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Slovakia to hold first Pride festival

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Reader comments

  1. Still loads of work to do – but it’s great that every EU country now at least has an emryonic pride.

    Great to see Pride London supporting this in the run up to WorldPride 2012!

  2. And what’s the reason there haven’t been any parades until now? Is it the organizer’s fault?

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Mar 2010, 7:55pm

    Gay Rights are Human Rights.

    Hoorah Slovakia!!

  4. Elena Gordon 2 Mar 2010, 1:06am

    @ Lucius: It is the organiser’s “fault” that there will be a PRIDE this year. There were no organisers before so how could it be their fault? Why not get on with supporting people rather than going out of your way to invent a rationale for running them down?

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 2 Mar 2010, 6:37am

    @4 Good point. A lot of these former communist countries are only just managing to be more open to the point where Pride events can be held. Some still have a way to go.

  6. I’d encourage any gay Brit who hasn’t been to Bratislava before (its a beautiful city) and is thinking about a Spring weekend break to join our Slovakian brethren on their march on May the 22nd and show these courageous pioneers solidarity.

  7. @ Elena:

    Why go immediately for my throat? I was simply asking what was preventing the organizers to do this last year. Were they lazy, were there problems with bureaucracy, permits, lack of willingness? I’d expect a *news* page to inform me about these things.

  8. Well, good to see that in Bratislava will be gay pride. Actually in Vilnius, Lithuania 8 of May will be gay pride too, it will be the first gay pride ever in Lithuania, and there will be a lot politician from Germany and Sweden, also from European Parliament. Maybe, Lithuania is not so homophobic, they need time to change and understand. In the United Kingdom LGBT rights did not change over night.

  9. great, lets get beaten up together in bratislava! seriously, why does everybody hold on to the importance of gay pride in every country, be it violent and homophobic or respecting minorities rights, when postcommunist countries are only at the start of their way? and what kind of effect does a gay pride have with the majority of participants being foreigners from westeuropean countries – students, artists and politicians? why not support other kinds of political tools in the countries to promote gay rights? and why not get in real contact with the locals, supporting them in changing their everyday life. taking a closer look at their situation and not wanting to have everything we – as westerners – have in our nice and safe countries.

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