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Gordon Brown promises gay people they ‘will not have to walk alone’

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  1. Might not be ever able to fully repay the debt of gratitude, but they could start with full equal marriage rights and not bowing down to religion with regard to the equality bill.

  2. I was so filled with anger when I read this! IT is Great Britian that has caused so much of the suffering for homosexual people around the world. There should be an apology by the British Parliament and the British Royal Family to all of those who have been bashed, murdered, discriminiated against etc. etc. etc. in the socalled British Commonwealth of Nations. The TERROR that has been inflicted by the anti-homosexaulity laws intiated by The British Government are crimes against humanity. I will not be happy until Wales, Scotland are fully independent and Northern Ireland RETURNED to be where it should be , a part of Ireland, plus remove the stench of the Monarchy from insulting the Australian people as its socalled Head of State!Enough said! Gordon Brown, you are a disgrace along with every other British Prime Minister!

  3. Brenton clearly forgot his meds this morning.

  4. Arfur, get your atlas out and just look WHERE the British have been?????? Look at what is happening still in Malawi, Kenya, Uganda etc etc????? Everywhere the Brits have been, laws against homosexual people. The only country remaining with laws against homosexuals in South America is Guyana!! Fifty guesses, who was the colonial power there??????? If only Australia had been colonised by a civilised nation like the Dutch, the Spanish or the Portugeuse?

  5. But surely the fault was not that they were British, but that they spread their particular form of religion, Brenton? I don’t know about all the countries you mentioned, but I know that in Africa Christianity is part of the problem.

    And George has it right in Comment 1. I don’t feel very grateful to Gordon when he allows religion to discriminate against us, and makes me feel like a second-class citizen because I’m not permitted to MARRY the person I love.

  6. Brenda Lana Smith R af D 25 Feb 2010, 12:08pm

    Shame on you Gordon… it is about time you did something too about your family namesake opposite number on Bermuda, Dr Ewart Brown, and other British Overseas Territories leaders’ intransigent disinclination to openly entertain and extend full equality rights to LGBTQI folk under their (in effect your) British protected jurisdictions…

  7. Fail to see you using the worlds homophobic problems against the UK. Britain shared those laws, now they don’t. There’s been nothing to hold back the other countries from changing their laws. They do control themselves.

    You go on about the Aussies but in the last referendum they voted to stay in the Commonwealth. So they may not next time that is their choice.

    Your argument is seriously flawed.

  8. “Mr Brown said: “I promise you that no one need walk the road to equality alone again.” ”

    Oh F*** off Brown.

    Why doesn’t the Labour Party support marriage equality.

    We might not be alone in our support for marriage equality but neither Labour or the Tories support this struggle.

    I expect these sort of 2 faced lies from Cameron seeing as he was a professional liar before entering politics (he worked in PR).

    But Brown knows full well that gay people cannot get legally married. Why is he telling these barefaced lies?

  9. theotherone 25 Feb 2010, 12:19pm

    yes when his fvck1ng party has stabbed us in the back?

    Fvck off Gordo, go punch a secretary.

  10. Brenton demonstrates a woeful ignorance when it comes to World History – how anyone could wish the blood-thirsty Spanish conquestadors or the brutal Portuguese upon anywhere on this globe beggars belief. We must not fall into the trap of judging past centuries by our values today. Of course anti-gay legislation and attitudes of the Victorian times was most regrettable but to blame the British for current attitudes in our former colonies and dominions is ridiculous.

    We as a nation have proved we can change social values and pass progressive legislation towards equality – nations of the Commonwealth including Australia are far more backward in this respect, but that is down to their societies and their elected representatives. Australia was been self governing for over 100 years, to blame Great Britain is just passing the buck. And as for Northrn Ireland, Wales and Scotland where the majority of all of these populations wish to remain British, how dare a national of another country on the other side of the world betray such ignorance and lecture us how to run our domestic affairs? – Hitler tried that in 1939 and with the brave soldiers of the Commonwealth (especially Australia) we thwarted him.

  11. It just shows you how detached people are from historical reality! The anti-homosexuality laws that existed in Australia were because of Britian being the colonial power. Only in recent decades have those laws been rescinded. Thousands lived in fear of their jobs and imprisonment. Only today the Australian Labor Party and The Liberal Opposition voted to deny gay, lesbian and transgendeerd the people the right to Marriage Equality in the Australian Parliament. Sorry for being so bitter but the Brtiish history of homophobia and its effects on peoples lives, including my own is something I will never forgive.

