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Video: Dutch protest after gays are denied communion

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Reader comments

  1. Proficiat aan de bestrijders – een leuk initiatief. Veel sucses, sterkte en doorzettingsvermogen toegewenst,

    A. x

  2. I’m a little baffled by this. Do they have “HOMOSEXUAL” emblazoned on T-Shirts or pink triangles tattooed on their foreheads?

    I doubt whether the priests ask pertinent questions about their flock, so unless some people are making very obvious statements about their sexuality in the church, how can they be refused?

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Mar 2010, 8:05pm

    Ever hear of gossip?

  4. Mihangel apYrs 1 Mar 2010, 9:14pm

    gossip, confession, telling the truth…

    there are so many ways for honest people to be outed

  5. why would a gay person want to be part of a group who thinks they are an abomination. They should go down to an S+M club if they’re into masochism.
    And why do we always wear pink when we are demonstrating? I hate pink. They look like tits. And I’m not not surprised they didn’t want to give them communion. If they knocked at my front door dressed like that I wouldn’t open it.

  6. It was an excellent demonstration, all the same, Edward! And it highlighted the attitude of the RC church in general towards us.

    The Dutch have got some gumption. We in Britain just lie on our backs and take it.

  7. Dave North 1 Mar 2010, 10:34pm

    “According to the BBC, he said that he would accept being denied from taking communion if all other sinners were also barred.”

    That’ll be the priest and the bishop out of the proceedings then………

  8. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Mar 2010, 11:32pm


  9. Simon Murphy 1 Mar 2010, 11:48pm

    When Ratzinger comes to Britain later this year is he going to have a open air service where he meets his flock?

    I do hope so. It would be most amusing if when he is speaking that all the gays start booing.

  10. Yes, you, me, and half a dozen others on these threads, Simon, unless I am mistaken.

  11. Jean-Paul Bentham 2 Mar 2010, 4:50am

    spot on!

  12. “why would a gay person want to be part of a group who thinks they are an abomination”

    Couldn’t agree more. If a gays want to be Christian, find a Unitarian Church that doesn’t p*ss on their backs and then tell them its raining!

  13. Har Davids 2 Mar 2010, 3:03pm

    This case is getting a lot of attention in Holland. And I agree with people who are baffled by the insistence of some, probably very confused, gays to be full members of a club that doesn’t really want them. At the same time, there’s a scandal brewing concerning, surprise!, sexual abuse by members of the clergy. So, don’t let the roman catholics complain about the lack of attention.

  14. The RC church is more than just a ‘club’, it’s a spiritual superpower. Sorry if that sounds prepostrous but it’s true; millions of people all over the world believe everything this evil organisation churns out. Like the CofE most RC priests and the heirachy are gay themselves — that is the terrible irony of it all.

  15. A super-power! Yes, indeed, Dave. Good description. Never thought of it like that before. But not a spiritual one though, because there is no such thing as spirtuousness. Let’s call it a super-power of mind-control, or a super-power of indoctrination. In fact, let’s just call it a fuc*ing CULT! :-)

  16. Katie Murphy- family ex cath 5 Dec 2011, 12:54am

    I cant imagine why any gay would have anything to do with the church of the unexcommunicated adoph who took over Germany in 1933.

    Yes some of our gay friends can be fools.

    I’m not catholic but from time to time – my name is very common – try to get eXcommed.

    By writing to the bishops telling them that the world would be a thousand years more advanced if only we had done to the vatican what we should have done to the reichstag in 1933 or so.

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