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Daniel Radcliffe addresses gay rumours

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Reader comments

  1. Who cares.

    If he identifies as straight then good for him.

    And if when the Harry Potter series of films is completed Mr Radcliffe comes out as gay (no longer having to abide by the rules of the film studio spending hundreds of millions on these movies) then good for him then also.

    His sexuality is irrelevant. He seems like a decent guy.

  2. Everybody knows what a gay face is. It’s a face which only shags other faces of the same sex.
    Some people need to get out more.

  3. It shows how prejudice runs deep when it is thought that showing solidarity with LGBT people – a donation to a homeless charity for goodness’ sake – could not possibly be done by a straight person.

    Sexual orientation and caring about other people’s wellbeing, and justice are mutually exclusive phenomena.

    It is worth asking all LGBT charities, how many non-gay patrons they have?

  4. rickydee1955 3 Mar 2010, 12:52pm

    Daniel Radcliffe slip o tongue: “pictures of me next to ‘other’ famous gay folks?”

  5. Gay people say he is gay because they love him and want him to be. Straight people say he is gay because they hate him sticking up for gay rights, and they want to stop other straight men from sticking up for us – ‘if you defend gay people you must be gay’.
    I respect him a lot for appearing in the video against homophobia. It is amazing that all the kids who love harry potter (and that’s millions) are being told by harry potter that being gay is not a problem. Homophobes hate that.

  6. Whatever his reasoning is I don’t care. He’s a decent human being who is supportive of LGBT people.

    I believe him when he says he is straight. Why wouldn’t I? I don’t know him and I’m willing to take him at his word.

    But I also believe that as the main face of a multi-billion pound film franchise that he is not allowed the freedom to express himself in a manner similar to other 20 year olds.

  7. He’s been entirely clear about being straight before. So why do the media keep asking him this question when he’s already answered it explicitly? Answer: Because they just can’t accept a decent straight young man not being hostile or only “tolerating” gay people.

  8. I think he is a very mature and sensible guy for his age. That has to be a good thing, because young people earning his sort of money can often go completely off the rails. I just wish people would leave the lad alone. You don’t ask Brad Pitt if he had a good shag with his missus last night, so why ask other people such personal and private questions?

  9. I don’t care which team he bats for so long as he’s supporting the cause. As James J points out, there’s nothing to be gained by insisting that everyone who shows any public support for LGBT rights has to be gay themselves. That’s just pandering to homophobes who think we only look after our own. It’s a sad indictment of the human race if true.
    If we insisted everyone who supported racial equality had to be black, that would be a sorry state of affairs too.
    His sexuality is a matter for him unless he claims otherwise.

  10. Hmmm and if everyone keeps suggesting that young Daniel is gay it may drive him away from giving his support to LGBT rights and chariries.

  11. “the star said he had grown up around gay people but was now in the “very fortunate position” of being able to do something about homophobia.”

    This is the key bit for me… and fair play to him. We all have family members and friends that, because they know us, are also standing up to homophobia on our behalf because they know its the right thing to do. These are unsung hero’s in my eyes, becuase they’re standing up for my rights when I am not around to to so myself, all the more so becuase some encounter the “you must be a closet gay so” recriminations which are inevitability thrown back at them.

    I know plenty of people who will stand up for me, and they’re not gay, just comfortable in their own sexuality and have a passion for equality. Who cares if Daniel is gay or not, he’s fighting on our behalf, and more straight people doing this, the better I say for all of us.

  12. RobN (#8) – ‘I think he is a very mature and sensible guy for his age’

    Will (#11) – ‘We all have family members and friends that, because they know us, are also standing up to homophobia on our behalf because they know its the right thing to do.’

    flapjack (#9) – ‘there’s nothing to be gained by insisting that everyone who shows any public support for LGBT rights has to be gay themselves.’

    Some great comments here, very insightful – and very true! Well said!

  13. Surely is was ‘Drako Malfoy’ who said he had a ‘gay face’ ???

    Good luck to Daniel as all have said, if he can help LGBT people in any way whilst being straight himself, all the better- it shows there should be no discrimination. (He is rather cute though…)

  14. AnthonyBermon 3 Mar 2010, 4:17pm

    I think it’s great that Daniel Radcliffe is so supportive of LGBT people as he’s a world-wide star who may get through to some people who’d otherwise be homophobic. I think Rupert Grint is better looking though!

  15. I’m always annoyed when we, as gay people try to make some handsome male celebrity gay when they’re not.
    Yes, Hollywood is still homophobic, but please people, can’t a handsome straight man do anything for our community without being labeled as someone he says he’s not?

  16. Leave the lad be! If he’s straight then thats him! ANd wots more he’s straight and supports gay rights; thats good for all of us!

  17. Well, there’s ‘gay’ in the old sense too, colourfull, artistic, creative, he’s all these things and he prefers sleeping with women so good luck to him and he’s great for supporting people who are ‘gay’ in the modern sense.

  18. Daniel Radcliffe simply does not trip my gaydar at all in any way whatsoever. In fact, I have observed that some of the most gay-friendly people I’ve ever met, have been straight in every conceivable way. And that many homophobes are closet gay or bi themselves. That seems like an issue of insecurity. And if you’re a man and men don’t interest you, it seems logical that you can afford to feel secure in that, because simply none of it affects you or threatens you. I have had every reason to believe Daniel Radcliffe when he says he’s straight.

