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Northern Ireland

Ulster Unionist candidate says he is not homophobic

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 2 Mar 2010, 8:14pm

    The Ulster Unionists are in alliance with the Tories.

    This person does not feel comfortable if gay people are around his daughter.

    David Cameron said in his Attitude interview that he would not enter an alliance with people whose views he found ‘unacceptable’.
    Therefore if this Watson individual is selected as candidate then Cameron must find his homophobia ‘acceptable’.

    Then again ‘Call Me Dave’ is a professional liar – he used to work in PR.

    That said Mr Watson is right about 1 thing – nasty little man he may be but he is correct when he says that the UUP are not as hateful and vile as Iris Robinson’s DUP party.

    The DUP can be compared to the BNP; while the UUP can be compared to UKIP.

  2. BrazilBoysBlog 2 Mar 2010, 9:56pm

    How very ´tolerant´of him! He thinks that Gays are alright…But not in HIS backyard…(or guest house).


    “”: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals”

    This homophobe clearly does not understand what homophobia is.
    The Tory party said that this man was not yet a Tory candidate. Okay, not is their chance to demonstrate their ´new´´colours.

    If the formally adopt him, then it is all lies lies lies from the Tory spin machine. Watch this space.

  3. Homophobia is alive and kicking alright. Repulsive. Can I also ask readers of Pink News to pop over to Manx Forums and have a look at the homophobic comments on the Civil Partnership Bill thread? This is the reality of homophobia.


    “Live and let live” but he prefers his daughter not to serve male couples breakfast?! Who is this fvckwit? Is he worried about his daughter serving unmarried straight men as well?

  5. Why is it these hypocrites always profess they are “not homophobic” yet their behaviour and actions clearly are. I think they are homophobic, but are embarrassed when they realise that bad publicity might hurt their business. If they don’t want to be embarrassed or their business interests to be hurt, then the solution is remarkably simple…don’t behave like a homophobic bigot.

  6. The focus here should be on David Cameron.

    If this Andrew Watson is selected then it is yet more evidence of how ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron’s ‘commitment’ to equality is a barefaced lie.

  7. I agree. The gay men will obviously want to rape his daughter…It’s just common sense!

  8. The north of Ireland is without doubt THE most bigotted place on earth and I’m speaking from experience. Unless you’re white, on the dole, live on an estate and have a pregnant 17 year old girlfriend you’re doomed. Anything other than this is viewed as ”different” which equals “wrong”.

  9. C, you sound like you’re describing Liverpool to me.

  10. And I think you’ll find the most bigoted place on Earth is Saudi Arabia.

  11. uncomfortable” having gay couples around his 14-year-old daughter.
    pardon me? What did he think would happen? They would convert her to loving the colour Pink? effect her views of interior design or influence her dress sense???!!!!

  12. “I’m not homophobic, I just fear having homosexuals in my house, around my wife, around my daughter and, truth be told, around me. But don’t DARE call me a homophobe!”

    This sad part is these people are so f*ing ignorant they probably don’t even realize the incongruous irony of their statements.

  13. The north of Ireland is without doubt THE most bigotted place on earth….And I think you’ll find the most bigoted place on Earth is Saudi Arabia…sadly guys add the other 80 or so nasty nations of the world who abuse their lgbt folks. There is no prize for being top bigoted homophobic nation!

  14. northern ireland is like the united kingdoms texas. lots of bigots, god, guns and psychos. just has worse weather and crap mexican food.

    xaria (from derry)

  15. Does SAUDI Arabia have an Iris Robinson I wonder if not then the north of Ireland has it by a long shot.

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