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General Election 2010

Video- David Cameron: ‘Conservatives are tolerant, compassionate and modern’

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick James 28 Feb 2010, 6:41pm

    However the reality of the Conservative party might be seen in a new book which details Tory links with Polish radicals.

  2. ” David Cameron: ‘Conservatives are tolerant, compassionate and modern’ ”

    Yeah, just like Pope Maledict!

  3. Just look at those in the line up for the photo call on the news, its not a picture of people who are tolerant, compassionate and modern. More a throw back to the last Tory toff’s parliament that decimated the poor and working classes during the depression in the 1920’s. The Tories then like now promised to not support our economy instead cut everything apart from supporting those who are rich. Just look at the sort of conditions it caused the people of Jarrow and the sort of extremes in society it caused with Mosley’s black shirts.

    In the Guardian on Saturday, call me Dave said under the heading Return to responsibility:

    “With less bureaucracy and greater personal responsibility, people are more likely to make ethical decisions”

    Yet he himself as a multi millionaire did not take personal responsibility for paying his mortgage. Instead he is the the highest recipient of payments on expenses for his second home despite his personnel wealth. Dave’s ethical decisions are also in doubt with his continued evasive position on Lord Ashcroft tax status and Ashcrofts potently illegal payments to fund the Tories if he is a non dom. Add onto that the friends Cameron keeps in Europe the only position any reasonable person can take on David Cameron is he lacks responsibility and any concept of ethics.

  4. Tolerant, compassionate and modern! David says: “I’m hip, I’m down with the kids, I play your space invaders cassettes!”

    we shall see….

  5. ‘…modern, tolerant and compassionate.’ DON’T be so bloody ridiculous.

    I’d prefer bully-boy Brown anyday.

  6. “Although he made no direct reference to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgenered) issues, he did attempt to portray the party as modern, tolerant and compassionate.”

    In other breaking news, the Tory party’s voting record over the past 13 years or so begs to differ.

  7. Jonny Roland 1 Mar 2010, 1:38am

    Shouldn’t we just be happy that whichever of the two parties wins, both are equally as committed to gay equality, and both will safeguard our rights.

  8. Patrick James 1 Mar 2010, 2:29am

    Jonny Roland writes:

    Shouldn’t we just be happy that whichever of the two parties wins, both are equally as committed to gay equality, and both will safeguard our rights.

    How I wish that were true.

    The Conservative party says that it is in favour of LGBT rights but acts against them.

    As a Labour guy I will say that of the three major parties I think that the Lib Dems have the best policies on LGBT equality and rights. The Labour party is a close second.

    However electoral reform is now on the table for the first time in the form of AV. If we can get AV through parliament after the general election then a more democratic representation of the public at the House of Commons will prevail at the following election. The nutty and right wing Conservative party represents a surprisingly small section of the electorate and a more democratic electoral system such as AV will increase the number of social progressives in parliament.

    To get the AV electoral reform then I feel that we must get as many Labour and Lib Dem MPs into the next parliament as we can.

    People who live in marginal constituencies who want electoral reform and progressives in power would do well to vote for either Labour or the Lib Dems depending on which is the most like to prevent a Conservative victory.

    I hope that this general election will be the last where tactical voting plays a vital role. If the Conservative party wins the general election you can wave bye bye to electoral reform.

  9. The Big Yin 1 Mar 2010, 3:47am

    My arse plays the banjo.

  10. Simon Murphy 1 Mar 2010, 5:44am

    ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron used to work in PR.

    He’s a professional liar.

    The Tories are as nasty as they always have been. Only now they are spending big bucks trying to convince people that they are not as vile as they truly are.

  11. Saxon Kane 1 Mar 2010, 6:21am

    My Toes play the Banjo.
    Wouldn’t trust anyone wearing a Pin Stripe Suit & a Cucumber scrub.
    Pin Stripe Suit = ambition at any cost.

  12. Saying something doesn’t make it true.

  13. Another five years of Gordy B would be a disaster!

  14. Traditionally –

    the Conservatives are good for business and getting people to make up their own minds.

