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Homophobic and anti-Semitic preacher invited to London university

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  1. “Green week” eh…?
    Another load of snot.
    And just about the same colour.

    Sweet J.C.!
    Wot next.!


  2. Oh..!
    I can answer me own question..!
    Silly me..!

    Benny in September..!

    ‘Kin ‘ell..!


  3. What is going on the UK that these insane evil mullahs are invited anywhere in the Uk-why are they invited? Who specifically is inviting them? I thought Brits had more balls…epic failure for young Britain..

  4. It doesn’t say much for the Islamic Society that they invite “clerics” of this calibre.

    Wasn’t the former head of UCL’s Islamic Society the pants bomber who tried to blow up that flight over America on Christmas Day?

    The Islamic Societies at universities seem to be breeding grounds for hatred and murder.

  5. I dont understand why we are allowing this vile piece of scum to hold court here in the UK?


  6. Omar Kuddus 25 Feb 2010, 9:33pm

    That’s the trouble with these religious types. They teach their young to be bigots, it’s nothing short of abuse. You see it everyday, parents send them to school where they should be taught right from wrong but then you catch them training their young to be all religious and haters.
    To him Islam is “pretty black and white” and religion coming from a fanatical cleric
    Bigotry and hypocrisy spring to mind.
    Perhaps he should be reminded that God created everyone equal and the same, despite their sexual orientation.
    The Koran does not condemn homosexuality as per say and as all religious books it is open to interpenetration and definitely NOT black and white or carved in stone!
    It is the religious leaders that make it so and interpenetrate what they want to make followers believe.
    I am a Muslim and believe that by the first verse of the Koran that states that God is merciful and forgiving, he is.
    It is only God that can judge me not religious leaders or condemn me as nether can they non believer and again the meaning of “kaffirs” is misinterpreted and used to incite hatred and the Koran does not condone the killing of others or that others do not have the right to believe and practise their own beliefs and religion.

  7. Mullah Suleiman 25 Feb 2010, 11:26pm


    Insha’Allah the presentation will be peaceful and abominable perverts will not be present!

  8. And what, pray, is a good Mullah doing tripping about a gay news and information site?

    Not RealityCheck/Tigalpilathsplatterer by any chance are you…or Mr. Mbobosambobo, their later re-invention?

    Go shove your nose in your holy books.


  9. BrazilBoysBlog 26 Feb 2010, 1:09am

    These bigots should not be welcome anywhere in decent society.

  10. Trencherbone 26 Feb 2010, 1:24am

    This is the orthodox Islamic attitude towards Gays. See links under GAYS AND LESBIANS at

  11. The UK, along with Holland and Sweden are totally spineless when it comes to dealing with loony Islamic facists. When will we stop appeasing these freaks? The French and Italians don’t put up with it, so why do we?

    1. Well said

  12. religious lunatics.

  13. Sick and filth; knows how to describe himself then eh!

  14. Geert Wilders a Dutch MP gets banned from the UK for criticising islam but this hate munger gets let in! It shows the imbalance in NuLabours attitude between racism and homophobia. But then with a government and main oposition party that thinks its OK for state funded religious schools to teach homophobia and transphobia what do you expect.

  15. Yes and the Arch Homophobe of Rome is coming too(!)

  16. ‘Islamic solutions to environmental problems’?
    Well I suppose if you stone enough enemies of your psychopathic religion to death it will reduce markedly the carbon footprint of the human race.
    Abi1975 – Anti-Islamic visitors get banned because Islamic extremists have few inhibitions about rioting on our streets or worse. Islamist hate-mongers get allowed in because lgbt people and Jews and other people they demonise are generally law-abiding. I wish our cowardly rulers would take more note of that.

  17. I hear he is going to the University of East London this weekend – are there any protests arranged ?

  18. Har Davids 26 Feb 2010, 1:21pm

    Islamic solutions to environmental problems sounds like killing all infidels and other undesirables is Quick’s idea of going green. If universities allow this kind of people on their premises, can we still think of them as institutes of higher learning?

  19. simple equation….

    human being + islam = retard

  20. “I hear he is going to the University of East London this weekend – are there any protests arranged?”

    Does anyone know RobN’s email address? (RobN hasn’t visited this page yet, it seems.)

    Anyway, Rob Neal is your man, Simon! He lives in East London he says and he’s been foaming at the mouth on other threads that he and his partner are amongst the the 5% persecuted white minority left in his locality (and what’s more Rob says he’s “pure English”). So I’m sure he’ll be up for attending the East London meeting and giving this Islamic cretin what for!

    Please, somebody, get hold of RobN right now!

    He’ll go and rant and rave and scream and subject Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick to a telling-off that I am sure will be quite the opposite of “quick”! :-)

  21. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Feb 2010, 11:21pm

    I only hope that university students can see Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick for what he truly is.

    Not all Muslims preach hate; those living by the Koran believe in a loving, kind god.

    Peace-loving and intelligent Muslim university students can and will recognize a jihadist just as easily as we do, and will not take him as a leader with a proper formula to make the world a better place for all.

  22. Father Andrew Gentry 26 Feb 2010, 11:35pm

    For the life of me, and if this hate monger had his way it would literally be for the life of me, cannot fathom what in the name of logic is “Islamic” solutions for the environment other than, as rightly pointed out by others,the extermination of any and everyone who does not accept Islam! Whether it be this lunatic or the German pope or some “scientist” who advocates murder the reaction should be the same, not here not now and not ever! It is high time that the UK the US or any other “civilized” nation to say to all of its religious or ideological extremists get out or go to prison or the desert or to a country that supports your views! For our sakes, gay straight or whatever,let us once and for all say to hell with political correctness! One last parting shot, is it possible or probable for Muslims and fundamentalist Christians or Jews and others like them to actually live in the 21st Century or should we just create an island just for them and put them all on it and declare it off limits to everyone else in the world. I am sure within a few short years this will be one empty island devoid of life!

  23. john sharp 27 Feb 2010, 8:51am

    if he is so clever
    i should go to Afghanistan and solve poverty there .
    gays should be put to death!
    that is inciting to hate
    and should be judged accordingly .
    Islam is a religion of hate TM

  24. Two points –

    Most people when they come here or indeed us to another country do the best to intergrate into the community. People like this clearly hate everything about this country (apart from the benefits of course) and the Western world that they come on a conquest to take over and dominate with the Islamic faith. If they don’t like it here It’s perfectly simple – don’t be here, move to where your comfortable. There are plenty of others who do want to be here and play their part in society.

    My second point is, when the BNP & Nick Griffin are somewhere we have the anti-facists protesting, quite rightly about other peoples right to be here. The BNP are considered extremists. So why is it that when people like this vile man this story is about those very protesters don’t protest against them/him. They are just as extreme, their views just as facist but on the opposite side. What about our human right to be safe against extremists of all?

  25. Im with Squidgy, thats the crux of the matter, the questions any reasonable person should ask itself. Equality, REAL equality should include equal protection for ALL people. If your views are extremist, regardless jew, muslim or christian aimed at non-believers, jew, muslim or christian – YOU SHOULD GET OUT! I just dont get the logic sometimes, why do some have to use hate for the persuit of everlasting peace? It just doesnt make any sense…

  26. Hack ‘im! Quick! LOL!

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