  12. Brenton – Then your holding yourself back, no-one else is.

  13. ChutneyBear 25 Feb 2010, 12:40pm

    “must not fall into the trap of judging past centuries by our values today” – Very good point Thomas, actually change that centures to forty years ago, what applied at Stonewall does not apply now…

  14. Thomas , perhaps you should ask the Australian Aboriginal surviviors about how the British enjoyed their shooting parties and the poisoning of water supplies?????????????? The British made sure that the aboriginal people were only considered like kangaroos and koalas! Animals! Britian with a clean history? I also working with too many Africans today to KNOW a great deal about colonialism!

  15. Labour’s amendment to allow faith schools to teach sex education with a religious slant will cause real problems for gay kids.

  16. Granted labour has put through more equality rights for the LGBT community. But much of this would have been forced on the government from the EU anyway.

    Shame you have failed to tackle the homophobic Jamaica shame you allow homophobes to enter the UK to spread their hatred Banton Buju being one such person.


  17. ChutneyBear 25 Feb 2010, 12:55pm

    Brenton has a point lads, you did cause more harm than good in your colonial era!

  18. Just don’t see what relevance it has to this story. Sounds like a rant for the sake of it to me.

  19. Interesting debate people. Yes, ok looking back on aspects of the Empire, there were many issues to be ashamed off. However lets admit that were it not for the Brits standing up to Nazi Germany, the world would be in an even worse state than it is now!
    As for leaving our colonial laws, these other countries have had enough time to repeal them if they wish too; they just don’t want to because its easier to make gays the scapegoats when you can’t (won’t) address famine, tribal civil wars and poverty!

  20. Yes, my first thought was that we need FULL marriage equality, an end to gay-bashing (so I hope you’re all supporting Stonewall’s anti-homophobic bullying in schools campaign), and an end to religious intolerance before it can be said that we have “arrived”.

  21. Brenton – Get over yourself. The people in the present can not and should not be held accountable for the mistakes of the past. Also a great deal of ethnic cultures are extremely homophobic.

    Anywho Mr. Brown… Faith schools????

    Not just a homophobic issue but it’s child abuse.

  22. Sister Mary clarence 25 Feb 2010, 1:40pm

    Iris I had understood that much of the gender prejudices and superstitions and neurotic, male-dominant, sexually repressive practices spread out from Europe and most particularly Rome, replacing the universal brotherhood that had gone before.

    In Uganda we now see the influences of powerful, American religious extremists entering the fray, but even the US government in their HIV funding campaigns have sought to impose their religious values on Africa.

  23. AnthonyBermon 25 Feb 2010, 1:46pm

    There is no evidence that things would be better for gay people if the individual countries that make up Britain became independent. After all, just look at the extremely homophobic Scottish National Party who currently make up the Scottish Government. But I do agree that Gordon Brown is just trying to get the gay vote here otherwise he’d not have bowed down to religious extremeists and he’d pass a gay marriage law.

  24. If Gordon Brown does not insist that religious establishments abide by equality legislation then he does not support equality.

    If Gordon Brown does not support civil marriage for gay couples and CP’s for straight couples then he does not support equality.

    If Gordon Brown cannot give cast iron guarantees that not a single penny of British aid money sent to African countries will be spent on persecuting gay people, then he does not support equality.

    I suspect he made his speech after his minions spoke to Stonewall first. Seeing as Stonewall have no integrity and no commitment to equality for LGBT people I suspect Stonewall would have no issue with Brown’s speech.

    Remember that Stonewall is opposed to gay equality but despite representing only a tiny minority of the LGBT population they seem to have fooled people into thinking they represent more than their 30,000 supporters.

  25. Great summing up, Simon (24.)

  26. I must have missed something. Marriage inequality in California is “unacceptable” but it’s OK in the UK? Brown and Obama show just how pathetic “liberals” can get.

  27. Sister Mary clarence 25 Feb 2010, 1:58pm

    ‘He told guests at 10 Downing Street, including a number of gay servicemembers, that there was a “debt of gratitude we can never fully repay”.’

    Excuse me while I vomit – servicemen only allowed to be servicemen because the European Court force the government to allow gays in the military.

  28. Well it is a sort of a step in the right direction but we really do need a giant leap for gay kind with full quality for us – how about it Mr Brown, any thoughts on that?

  29. We will only ever get our full rights and freedoms under a gay govt in a gay nation. These african countries got their independence and the Jews got Israel. would some nice person give us the land to build our own Rainbow nation? I bet we would have the most beautiful cities in the world, the most content people and the least crime; Gay Utopia anyone????

  30. Is there an election coming up?

  31. ChutneyBear 25 Feb 2010, 2:58pm

    @Mike us bears better be welcome !

