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Gay foreign minister Chris Bryant to wed in parliament next month

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary clarence 25 Feb 2010, 7:30pm

    The bride will of course be wearing white …… underpants and they have done an exclusive deal for the wedding pictures with ….. gaydar.

    no doubt the wedding will be used as another method of rinsing even more cash out of the public purse.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 25 Feb 2010, 9:07pm

    now, now Sister, a little charity here, and a smidgeon of congratulation for someone trying to find happiness, less is curmudgeonly mean-spirited.

    Remember: political opponents, not enemies in the wider sense, and Chris does deserve some kudoes for being open about his sexuality

  3. Sister Mary clarence 25 Feb 2010, 10:47pm

    Mihangel, I think his position came with responsibility and he neglected that responsibility. I think he let himself down and I think he let the gay community down by re-enforcing negative stereotypes.

    I also think he took us for all he could on the expenses, although to be fair he didn’t act any differently from many of his straight colleagues (who also behaved disgracefully).

  4. Mihangel apYrs 25 Feb 2010, 10:55pm

    Sister SM, no worse than any of them, especially the closetted ones.

    In this specific instance let’s wish them good luck, and castigate him (and them) at another time

  5. Poor Sister Mary I’ve a nice job, nice car, nice house Clarence envies a white dress. Perhaps it is because her own buttocks have been parted so many times that she can’t even remember the notion of virginity. I think that a black dress would be appropriate for her; invisibility is a marvellous thing.

  6. Come now, can’t we all just appreciate and celebrate the fact that CPs can now be celebrated in the same way as any other non-religious ceremony? It’s another step towards equality, isn’t it?

  7. Well, for all the anger, as one other person say, we should congratulate Mrs. (former Rev’d) Bryant on his special day. As already mentioned too, “none is righteous, no, not one”. Chris has tried, but enough is far removed, but I am proud of him. I remember being a debate he was a panel member and his public agreement to the gay cause is unrivalled for someone who holds a public office that you would expect neutrality from. But surely, there is always room for me & I hope that after he received the second-rate authorisation-to-be-with-same-sex-because-it-is-not-ok certificate, he may develop a hunger to real equality. After the CP, he may begin to query if Gordon has 3 balls that meant he could be in marriage and him (Chris), a fellow MP isnt allowed to…

    But am sure once Chris wake up from the present dream, for the times I have been in the same events with him and hear him speak, I am sure he will go all out.

  8. Simon Murphy 26 Feb 2010, 12:46am

    Good for him.

    If he’s happy to get CP’ed in Westminster that’s his choice.

    But what is he doing to ensure that gay couples can marry at Westminster. Does he support continued discrimination against gay couples who want to get married?

  9. “.. his public agreement to the gay cause is unrivalled for someone who holds a public office that you would expect neutrality from.”

    Not so.

  10. AnthonyBermon 26 Feb 2010, 1:37am

    I just looked at dave’s link, comment 9. I am extremely disappointed at the number of Labour MPs who voted for the ammendment(s). As a Scot, I’m particulalry disappointed at the number of Scots Labour MPs who voted for this, especially as it’s only about schools in England, I think. Although, I’m glad to say that as far as I could tell, my own local MP for North Ayrshire & Arran didn’t vote at all. Why are Scots Labour MPs helping to put a discriminatory law on the English statute books?

  11. Sister Mary clarence 26 Feb 2010, 1:39am

    Neville, can’t resist a little racist taunt can you. Oh and please forgive me I forgot you wanted me to identify I was black whenever I posted on here.

    You’re a racist piece of filth hiding behind an internet profile to say things you’d be too gutless to say to my face.

  12. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Feb 2010, 1:54am

    Congratulations, Chris.

  13. Chris Bryant voted for our LGBT youth to face state approved homophobia/transphobia in the classroom under amendment 70. Why should we wish Bryant well when he sold the kids out.

    Why should any MP be able to get married or have a civil partnership in such an exclusive venue as the houses of parliament. You just know he is not paying the full commercial rate for a venue of that stature. So yet again we will be subsidising the corrupt MPs.

    So Chris Bryant I hope the whole corrupt house of commons falls on you.

