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Marines chief says US military gay ban ‘is working’

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Reader comments

  1. He’s a moron. He’s a repellent bigot.

    If he had been born 150 years ago this scumbag would be claiming that slavery works and that there was no need to abolish it.

    What is it with these morons?

    Gay people can kill people just as needlessly as straight people can (because let’s be honest the US Army is a force for death).

  2. how is it working to reject people for sexuality and then have to end up accepting criminals as many don’t even want to be in the army?

  3. Just how does it work??? He says this like there is some genuine, strategic advantage to capping the number of soldiers the US Army has and focusing it more on lifestyle choices than on pride.

    Has he even considered that it might even work better with a larger and more representative army?

  4. Any of these people can spout forth their bigoted views to the committee, but where is their evidence to back up their views? I hope the committee focuses on hard evidence, in which case I’m sure they will see the logical conclusion is to repeal this stupid law.

  5. What a disgrace. If these military people fully expect troops to openly defend and die for a country they can at the very least show some respect by allowing those people to be open about who they are!

  6. 13,000 people have been discharged because of sexual inclinations or practices which are perfectly legal in the USA!

  7. “Instead, he said, the question was whether it would “enhance the war-fighting of the United States Marine Corps.”

    The royal marines are arguably the best in the world….and the gayest ;)

  8. “13,000 people have been discharged because of sexual inclinations or practices which are perfectly legal in the USA! ”

    Which is grossly unfair.

    Although in light of the horrific behaviour of the US Army since 2000 I think they’ve had a lucky escape.

    I hope once the ban on gays serving openly in the US military is lifted, that gay people will not rush like lemmings to sign up.

    They need to ask themselves whether the US Army is a force for good in this world.

    At the present time the answer is a resounding NO.

  9. The US Marine Corps during world war two said the same thing about black soldiers serving and fighting alongside whites. 65 years later and we still see the bigoted attitude still persists in the US Marine Corps.

    How has losing 13,000 personnel enhanced the war fighting capability of US armed forces general Conway? I’m guessing the soldiers on the ground who are doing longer tours in Iraq and Afghanistan to make up the short fall don’t see it that way you do.

    But I guess for a general sitting in his ivory tower its an easy statement to make!

  10. It’s strange to me that pinknews.CO.UK doesn’t mention until paragraph 7 that this is news about USA. It reports news as if UK is part of the USA.

  11. Mihangel apYrs 26 Feb 2010, 2:03pm

    so all his big butch marins are terrified when working/living with the NATO allies who are openly gay.

  12. After todays news that the USA is not backing the uk over the falklands they can piss off. Keep you stupid homophobic laws. And what a turncoat Obama turned out to be. Terrible. All those british guys dying for nothing. Please Pink News can we not bother with stories from the US on here , let them fight their own battles like we will fight ours.

  13. So kicking thousands of people out of your armed forces, not because they are not serving adequately, but because it becomes known that they boff their own sex, enhances fighting efficiency. Kicking out Arabists during a supposed war against Islamic terror enhances fighting efficiency. As far as I am aware, no ‘discipline’ or ‘morale’ issue has ever arisen over the presence of lesbians and gays in the US military unrelated to the harassment of them by homophobic straights. No-one now believes outside white supremacist circles that the presence of ethnic minorities in the US army is a threat to discipline – no, everyone realises it’s the presence of racists.
    These people are beyond parody.

  14. The title is misleading (no surprise). There is no ban on gay soldiers serving in the US military. There is only regulations that require those that are gay to hide who they are. There is a big difference.

  15. yoshi – it’s the same thing

  16. If they got the guts to do the job their doing yoshi, the military should have the respect to let them be who they are.

  17. Coudn’t they take a page out the Spartan handbook and utilise homosex?

  18. Aussie Gay activist Paul Mitchell 26 Feb 2010, 3:44pm

    The problem with Americans is that they are so dumb and stupid to the point of insanity – they are so fearful since 9/11 – that there little pathetic brains turned to mush and caused so so many problems world-wide with wars and deeply dangerous religious fundamentalist ideology (even with the far-right-wing Tea Party Conservatism rising up and up)!!!!!

    That is the reason why they still have DADT and DOMA on their books still in 2010.

    The only intelligent, decent and respectful person in America is the well-known president Barack Obama.

  19. Aussie Gay activist Paul Mitchell 26 Feb 2010, 3:47pm

    “Spartan handbook”, I know what you are talking about Sean – it was the best book I have ever read in my life!!!!!

  20. Aussie Gay activist Paul Mitchell 26 Feb 2010, 3:57pm

    Barak Obama did quite a few thing for gays in America:

    * Signed Hate crime legislation
    * Repealed the nasty ban on HIV-positive persons entering the US
    * Included “gender idenity” to be included for federal workers to protect them from discrimination
    * Included benefits for federal gay workers to a limited extent.
    * Endorced both ENDA and SNDA – yet to pass both houses.

