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Last Catholic adoption agency to resist gay equality legislation

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Reader comments

  1. they always rant about concern for the kids but they make it painfully obvious they need to be hetero kids as others get abused and abandoned

  2. This again illustrates the evil of the Roman Catholic Church which has never believed in equality. It has rightly been called the Whore of Babylon. I do hope that the High Court rejects this request. Unfortunately, there appears to be a flaw in the law relating to the changing of the nature of charitable status. This flaw should be removed. However, if ‘Call me Dave’ gets into power he will be ably abetted by the evil Roman Catholic Duncan Smith in retaining this loophole, for this will be one of the rewards for the Whore of Babylon’s instructions to Catholics to vote Tory.

  3. I am sick of these religious groups with the idea that gay and lesbian people can’t possibly be loving in any way. They feel the need to judge us because they get their heads out of the gutter to see gay people can be just as loving, caring and stable as any other.

    All that should happen to groups such as this is they should be disbanded and their work given to other groups who actually want to put the welfare of the child first, not their own gratification on bedroom habits.

    What people in these very responsible position should be doing is putting the child with loving parents. All Cathlic Care does is promote hatred. Yet again I ask these people to question their ideas of love and hate and tell me which group is it that is the cause of war, famine, greed, poverty etc. They’ll find it’s not homosexuality that spreads hatred but religion.

  4. Only democratically accountable statutory agencies should place children for adoption. Religious groups should be barred from the process on the grounds that they are as likely, or more likely, to place children on the basis of supernaturally-inspired prejudices than with regard to empirical and rational considerations of children’s needs.
    Roman Catholic adoption agencies illustrate the problem very well. All religious adoption agencies should be closed by law and their portfolios given to statutory bodies.

  5. I feel confident the high court will do its duty and tell this so-called adoption agency (adoption with provisions it seems) to either obey the law or shut their doors for good. The children won’t suffer because other agencies that actually believe in equality will take up their cases.

  6. A bit rich of the Catholic Church to dictate to Gay people about their fitness to be parents. If our experience here in Ireland is anything to go by, that same church should be barred from getting within miles of any child. Read the Ryan or Murphy Reports into clerical abuse of little children in almost all the child care instutions run by them in the last sixty years.The abuse was undescribably vile and sustained over decades possibly hundreds of years. And this abuse wasn’t confined to Ireland alone.In countries around the world including the USA and Germany the authorities have sent clerics, nuns and bishops to prison for a litany of sexual and physical abuse. As for this Barragan character who opines that gay people wont get to heaven (wherever that is)because they are sinners…he is beneath contempt and i ask him this …What does his God have in store for his fellow clerics who carried out and still carry out the most vile abuse of children….. move them on to another place where they can carry on as usual?. And where was their catholic doctorine then or is such abuse sanctioned from on high…..i think not. “Suffer the little children”…. taken a bit literally don’t you think baragan. As for the ex-nazi who controls you all from Rome, the sooner he joins his compadre hitler in the ground the better. And as for coming to the UK and Ireland for a “pastoral visit” …well stay at home. You are not welcome as you will find out if you dare put your red slipper clad nazi foot on Irish or British soil.Your silence over the last few months has been deafning. But then you never did have the balls and gumption to stand up and be counted….otherwise you wouldnt have joined the nazi’s in the first place but did and then joined the nazi protectors in Rome as soon as you got the chance.. My only regret in my atheism is that there isn’t a Hell where you all would surly spend eternity rotting in the hottest corner of it.

  7. That hould read “surely”

  8. There should be NO religious parties attached to the adoption of children. End of.

  9. “Yesterday, bishops for the three areas said that children would ‘suffer’ if Catholic Care was forced to close. ”

    Yes. Because they will “make them suffer” rather than adhere to the law.

  10. Simon Murphy 1 Mar 2010, 4:36pm

    So basically Catholi ‘Care’ wants to punish children because would be parents do not fit into their absurd morality.

    Typical really. The catholic church has form in abusing children after all.

  11. theotherone 1 Mar 2010, 4:47pm

    The Catholic Church telling us how to look after Children.

    A bit like a wolf acting in an advisory role to a shepherd.

  12. It is, of course, entirely within Catholic Bishops’ rights to garner support for this action. However their Pastoral Letter is factually inaccurate if not disingenuous. The 2006 Equality Act did not ask them to operate Catholic Care with disregard to the Church’s teaching on marriage and family life.