    Labour are for the workers and tend to tell people what to do.

    To be effective, ideally we should have a good mix for it to work.

    This government have got so close to the Tories you can just about hold a cigarette paper between them. Sadly though this lot are not interested in anyone but themselves. They no longer work for the country but do it purely to screw over the country get out of it all they can for themselves.

  15. the Conservatives are good for business and getting people to make up their own minds
    I have never found this. All the torys I know, are wealthy, unhappy and concerned which council house has a flat screen tv or not. They go on and on about how hard they work, when they hire any one to do the smallest task for them. Usally paying with monies left to them rather then worked for. They never never look at what they have only what other people might be getting at their expense. Very sad.

  16. The Halcyon 1 Mar 2010, 11:35am

    To David Cameron:

    Prove it.

  17. Sister Mary clarence 1 Mar 2010, 11:51am

    “…. when they hire any one to do the smallest task for them ….”

    Surely that’s good for business then Dave, redistribution of wealth and all that. Wouldn’t it be worse if they kept all the money ‘left to them’ and did the jobs themselves?

  18. the “are you thinking what were thinking”manifesto of 2005 wa written by cameron. that was the most nasty political campaign I ever encountered in the uk. I will never trust cameron

  19. of course – that must be why the catholics are gonna be pushed to vote tory
    nothing’s changed like dave claims and lies it has

  20. Sister Mary clarence 1 Mar 2010, 1:18pm

    I thought Labour were had already sold us out for the religious vote

  21. Mumbo Jumbo 1 Mar 2010, 2:17pm

    Chester (Comment #19) said:

    “……..that must be why the Catholics are gonna be pushed to vote Tory…….”

    Indeed. See here:

  22. If Brown or Cameron are that committed to equality, let them prove it! Why haven’t they allowed those of us who want to, the right to marry and straights to form a civil partnership? They’re both full of b.s.

  23. Sister Mary clarence 1 Mar 2010, 3:16pm

    Robert, they can’t actually until they get elected. The current government of the day is Labour and they have been very clear that civil partnerships are NOT marriage and have shown no intention to change that.

  24. SMC: “The current government of the day is Labour and they have been very clear that civil partnerships are NOT marriage.”

    Civil Partnerships ARE identical bar two minor details. As I’ve stated before, this is all a petty argument over semantics, and Labour refuse to rename it because of upsetting the religious lobby. (Hence the same reason why they bottled out of the faith school debacle.)

  25. Robert – words are easier then actions
    RobN – it may surprise you that i agree that Labour is refusing to upset some religious loons, CP’s are not the same due to one major difference

  26. RobN, with the exception of those two minor details, the issue of semantics in the UK may be over for gays who don’t want the right to marry or think that we should be barred from it, the bottom line is, British civil partnerships are never going to be the norm for the rest of western gay society now that the total number of countries having abandoned them, have now opted for full marriage equality. That trend is only going to get larger, not smaller. There is only ONE way to resolve the disparities between those various forms of unions across the EU and that is marriage. It took eight STRAIGHT governments to figure that out having had a lot more experience with the other unequal unions a lot longer than we have had. Marriage will be inevitable, no matter how many among us believe that it isn’t necessary or desired. We should be progressing from legal segregation under different guises rather than regressing. If those rights we enjoy are identical, why call them by a different name? Upsetting the religious cults doesn’t fly any more, its rather an extremely lame excuse when you consider that three catholic countries have already debunked that myth, ergo Spain, Belgium and Portugal that were subject to far more resistance from the roman cult than we can imagine. This is beyond semantics when you look at the larger picture. I bet if you took a poll of straight couples in the UK, very few would want to exchange their “marriages” for a civil partnership even though I think they should be made available to them. Ask yourself why they wouldn’t? What if the government decided to abolish marriage, do you really think straight couples would be happy with that? Civil partnerships mean nothing outside of the UK and I don’t see more countries supporting arguably inferior unions while marriage will always remain the international gold standard, gay or straight. Its delusional for any British government to assume that civil partnerships should and must be recognised across the EU. I don’t see how it can happen while the hodge podge of non-marital unions for gay couples are not identical. Civil marriage would be a far simpler way to resolve those differences.