  32. I always welcome the bears. :-)

  33. Brenton, its true we British did some terrible things in the past, no more than Spain, Portugal, even Holland did some pretty bad things in the Caribbean, then there were the Romans who pillaged Britain for over 400 years, the Vikings, the Saxons but we don’t blame them for our problems now do we? So, how do you explain South Africa, for years dominated by the Dutch descendant Afrikaaners who supported apartheid and look what happened, it became the fifth country to allow same-sex couples to marry. Canada was once a colony and look what happened there, full marriage equality. You can’t blame the past for today’s ills. If South Africa and Canada can get rid of inequality, so can everybody else. Stop blaming and whining about Britain’s past for today’s failures. After granting independence to former colonies, it was and is up to their governments to effect change. Britain did it to some extent though it has a bit further to go.

    As for Gordon Brown lambasting California banning same-sex marriage, a bit rich, hypocritical even, coming from a government that doesn’t even allow it in its own country. That position won’t shift under Cameron either.

  34. Although there have been several significant changes to LGBT equality under Labour, the fact is, it still stops short of total equality in regards to full marriage. If we are all entitled to be treated the same, then why are we still denied the right to full marriage? Why is religion still allowed to voice off and have control over the basic human rights of others?

    Although I appreciate whats already been done, there is still some way to go. It almost feels like we have been thrown scraps over the last ten years and are expected just to get on with it now.

    I really dislike the perception that LGBT people who air their views on the lack of equality are seen as moaning. It’s not that when other groups (rightly) push for their equality when they are discriminated against.

    Why are we paying the same tax and making the same economic contributions when we are not afforded the same rights? Over the last while I’ve watched some other countries bring in full marriage and the UK is still stuck with CP. How can society be expected to treat us equally when our own Gov wont? I’m not I’m not impressed with Gordon Browns statements, talk is cheap.

  35. Pete & Michael 25 Feb 2010, 4:36pm

    Give us true Civil Marriage Mr Brown, although we have been in a Civil Partnership for nearly 5 years and a 22yr ‘engagement’ beforehand, this is second class to full Marriage Equality.

  36. ChutneyBear 25 Feb 2010, 5:01pm

    In reality lets be honest, marraige is just a bit of paper.Its a religious institution and the vast majority of us think the church is a load of bollix, so therefore why are we bothering our arses with marraige?

  37. I half thought he’d add alone without Jesus since Labour is pandering to religious bigots! Plus people aren’t equal and Brenton’s making very relevant points

  38. No 36: Chutneybear: you say: “lets be honest, marraige is just a bit of paper.Its a religious institution”

    No it’s not.

    It’s a legal contract that gay couples are denied access to because of their sexual orientation.

    I don’t give a toss whether some cult wants to perform religious weddings. Religious weddings have no legal status until the civil registry is signed.

  39. ChutneyBear 25 Feb 2010, 5:49pm

    Civil partnerships that afford the same legal rights should do the job, lets just imagine civil partnerships is marraige by another name…that should make my point clearer.

  40. Mike’s right – we need a place we can call our own, where we are the majority. Same sex flag, same sex way of life, we make the rules and if the straights come and live in our country, they do as we say – we could even spit at them if they hold hands in our streets – beat them up if we know they are straight, make laws to turn them into second class citizens – then make stupid speeches to say they can be equal to us, and they’ll ‘never walk alone’. There’s no such thing as equality – never has been – never will be. The majority always have rule over the minority, that’s not equality, that’s just the minorities living how the majority want them to – and we will always be a minority as long as we do not have our own country.

  41. George Broadhead, PTT 25 Feb 2010, 7:05pm

    One wonders what criteria were used to draw up the guest list at this shindig.

    Presumably the great and the good in the eyes of New Labour: staff from Stonewall, gay and lesbian MPs and MEPs, and gay and lesbian celebrities, like those mentioned in the report, would of course have been top of the list, but one can be sure that campaigning heros and staunch critics of the Party’s shortcomings like Peter Tatchell will have been excluded.

  42. “at the event with his new husband”

    Mr Brown said that the ban on gay marriage in California was “unacceptable”

    Sorry Mr Brown you’re a liar, and PinkNews is incorrect to say any man was there with his husband.

    Civil Partnerships are equal but seperate, or in other words, unequal.

  43. As long as our LGBT youth are under attack by amendment 70 then Labour and Mr Brown are the enemy.

    Anybody voting Labour in the coming election are selling out our LGBT youth too.

    The amendment 70 voting stats:

    Con— yes 125— no 0
    Lab— yes 256— no 6
    LDem– yes 0 —- no 33

    Only one political party stood against children being taught homophobia and transphobia in our publicly funded schools.