    For anyone who has been involved from the other side of these disputes it is not hard to see the influence upon the Letter of briefings from sources which have been politically and ideologically opposed to non-discriminatory policy and practice in this area. Catholic agencies do not make the decisions about where a child might find his or her permanent alternative family placement; that is a matter for the Courts to determine. Agencies are called upon to exercise professional standards in the recruitment and assessment of prospective foster-carers and adoptive parents. Those Catholic agencies which decline to do this have, of course, a freedom of choice, but they should not attempt to institutionalise their abandonment of professional principles, or be allowed to perpetuate discrimination, through legislative opt-outs. Lest it be thought this is only about prospective parents, the needs of young LGBT people should also be considered insofar as they may internalise the effects of homophobic discriminatory policies in an agency under whose care they may be living.

    There are Catholic agencies who have historically declined to discriminate against lesbian and gay people in their assessment and recruitment of foster-carers and adoptive parents. The fact that the exercise of these criteria had not come to the attention of Bishop-trustees until the implementation of the Civil Partnership Act, amendments to the Adoption Act, and the Sexual Orientation Regulations is another matter. These agencies have complied quite satisfactorily with the more recent legislative changes and have neither closed nor transferred their adoption activity elsewhere. They may have altered their links with local Diocese with respect to formal Trustee links, but they continue to retain the support of the Catholic community as well as the professional respect of secular authorities and colleagues.

    From my own professional experience, representing children as a Guardian-ad-Litem in Family Court proceedings, there are circumstances where a same-sex household can be very much in the best interests of a child, and in some cases where I have been involved this has been affirmed by judges in making adoption and other child-care orders.

  13. anthonybermon 1 Mar 2010, 7:10pm

    Actually, an adoption agency called St. Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society in Glasgow is LEGALLY allowed to refuse gay couples thanks to the SNP Scottish Government helping them to change their rules to get around the new Adoption and Sexual Orientation Discrimination laws, a story which Pink News reported on last May or June. As far as I’m aware, and I got it straight from the governemnt minister responsible, the SNP government is quite happy with this situation and has NO plans to change it. I’ve been writing to MSPs, MEPs, and even the SNP’s own gay group, since last May/June and I’m still getting nowhere.

  14. anthonybermon 1 Mar 2010, 7:46pm

    I’ve said in post 13 that I’m getting nowhere, but I still have to hear back from the MSP who asked the questions and from an MEP who was also looking into the case. Out for Independence, the SNP’s gay group did say that they’d look into it although claimed not to have known about it until I brought it up at the end of last week, just after I found out the SNP had a gay group. So hopefully, with three different people looking into it, something will get done.

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Mar 2010, 7:51pm

    “…we are being invited either to stop our adoption work or stop being a Catholic charity altogether.”

    That’s right, bishops. Get the picture?

    Good for you, anthonybermon. Hold in there. We need more guys like you, not only in Scotland but in the UK as well.

  16. So heterosexuals abandon their babies, then they say homosexuals are not fit to look after them. Straight people need to take a long look in the mirror.
    Catholic agencies would not want gay people to take children from them because they know we would not bring them up in the catholic church. And they only take the children that heterosexuals have abandoned in and give them away to evil catholics so they can keep another generation of a congregation going. Sick.

  17. Presumably, St Margaret’s is still going because no prospective gay adoptive couple has applied and been re(jected)directed elsewhere. If the English courts reject Catholic Care, well, the writing is on the wall for St Margaret’s too.

  18. anthonybermon 1 Mar 2010, 9:28pm

    Dave – Your’re probably right. But only if a gay couple rejected by St. Margaret’s take it to court. If they don’t, then they’ll just go on discriminating. Also, you have to ask why the supposedly left leaning (in their own words) SNP are happy to support homophobia like this. After all, this is by no means the only homophobic incident involving the SNP in the last few years.

  19. Its a proven fact children are not safe in the care of the catholic church so why are they not banned from looking after children?

  20. Bishop Ioan 2 Mar 2010, 2:35pm

    So gays and lesbians are, ipso facto, unsuitable candidates to adopt. Kettle calling the pot black, yes? Considering the Church’s long history of aiding and abetting paedophiles, I think they need to shut their mouths and stay quiet!

    If I were a straight parent who had to give up my child for whatever reason, I would much rather have my child raised in a loving home, regardless of the orientation, than anywhere near a church that, time and again, has proven itself unfit to care for little ones.

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