    You sellout

  14. SMC: I think Neville was simply referring to a white dress being virginal, I never saw anything racist in that. Mind you, I think chewing-gum grey might be more apt…

  15. Darlings do calm down! Too much agression on this posting; lets be nice to each other; no rasicim or inverted homophobia; there’s enough enemies out their to fight!!!! I guess they thought Sister Mary was balck because of Sister Act, but we should accept all colours on here as long as they aint homophobes!

  16. The question is Mike was it inverted homophobia that drove Chris Bryant to to vote for amendment 70?

  17. Sister Mary clarence 26 Feb 2010, 10:04am

    You might be right Rob, but I coupled with repeatedly referring to me as ‘Uncle Tom’ (because black people shouldn’t vote Tory in his eyes) and insisting that I identify myself to everyone as black whenever I post on here (so that everyone is clear about it), I’m tending to think that his fixation with the colour of my skin might have some negative overtones.

  18. I agree with abi1975 so I won’t pass him any best wished
    Plus why should sister mary clarence have to refer to her colour? what difference does that make?

  19. Agreed for all we know some of us might be little pink and green aliens with 3 eyes logging in from a spaceship in close Earth Orbit………..:-)

  20. Poor Sister Mary I’ve a nice job, nice car, nice house Clarence is very sensitive to her subordinate position in the conservative party and to her colour. I am sure that many of her conservative betters would consider her quite uppity. As a racial minority, conservative supporter, she must really learn to develop a thicker skin. Oh, dear, will I now be berated for that?

  21. hey its not a wedding. constantly saying it is wont make it on. your a second class person getting a second class ceremony. pretending your equal doesnt make it so.

  22. Bryant is the very epitomy of the low calibre yes men who infest the new Liebour project. Brainless automatons who remind me of the sheep in Animal Farm – devoid of the power to think for themselves and happy to do the bidding of their evil masters in return for a sense of power and their turn at the trough.

    Not unlike most Labour MPs really.

    Still, if buying into the sham of a CP makes him happy and spares the rest of us the sight of him in his underpants on Gaydar, then I will suspend my dislike of all things Liebour for one nanosecond and wish him a happy civil partnership (or whatever the term is for this ridiculous chimera of an arrangement).

  23. “..devoid of the power to think for themselves and happy to do the bidding of their evil masters in return for a sense of power and their turn at the trough.”

    Same is true of Conservatives

  24. GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES to them both!

  25. Sister Mary clarence 26 Feb 2010, 12:38pm

    Neville, can’t say I’ve ever had any problems with racism with the Conservatives at all to be fair, and that generally reflects other social situations and people I meet.

    I mix in circles that where people have a bit more respect for each other than that, and I’m well enough able to look after myself that anyone one the street would think twice about making any racist comments towards me.

    However what I have tended to find it that there has been the odd inferior little idiot on here, with all the bravado of someone who knows they are probably many miles away secured behind locked doors, who seem to thing that the BME community is and should remain some sort of underclass, and if we don’t submit to that view, we should be castigated in every way possible to ensure we remember our place.

    When we got the vote it was not ‘with conditions’

    Black people are allowed to have a good job, if they merit one, these days.

    We are allowed to own a nice car, if we have the means to pay for one.

    We are also permitted to own, rent or live in a nice house, again if we have the means to pay for one.

    Seemingly this is news to you.

    Mercifully throw-backs to Love Thy Neighbour like you are a dying breed. Neither my sexuality nor my ethnicity makes me inferior to anyone else in this world, and your pathetic little digs are not going to change that.

  26. Vulgus Regina is at it again with his inimitable, semi-literate, ignorant comments. I wonder if he really knows what a chimera is.
    He would rather not have civil partnerships with the legal and financial protections which, in particular, they give to older gays such as myself – I am in my mid seventies. There is nothing sham about civil partnerships, but in his ignorance he has not the acumen to realise the loss of tenancies, property, inheritance tax, and next of kin status which can still be refused to those who are not in civil partnerships. Perhaps he would rather live in one of the vast majority of US states where these protections are not available for gay people. If he wants to live in such a situation well good riddance to him, except, of course, like an English friend who lives in North Carolina with an American partner, he would have to leave the country at regular intervals. This is not the case with foreign nationals who enter into civil partnerships with UK citizens. But Vulgus Regina is nothing if not selfish, and if he has nothing more sensible to say, he should really shut up and go to bury his head in the pile of ideological nonsense which he frequently expels from his anus.