  27. Jonny Roland 1 Mar 2010, 7:52pm


    Not really sure what AV has to do with gay rights.

    Anyway, you say:
    The Conservative party represents a surprisingly small section of the electorate.

    That’s actually laughable. In 2005 Labour received 35% of the vote, and the Conservatives received 32%. If they’re small, then so are you.

    I agree with you that tactical voting is bad; it’s such a shame that this weekend Peter Hain was encouraging people to vote tactically. He does your party a great disservice.


  28. Mad Mary idolises ‘Call Me Dave’, but she will not consider the compassion in denigrating any form of family other than that approved by his supporters, the Roman Catholic Church. Any family which is not based on marriage will now be considered by Mad Mary’s party as second class.

  29. Well, its a return to the eighties: today the scum are screaming “Call me Dave” and his virtues on pages 6 and 7, meanwhile on page 28 the old knives are out for LGBT; with headline of “£3k for Gay Staff Meets”.

    Oh yes. Same old Scum, same old Tories. Remember the furore on spending for LGBT groups whipped up by the scum under Thatcher? Well, they are starting again, and “Call me Dave” is not yet elected! Sinister Mary may be fooled (or fooling us…) but the leopard has definately NOT changed its spots.

    What is worse is that this is a NON-story: read deeper and you see that ALL marginalised groups are treated the same. Yet LGBT people are being singled out for condemnation, by your tory supporting scum.

    Funny how Sinister Mary claims everything’s changed when everything stays the same!

  30. Have you all heard? The BNP are not racist anymore! Why? Because they SAY NO. Yes, non-whites are now permitted to become members of the BNP! The BNP are no longer racist!

    And, here’s more news! The Tories are not homophobic anymore!
    Why? Because they SAY NO. Yes, gays are now encouraged to become members of the Conservative party! Hence the BNP are no longer racist!

    Oh, and two others things:

    There are fairies at the bottom of my garden! Why? Because I say so.

    And pigs fly! Why? Because I say so!
    Squidgy wrote: “the Conservatives are good for business and getting people to make up their own minds.”

    Yes and No, Squidgy.

    Yes, they’re ruthless public-school educated toffs who know how to play and manipulate the establishment and financial systems for maximum profits while generally appearing aristocratically clean.

    And, no, they don’t believe in letting people make up their own minds because they, the Tories, believe they know what’s best for those they think beneath them. The Tories have shown that what they think is best is ruthless business, propelled by selfish greed and unquenchable money-making. The last time the Tories were in power they sent this country hurtling down the road of callous individualism.
    Cameron has simply sought to re-brand the Tories. He’s stuck a new label on the can. It’s as superficial a change as the green-tree logo they now use.

    And as Abi says, just look at the line-up. Public-school wealthy wally George Osbourne, a boy trying to play at being a man and a politician. And William Hague, who is driving Cameron, as if Cameron were his puppet. Hague’s driving Cameron to be the Prime Minister that he, Hague, was never up to being.

    The way that “Dave” has made his electioneering appallingly personal by continually uttering the phrase “five more years of GORDON BROWN” does nothing more than prove how despicably dirty this punch of public-school Etonians are fully prepared to play.

  31. Oh, Eddy, don’t inflate George Osborne. He didn’t go to Eton. Poor lamb merely attended St Paul’s. However, his grandfather is a baronet, and his father owns a wall paper company – Osborne and Little. But you could refer to George as a paper hanger!

  32. I stand corrected, Neville, re. “the paper-hanger”! Thanks

  33. Raymond H. Burgoon-Clark 2 Mar 2010, 11:43am

    Riiiiiiight! And I’m a virgin with a 28″ waist (NOT!)

  34. Usually I wont talk about British Politics, since I’m American.

    But only an absolute promise for full equality for gay people, including marriage, etc etc should be acceptable to vote for a tory.

    And Cameron should back this up with his signed but undated letter of resignation. Held by a gay group to insure he makes good on his statements.

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