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Iris Robinson’s gay cure therapist reported to GMC

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Reader comments

  1. So have I got it right. This Dr is gay and denies himself by trying to turn other gay men straight because it gives him a hard on???? Some people eh! BTW has Iris “had” him as well???

  2. Mihangel apYrs 25 Feb 2010, 2:09pm

    It sounds as though Miller is projecting his own psychological shortcomings onto the template of gay sexuality, and is trying to excuse his attraction to men as a result of his own unresolved issues.

    This is hardly scientific or authoratitive; this alone is grounds for investigation.

  3. Omar Kuddus 25 Feb 2010, 2:23pm

    And about time too.
    I wish the hypocrite could be struck off.
    Cure Homosexuality my ***.
    I am quite happy to be how i was born thank you.

  4. The more that comes out about this woman and her “lovely” associates, the more bizarre it gets.

  5. Indulge your gay pornographic fantasies in front of another guy, charge for it, and call it a ‘cure’ for homosexuality….
    If I weren’t fairly sure that this bloke is a nutter, I would say he’s taking the p**s….

  6. Sister Mary clarence 25 Feb 2010, 5:06pm

    I may be over simplifying but the ‘client’ pleasuring himself, while then ‘doctor’ tells him he’s a naughty, naughty boy …. wasn’t that something Cynthia Payne got locked up for?

  7. Omar Kuddus: “Cure Homosexuality my ***. I am quite happy to be how i was born thank you. ”

    Well maybe you are, but there are many that do not feel the same way as you do about their sexuality. However, I think it is common knowledge that this is irreversible, and psychiatry and psychological counselling should be there to support coming to terms with those facts.

  8. It sounds like the psychiatrist is the one who needs therapy. Sick bast*rd.
    And lets not forget, the psychiatrists were giving us elecrtic shock treatment not that long ago. And hormone treatment not long before that. If the GMC do not strike this guy off from being a practitioner, it proves they are still as homophobic as they were back then in the ECT days.

  9. Pumpkin Pie 25 Feb 2010, 5:55pm

    And it all comes tumbling down. How delightful that this sicko is getting what he deserves. Congratulations to Patrick on doing this for every person out there who might have been hurt by this monster’s abuse had he not been caught.

  10. The Dr is worryingly unstable considering what he is attempting to do and how he is doing it. If you are unhappy with your sexuality gay or straight then see a counsellor to seek support in how to manage relationships and discuss sexuality issues including coming to terms with sexuality such as due homphobic behaviour). It seeks the psychiatrist is as unstable as Iris.

  11. no 10 thread.
    sorry, my english went a bit weird.
    i meant..coming to terms with sexuality in relation to homphobic behaviour. It seems the psychiatrist is as unstable as Iris. The guy needs striking off the register and not allowed near any client.

  12. Gah I really hate that term “same sex attraction”. You can almost hear the word “disorder” that I’m sure the fundies and nutjobs add onto the end in their heads.

  13. What took them so long?

  14. This sounds like sexual abuse not therapy. The police should be informed as Miller could also be doing this to children!

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Feb 2010, 11:26pm

    He does “look” like a nice psychiatrist, as Iris Robinson said.

    What a ‘nice-looking’ guy!

    So that’s what a nice-looking psychiatrist looks like! Just so I’ll know.

  16. Read Strudwick’s original article in the Independent – it sounds very much like he is leading the therapist on – and remember this is the journalist’s version of events – how much else he did to ‘create’ the story we will never know. And he doesn’t make the claim that the therapist “encouraged him to become aroused”. The Pink News person who wrote that is just adding another layer of “noble cause” spin/lies to the whole thing.

    The exercises the therapist recommended was a method of deflecting Strudwick’s persistent attempts to sexualise their conversations. After one session he’s telling the guy he fancies him and a few ambiguous words of flattery/affirmation are giving him a boner.

    Strudwick’s own account makes it sound like an obvious set-up – even though his aim is to discredit the “evil ex-gay therapists”. It look like he got the story he was looking for.

