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Gay couples in DC begin applying to marry

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Reader comments

  1. Those religious f**ks can keep appealing all they want.

    But so long as same sex couples are already legally married (on March 9th) then it makes things much more difficult for the religious pigs.

    Even in California those same sex couples who married before same sex marriage was rebanned are still legally married. This in my view ensures that same sex marriage will again be legalised.

  2. douglas in canada 3 Mar 2010, 7:30pm

    Congratulations, D.C.!!! and Best Wishes to all those getting married!!!

  3. What lovely news. Lots of very hapy wedding days to come!

  4. Benjamin Levi 3 Mar 2010, 8:10pm

    What a glorious day! One by one start making the difference.

  5. A bit of good news, and a little sanity for once.

    Hopefully the word will spread and it will gain momentum across other states. With any luck, America will get into the 20th century just about the same time the rest of us make the 22nd.

  6. Well done, DC! To think that NOT ONE British same-sex couple can marry in the UK. Instead, we have to travel overseas to do it, just as I and my partner had to. Shameful, absolutely shameful and yet our marriage is not recognised as such in our own country. At least in America, five states and now DC recognise same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. But not us in the UK, we can’t have that now can we, our marriage certificate is not recognised either but viewed as a civil partnership. I’m so digusted with our government and our country.

  7. Way to go DC!

    is it just me or do theses religious right wing people remind anyone of the kids you knew when you went to school? You know that kid who was like “hey you! I’ll race you to the tree!” so you race them and win and they go “that’s not fair DO OVER!! do over!!” so you race em again, win again and they still whine cause they didn’t get their way.

    I live in Canada and even YEARS after getting gay marriage we still got religious types here who try their damnedest to try and take it all away from us, they just cant accept that equal rights exist up here and think that their beliefs trump everyone else’s lives.

    I hope DC can do what some of the other states didn’t and hold their ground when it comes to the typical “family interest” *cough* biggot *cough* groups that picket and scream.

  8. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 5 Mar 2010, 11:30am

    Congradulations to all couples in DC on this day!!!!!

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