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First lesbian storyline for Coronation Street

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Reader comments

  1. I’m worried this is going to be yet another case of the hets want more ratings for their show, so they play entirely on outdated and tired steroetypes of gay people and make the gay community out to be weird and people to be mocked and shunned. Especially when it’s teenagers involved it’s always “just a phase”.

    I really don’t see why there should still be such a clear black line between gays and hets, they don’t seem to realise we are people just like them and we do everything the same except who we fall in love with.

  2. The problem with this along with most soap depictions of lesbians is she will become straight again in six months time in a twist to the storyline. So really this is just a total unrealistic depiction from ITV and Coronation Street.

  3. Mihangel apYrs 2 Mar 2010, 8:10am

    ‘”implicit” and “emotional”‘ means no girl-on-girl sex. Sorry str8 guy voyeurs…

  4. There have been plenty of gay ‘characters’ and outrageous storylines behind the scenes over the years. We used to get all the gossip in the 1980’s because we had a friend who worked at Granada!

    Wardrobe was told to stop putting one actor in jeans because his enormous package was drawing too many complaints.

  5. I love Corrie but not holding my breath about this, it’s gonna be as teenage angsty as sean is stereotypically camp. Get with reality please soaps.

  6. kathy smith 2 Mar 2010, 11:53am

    i so agree with other posters, in a few months time the girls will “turn” straight again, look at emerdale. we should have more gay characters but they should look like normal gay people not as is said the over the top camp steriotyp that people think is the norm.

  7. Just a token I guess. Show me any street in the north like Corrie portrays, with as few black, Asian and gay people as there seems to be? Looks like there’ll be more adopted kids than these groups soon! There’s already been more murderers and Ken Barlow’s had more women, over the years, than you can shake a stick at!
    It’s still the only soap worth watching though!

  8. why not have more stereo typical lesbians? butch tomboy, boyish etc.

  9. Anthony Cotton is bitching about not having enough gay characters in corrie but not everyone wants to go public. Anyway 1 in 10 aren’t gay as Anthony well knows.

  10. r u best mates in real life u make a good couple lol x

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