  19. Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. MED. RET. A.P.V. 3 Mar 2010, 6:36pm

    I salute Daniel Radcliffe for sharing his wealth with the L.G.B.T. Community. As the Retired National Outreach Chairperson of the National Paralyzed & Disabled Police Officers Association, there are over 1 million of us and the numbers grow daily. As one who served for 9 years as Chairperson I can state there are many Paralyzed & Disabled Law Enforcement Agents & Officers who are from the L.G.B.T. Community. Of the 2.2 Million Active Duty Agents & Officers in Law Enforcement there are many who are also from the L.G.B.T. Community. I fought for 10 years to get a ‘Real Hate Crimes Bill’ passed on the Federal Level. After the 1st two years I realized the Federal and the States would always attach to the Disabled Hate Crimes Bill the L.G.B.T. Community so it would be a sure failure in passing. So I networked and joined forces with the National Network of the L.G.B.T. Community to get this Civil Rights Bill passed in Federal and in many States in America. For those in the L.G.B.T. Community one can never forget, it is not a Privilege but a Right to be treated as Equals in every Professional Work Force and in Society in America. For those who have such hatred against the Disabled and L.G.B.T. Community in America, take a very long look in the mirror. Realize when one is born or becomes Disabled you are not the person you were before. When one is born L.G.B.T. Community one is who they are and no different than anyone else. I ask for all American Citizens to stop the Hatred. Stop showing your ignorance against those who are not protected as equals 100% in America. The day will come when the Disabled and the L.G.B.T. Community will be treated as equals 100%. I lost a loving cousin who was one of the top 10 Corporate Lawyers in America to AIDS. I remember the day in my youth when some of the family, we took Larry and Jimmy his brother both my cousins and dropped them off on the hi-way to get a ride to college. That is how we traveled years ago. You did not worry about those giving you a ride because people cared about other people in helping. As I looked through the back window of the car and saw Larry and Jimmy being given a ride to college I thought what a world they were going to experience. As I waved to Larry and Jimmy it was Larry who waved back with that amazing smile he had. Larry became an outstanding Corporate Lawyer. In those days it was not the same as the Corporate Lawyers we have today. Larry always did the right thing. Something that does not even exist today. Jimmy went on into the business profession. In 1990 my caring and loving cousin Larry died of AIDS. His significant other of over 25 years was not allowed to go to his office to get all of his papers and personal items. They were all boxed up and sent to his home. Larry’s life was amazing and he did great things for society. Larry was born Gay. He always cared so much for others. When I saw the film with Tom Hanks, ‘Philadelphia’ I thought it had been about my cousin Larry. There is not a family in America who do not have family members who are from the L.G.B.T. Community. To ignore and deny the same rights and protections for the L.G.B.T. Community and Disabled Community as the rest of American Citizens who are not Disabled nor from the L.G.B.T. Community have no place in the American Society. America was founded that all the citizens are protected and afforded the same equal rights. To discriminate against anyone because they do not fit into what the Far Right Agenda in America protest with their Hatred against the Disabled and L.G.B.T. Community and for the Civil Rights of any Minority in America to be denyed as equal citizens is as Un-American as it has ever been in the past 234 years since America became a Democracy to be ruled as a true Republic. Even if we all live to be 100 years old, it goes by to fast to have such hatred and discrimination against anyone else in our society in America.

    May America be a World example of what our Founding Fathers of America set out to be for the rest of the world to follow by example. If you think Hatred & Discrimination & Homophobic Bigotry advance anyone to be a better person, they need to look into that mirror and realize their reflection they see is not the reflection we as real Americans support. Thank You again Daniel Radcliffe for all the good you are doing with your donations to help those from the L.G.B.T. Community. You come from England over the pond to America and I would hope we have more like you in America who will pick up their pens and write the checks to do the same good you are doing across the pond.

    Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. MED. RET. A.P.V.
    Retired National Outreach Chairperson
    The National Paralyzed & Disabled
    Police Officers Association

  20. Only a homophobe would be unable to imagine why a straight person would support a gay charity.

  21. I find it very disturbing that the gay community wants help and validation from the hetero community, but whenever someone from that community comes forward to make a stand with us, they are immediately made suspect as to their sexual orientation. I applaude Daniel Radcliffe for his self confidence in doing this brave and selfless thing. He is one of the people who is used to having gays in his everyday life interactions. He is willing and has a voice to bring attention to some of the issues we face every day. We need more people like him from the hetero community to come forward and join with us. But we must stop putting the “he must be gay” label on anyone who does.

  22. Well let’s face it, Daniel’s face would hardly fit it at the likes of somewhere like, say, Hard-On now, would it?

  23. Will’s statement above in number 11 is really sweet, ‘I know plenty of people who will stand up for me, and they’re not gay, just comfortable in their own sexuality and have a passion for equality’, I think makes him very lucky person indeed to have people like that in his life, bur sometimes not all of us are so fortunate. So for those of us its great that people we don’t know in life, like our Daniel here, are making the stand for us. I think he’s a fantastic guy and more like him the better.

  24. Solidarity, not validation, ScottyP

  25. Pumpkin Pie 4 Mar 2010, 7:00pm

    I’m always annoyed when we, as gay people try to make some handsome male celebrity gay when they’re not.
    But we must stop putting the “he must be gay” label on anyone who does.

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure the vast, vast, vast majority of people who do that are straight. You know, the sorts of people who think only one of us could like one of us.

    Anyways, awesome dude is awesome. Rock on, Mr. Radcliffe.

  26. awww hes a lovely guy i love him d:¬)x

  27. Some healthy and heart-warming comments on here from people, and good for you Officer Porter for your efforts on the part of LGBTs in the USA. I read through your entire post.

  28. With £50 million in the bank that face just gets prettier and prettier!

  29. Julian: As far as I’m concerned, he can have a face like a bag of spanners, and I’d still marry him!

  30. presumably for the money, you shallow avaricious old gold-digger you!

  31. How much of the rumors are wishful thinking?

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