    Gordon Brown did not just sell us out he sold our LGBT youth out and that’s unforgivable.

  44. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Feb 2010, 1:46am

    Is anyone actually following “The Commonwealth Conversation”?

  45. I see Brown (I reserve the title of Prime minister for people who have actually fought and won a general election) found time to take a break from bullying, smearing and lying to make one last desperate appeal to another of the client groups Liebour think they “own”.

    Well he can get stuffed – the man is completely unfit for office and I feel very sorry for the next secretary who gets slapped when he gets his next bit of bad news.

  46. Mihangel apYrs 26 Feb 2010, 2:19pm

    in the colonial period my ancestors were tilling land, working in swaetshops and “dark satanic mills”, in domestic service, and down mines.

    Just what should I apologise for on their behalf, they were as exploited as those in our colonies; our rank and file soldiers, uneducated and subservient, were equally exploited. Look for apologies to the Church and Establishment – those who still exploit.

    And bearing in mind that most of the colonies achieved independance decades ago, you to your own governments for existing wrongs, they’ve had time to right them!

  47. Mihangel apYrs 26 Feb 2010, 2:21pm

    that should read “you SHOULD LOOK to your own governments for existing wrongs”

  48. No 29: Chutneybear: “Civil partnerships that afford the same legal rights should do the job, lets just imagine civil partnerships is marraige by another name…that should make my point clearer. ”

    But CP’s are NOT marriage by another name. CP’s performed in Britain are not recognised abroad. Marriage is. This puts paid to the lie that they are ‘separate but equal’.

    If Civil Partnership is a marriage by another name, why did the government go to all that bother to invent them. It would have been a lot easier to simply extend Civil Marriage. They refused to do that out of deference to the religious cults.

    “Separate but equal” is not equal despite whatever bulls*** Gordon Brown or ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron spouts.

    What possible good does it serve ANYONE to have a 2 tier system for formalising relationships.

    As a law abiding, tax paying citizen I am not remotely happy to be told that because of my sexual orientation I am not allowed to accees the contract of marriage.

    Likewise it is unfair to tell a straight couple that they are not allowed to access the contract of Civil Partnership because of their sexual orientation.

    Marriage is a universally recognised bond. CP’s are not. They are a lower, lesser form of contract and that it entirely unacceptable.

    And Gordon Brown is an idiot (as well as a possible bully) if he thinks that we should hold CP’s in any esteem other than contempt. Does he not realise that CP’s simply say ‘Your relationship is not quite as worthwhile or valid as mine, so here’s a lesser form of legalising it’

  49. Simon N. Same sex marraiges are not recognised in countrues where they are not allowed. You try taking yoour South African Same sex marraige certificate to the US, and see where it lands you.
    CPs would probaly get better treatment abroad than same sex marraiges. This is just how it is.

  50. Quite so, Niki. Let’s remember what the world is like!

    S’Murphy (any reason why you’ve dropped the Murphy?). Let’s say you get waht you wanted in your list of demands, and gay people can have civil marriages (because some people have an attachment to the word), and straight people can have civil partnerships (because equally, some people have an aversion to it). Some poor civil servant is going to have to sit down and draft bills that set out the respective rights and responsibilies attaching to the two relationships. Can you tell me what the difference between the two would be? Y’know, in terms of practiacal consequences.

    As for not giving money to homo-phobic regimes, I might have some sympathy. But for the fact that if there were a general prohibition on giving money to African countries where such aid is put to bad uses, then we’d hardly give any at all! Is that a reason to stop? Maybe, in some eyes, but the images of starving people will continue to rain upon us. Would you ignore them? Yet another example where the world is more complex than you suppose.

    Gay Nation, you others? Please! You’re going to run into population problems. Set up some sperm-swap between the gayers and the lessies? And then what do you do with the preponderence of straight progeny? Enforced deportation? Because in time, they’ll take over. Christ, ridiculous.

  51. If you actually consider the number of pieces of legislation that this Government has passed over the last 5-6 years, they have brought a great deal of protection in law for gay people and greater equality. The journey isn’t over and gay marriage is definitely one that needs addressing (even though a significant number of gay people prefer Civil Partnerships!). Gay adoption, Civil Partnerships, protection in the provision of goods and services, employment protection, homophobic aggravation for criminal offences. Some require tweeking to prevent the religious groups from discriminating and I believe that will come with continued lobbying and court decisions.

    I am no great fan of Brown but won’t stoop as low as some of the commentators. I praise him for this public show of support which very few other Prime Ministers have had the guts to do.

    For those whining on about history and Britain’s past, what has that got to do with this story? This is about the now not the then….try keeping things in perspective.

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