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South African school dormitory closed ‘over lesbian relationships’

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Reader comments

  1. would they have done the same if they found boys and girls doing the same???? AND I thought South Africa was the Civilised place in that benighted Homophobic continent!

  2. Mike: “Would they have done the same if they found boys and girls doing the same?”

    Yes, I suspect they would. Kids have been thrown out for a lot less.
    This is not about homophobia, it is about unacceptable conduct.

  3. Yes, I think they probably would. Also I think questions would have been asked about mixed sleeping arrangments. On the face of it RobN makes sense.

    But on the other hand bits of the story do seem a bit odd. All they actually found was 2 girls kissing. Then 27 other lesbians were “discovered”? More to this than meets the eye. Apart from anything else, it sounds like the plot of Miller’s Crucible. Substitute lesbians for witches and point fingers…

  4. Rose: Yeah, I have to say I had the same thoughts. Like “Bloody hell! That’s a hell of a lot of dykes in one bedroom!”

    There might have bit of same-sex discovery / hanky panky going on and they got caught and it ended up the teachers doing a witch-hunt and the rest of the girls all pointing the finger at each other. (Point, don’t sniff!)

    They don’t say what age the girls were, but all young teenagers have a play about, particularly in same sex boarding schools. The one I went to had loads going on, although strangely enough, at that age, it didn’t interest me.

    Funny how it all goes full circle… ;)

  5. Funnily enough, at mine we didn’t. Anyone who even specualted about lesbianism in the dorms was virtually ostracised as if it was something we shouldn’t even think about. When I look back on it I wonder why that was. What gave everyone such a fright about the idea. It seemed like the idea that lesbianism is freaky was ingrained into everyone long before I got there.

  6. Pink News Staff Writer concludes the article with “Some of the 300 girls who lived in the dormitory are being accommodated in nearby centres, while others have been forced to return home.”

    300 girls in one dormitory!

    It must have been pussy up against pussy!

    No wonder they were all at it!

  7. Yeah, in conditions like that, what’s a gal to do!

  8. Eddy, I agree that the journalism here is truly dodgy. You’ld think they would research their facts better or simply not print the ridiculous.

  9. 27 out of 300 are lesbians sounds perfectly normal to me the school needs to lighten up a bit.

    Lets hope they are not subjected to this:

    A report in March last year found that “corrective rapes” on lesbians in South Africa were increasing.

    According to charity ActionAid, women in Johannesburg and Cape Town are suffering an increase in homophobic attacks and sexual assaults which are seen as a form of punishment or “cure”.

    One lesbian and gay support group says it is dealing with ten new cases of lesbian women being targeted for “corrective” rape every week in Cape Town alone.

  10. Abi! Good grief! That’s utterly awful.

    I presume they don’t mean 300 girls in one ‘dorm’. I presume it is something like what my school became after it closed as a boarding school in 1980. They turned it into a residence for girls who attended the local high school by day and stayed there at night. It was mostly children of parents in military service overseas or in overseas jobs like working in Saudi Arabia etc where they couldn’t be looked after at home. That’s how I understood this south african ‘dorm’. But I could be wrong. it’s all still very strange.

  11. I think Rose has it right when she points out the “discovery” of other lesbians is the hidden story here. SA has the world’s most fantastic constitution, but “people is people” as they say, and most people just don’t like gays and lesbians, irrespective of the constitution’s pronouncements. For what it’s worth, though, this stuff is pretty standard at all-boys schools, but everyone knows they’re just boys and can’t help themselves. Ja, right!

  12. Oh god Eddy, you funny man!!! haaaahaaaaa

  13. “Local reports say that the pair then identified 27 other ‘lesbians’ in the dormitory and all have now been expelled.”
    I totally agree with Rose, sounds just like the witch hunts in Massachusetts in 1692.

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