it is simply a ‘stunt’.

  10. you can tell me what he’s like in it then, Demora!

  11. Sounds like a stunt to me too *sigh* Either a little bit of ‘look how daring we are, everyone’ or an enticement to straight men to watch. It’d be nice to have more lesbians on TV. As Vicki said, there seem to be a lot more gay men. Whenever I read about a programme having a gay character, it’s usually a gay man. Yes, not always, I know – but more often than not.

  12. Incidentally, is post 6 a blatant attempt to plug a novel?

  13. Oh that’s good. This can replace the “Gay character to exit Desperate Housewives” blog that went up on here nearly a year ago, and is still being displayed.

    Also, apparently, I just heard Michael Jackson died.

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