    No timetable on repealing the 2 nasties (as I call them):

    * DOMA (he only supports marriage as between a man and a woman)
    * DADT (delay tactics caused by generals and other military workers that keep on talking to Barack Obama in DELAYING the debate on the bill)

  21. Comment 9″The US Marine Corps during world war two said the same thing about black soldiers serving and fighting alongside whites. 65 years later and we still see the bigoted attitude still persists in the US Marine Corps.”
    Actually, Blacks have served in the US Army from the tiem of the civil war. There has never been a ban. Perhaps they were not allowed to eat in the same mess or use the same bathrooms. But they did serve.

  22. Niki in the US Marine Corps they had segregated units and black personnel where not allowed to serve in combat roles.

    This sums up how African Americans where treated at the time.

    In April 1944 Corp. Rupert Timmingham wrote Yank magazine. “Here is a question that each Negro soldier is asking,” he began. “What is the Negro soldier fighting for? On whose team are we playing?” He recounted the difficulties he and eight other black soldiers had while traveling through the South — “where Old Jim Crow rules” — for a new assignment. “We could not purchase a cup of coffee,” Timmingham noted. Finally the lunchroom manager at a Texas railroad depot said the black GIs could go on around back to the kitchen for a sandwich and coffee. As they did, “about two dozen German prisoners of war, with two American guards, came to the station. They entered the lunchroom, sat at the tables, had their meals served, talked, smoked, in fact had quite a swell time. I stood on the outside looking on, and I could not help but ask myself why are they treated better than we are? Why are we pushed around like cattle? If we are fighting for the same thing, if we are to die for our country, then why does the Government allow such things to go on? Some of the boys are saying that you will not print this letter. I’m saying that you will.”

  23. Well, the U. S. Marine corps is reportedly the service with the greatest number of gay persons. I’m not surprised that this goon wants to keep them quiet — he has a very large larder of men to pound, and he does not wish them to report him. People in authority over others can often have these ideas — this simple minded person is no different from many of the others.
    While it is a blight on our identity overseas, as well as a misfortune that so many of our leaders are indeed mental cretins, I’m afraid it won’t change much in the immediate future, mainly because we have no one in real leadership in this country. And I am deeply sorry that the rest of the world has to view our family garbage — and we do have much of it.

  24. All seems rather silly to me. If you are in the army and doing your duty it doesnt matter if you are LGBorT! You are either in the army to prove something to yourself or the community at large. You put yourself under a strictly disciplined rank system and obey orders. Simple as that.

  25. When I was a marine recruit in the ’80’s, my D. I. (Drill Instructor) told us all to find “an asshole buddy- if your buddy asks for your asshole, you give it to him.” The Marines have always been the most heavily homoerotic, if not outright gay, of all the US services. General James Conway has his head up his ass if he doesn’t know this!

  26. David in Indy 27 Feb 2010, 9:50am

    I am sorry, but any policy which states that it IS okay for a gay man or woman to defend (and possibly die) for their country, but NOT okay for said person to be open with their sexuality while doing so is repellent and deeply offensive to me.

    I realize I’m preaching to the choir here, but this “Dont Ask Don’t Tell” crap really sucks!

  27. Good point (above). If a soldier is good enough to lay his life on the line for his country, then no-one should have the right to kick him/her out because of something totally irrelevant to the job at hand. LGBT soldiers should not be pilloried for simply being themselves, nor should anyone have to live a double-life for fear of losing their career.

  28. “He added that repealing the ban should not be a question of fairness.”

    People who would give their lives for their country have earned the right to fairness.

    What they are saying is being gay, black, female etc. in no way affects a persons capability; actually the weakest link of the chain are the bigots who would not be able to work alongside a gay man or a lesbian. Instead of removing the weakest link of the chain they are rallying round to protect people who are complete liabilities.

  29. Never underestimate the sense of entitlement that white straight men have. They think everything should be what works best for them and they shout and complain the loudest at the slightest challenge to that way of thinking.

    Of course current policy works for the General.

  30. “DADT.

    MYTH: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is working

    REALITY: Over 13,500 service members reportedly fired under law, including decorated officers and those in “critical occupations.”

    MYTH: Repeal would undermine morale and unit cohesion

    REALITY: Unit cohesion argument “not supported by any scientific studies.”

    MYTH: Military experts oppose the repeal of DADT

    REALITY: More than 100 retired generals and admirals have called for DADT’s repeal.

    MYTH: The public does not support repeal of DADT

    REALITY: Numerous polls find broad support for gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military

    MYTH: Right-wing attacks on DADT repeal are not anti-gay

    REALITY: Prominent right-wing figures opposing repeal have a history of anti-gay rhetoric.

    MYTH: DADT repeal would adversely affect retention

    REALITY: Myth defies experiences of several other countries that have allowed gay men and lesbians to serve openly.

    MYTH: Experience of other nations aren’t relevant because “nobody counts on” their armies

    REALITY: Several nations have fought in wars after allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly.

    MYTH: Only progressives support the repeal of DADT

    REALITY: Polls show support for repeal of DADT among many Republicans, conservatives.

    MYTH: DADT repeal would expose servicemembers to greater HIV risk

    REALITY: Military regulations and procedures already exist to prevent the spread of HIV.”

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