  27. Congrats to Chris Bryant and Jared Cranney, politics aside I wish them well.

  28. Poor Sister Mary. There is certainly nothing wrong with your acquisitive nature, but I did think it rather vulgar when, some time ago, you boasted about those things which are listed next to your name. It was if the attitude was ‘I have got all these things and I am now a little conservative’. You do seem a very aggressive person with the threats you have issued from time to time. Perhaps this is why many people would cross the street when they saw someone like you approaching. Perhaps you could try to appear less aggressive and vulgar and then, possibly, people might rather warm to you.

  29. Neville stop posting you racist bully.

  30. Neville’s rather letting himself down!!

  31. Sister Mary clarence 26 Feb 2010, 5:01pm

    Neville, I didn’t ‘boast’ about anything, I merely made the point that actually us blacks aren’t living in a shack on the plantation anymore these days.

  32. Unfortunately, Sister Mary, that is how it came across to me, which, as you obviously realised, caused me some annoyance. However, I must say that I do know a number of African Americans in North Carolina and they certainly do not come across as if they are living on a plantation; but I do not know any blacks in the United Kingdom. However, I assume that they are not radically different from gay blacks living in the United States.

  33. Sister Mary clarence 26 Feb 2010, 6:39pm

    It probably came across to you like that because you’re a racist who thinks that blacks should know their place.

    Well, I do know my place, and its exactly the same place as everybody else. Its called equality, and if you make comments to African Americans in North Carolina like the ones you’ve been making to me and get away with it, I would suggest that I and they are very different.

    Your use of terms like ‘vulgar’ and ‘subordinate’ speak realms about the type of person you are. I know its sometimes hard for people of your age to keep up with an every changing world, would I be right in thinking you’re still living in circa 1972?

  34. The word ‘vulgar’ could well be replaced with ‘common’. Those of us who try to maintain standards find it difficult to accept the language of the barrack room, which includes threats of what would be done if you were met in the street, in what, at first sight, appears to be a civilised forum for debate. However, there are people who know better and those who do not. But, I suppose, if you do not know any better you cannot be blamed. Debate with threats of incipient violence is the last resort of the bully: if you don’t accept what I say, or if I don’t like what you say, I shall physically attack you if I meet you in the street. How uncivilised!
    That, in effect, is what you have said on more than one occasion.

  35. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Feb 2010, 7:28pm

    Congratulations to Chris Bryant and Jared Cranney! Trailblazers!!

  36. Neville, you were a racist last time I saw your comments and you are a racist here again.

    No one has threatened you but as Sister Mary has said it s unlikely that you would dare to say the things you have directly to her/him or anyone else.

    The word vulgar could very well be replaced by ignorant and directed at you. You are a stupid unpleasant old fool, take your bigotry and intolerance somewhere else.

    Don’t try to play the victim. You are anything but a victim

  37. Oh, I am so excited for I have never met a Jose before. Are you a Don Jose or perhaps a Carmen? Oh, I am glad I am not a victim, but neither am so vituperatively obnoxious as you apparently are. Like the undoubtedly crass Sister Mary you can adopt only inordinate obloquy. Abuse of the kind used by you is merely an indication of a very limited mind unable to enter into the niceties of polite debate.

  38. Sister Mary clarence 26 Feb 2010, 9:34pm

    “…. unable to enter into the niceties of polite debate”

    Oh, that really is rich!!!

    Getting a bit of a fan club by the looks of it.

    You’ve done well though, Neville, by this point you’ve usually degenerated in a full on racist diatribe and had all you comments removed.

    Some people mellow in their old age, other apparently fester and rot.

  39. Now,Dear Sister, when have I had comments removed? I have never given vent to what you call a ‘full on racist diatribe’. You lie, but perhaps the truth for you is merely relative to what you want others to believe. Surely you like the thought of free speech backed up, of course, by such apparently macho comments as ‘and I’m well enough able to look after myself that anyone in the street would think twice about making any racist comments towards me’. Oh what a bruiser we are! What a paragon!

  40. Oh, Sister Mary, I am told you have being telling lies elsewhere. What a naughty girl you are, but as someone said you are as dim witted as Epaminondas!

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