  17. Daniel Wilkes 28 Feb 2010, 12:09am

    Nevertheless ChrisP, regardless of whether you believe that this was entrapment, no doctor should ever rise to the bait like he did- or offer a patient a “treatment” for which there is no evidence base and which has in fact been demonstrated to be potentially harmful with no benefits to the patient. This is especially true if you do so because you have a personal/religious issue with a characteristic which is perfectly compatible with a happy life and no longer considered to be a mental illness by any reputable psychiatric or psychological authority.

    Dr Paul Miller, in behaving as he did, clearly broke the rules. An example should be made of him, and he should be permanently struck off.

  18. Daniel, Strudwick’s own account of the therapeutic exercises are ambiguous. They could easily be non-sexual “affirmation” exercises – as described. Strudwick spins it into being something sexual. He doesn’t actually accuse the therapist of any impropriety. Clever journalism? Maybe. Abuse? Unlikely.

    “An example should be made of him, and he should be permanently struck off.” says it all. Why not bring your own pitchforks and torches! String him up! Offer him the opportunity to confess and be a “good gay” by swapping his wife and kids for a boyfriend!

    Oh, and check out Strudwick’s own New Year resolutions written for Gay Times:

    Love the last two!

  19. Daniel Wilkes 28 Feb 2010, 12:37pm

    It would seem ChrisP that you are just as keen to believe in this man’s innocence as you claim that Strudwick is to prove his guilt. Love that in order to “prove” you claims you have to bring a joke he made into it!

    As someone who’s training to be a doctor the worst aspect of this for me is not the slightly weird, possibly sexual and therefore inappropriate “affirmation exercise” which you claim did not happen as described. It is the fact, which given the evidence is indisputable, that this doctor has been offering a treatment which has been shown to be of no benefit to patients or worse just plain harmful because he believes that the thing he’s treating is wrong (a dangerous entry of personal opinion into clinical practise).

    It is for this reason that he should be struck off. I say that not because we need burning torches or pitchforks, but because a doctor who sets out to perform a treatment which harms his patients because he has issues with their sexuality is a danger to the public. Attempts to treat homosexuality by medical professionals should be as unacceptable as attempts to treat a woman’s femininity or a man’s masculinity.

  20. Daniel, there are thousands of shoddy counsellors/therapists out – Jungian, New Age, Christian – all with highly debatable methodologies. The key thing is that the client is not deceived. This guy is an up front “exgay” Christian counsellor.

    I cannot prove what did or didn’t happen in Strudwick’s web cam session – I just read his own account of what happened and it’s not exactly clear there was any “professional misconduct” going on.

    It’s pretty obvious to me that Strudwick’s Gay Times piece about New Year resolutions was crafted to entertain. Like a lot of journalists he writes stuff to order (based loosely on real events) – which is why people should be wary now that he has written an evil exgay therapists “exposé” to be flogged to the Guardian or Independent.

    I bet this guy won’t be “stuck off” (unless Strudwick has made more substantial allegations that the Independent didn’t want to print). The point of all this might to be make him (and others like him) run for cover.

  21. Daniel Wilkes 28 Feb 2010, 6:49pm

    It doesn’t matter whether anything improper happened during the session, it was professional misconduct that it happened at all.

    The man in question is not just any old “shoddy counsellor” or “therapist” though. He is a psychiatrist- that is a doctor of medicine with a specialty in mental health. He is subject to much more stringent rules than a simple therapist (something which I believe is wrong, as therapists too can do a hell of a lot of damage, but that’s the law).

    You argue that as he is upfront about the way he treats then that’s OK. This is rubbish. As a doctor of medicine, someone whose job it is to improve people’s mental health, he offers a treatment which has been proven not just to have no benefit but to be positively harmful to people who are vulnerable and disgusted by their sexuality.

    What these people need is not to have their disgust validated, but their very existence. They don’t need false hope of a “cure”, they need to be told that they are normal human beings. All of the authorities in medicine now agree that homosexuality is a natural variation not an aberration. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It is not a disease. For him to act as though the opposite is true (based not on evidence of fact, but on personal belief) is incompatible with his position as a doctor, which he should forfeit.

  22. If people want this man’s help, why seek to deny them this option?

    The ‘gay’ activists expect everyone else to tolerate them, yet won’t extend the same tolerance to others who happen to disagree with them.

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