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Woman jailed for female sexual assault

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Reader comments

  1. ‘The judge described it as a “violent” and “humiliating” attack and said that a man in the same position would have to be jailed’
    So why wasn’t the woman?

  2. theotherone 24 Feb 2010, 6:36pm

    god knows martin as, under UK law, it was a prisonable offense.

  3. It does state that she was jailed for one year. Seems very lenient.

  4. I don’t know of any research about this, but I would like to know what proportion of sexual assaults on adults of the same sex is actually committed by straights? We all know it’s common in male prisons through bullying/dominance etc, but that probably doesn’t say much about society at large. I suppose this woman could be bi, or just a screwed-up closet (her marriage and child are readable either or both ways).
    It would be very interesting to know.

  5. Riondo – my partner was sexually assaulted in his early teens by a group of straight males. A young woman also confided in me that she had been beaten and sexually molested by a straight female at boarding school as ‘punishment’ for being a lesbian.

    The attackers orientation cant always be determined from the sex of their victim. There are some sick, twisted people around.

  6. The Menstruator 26 Feb 2010, 2:13pm

    I refuse to believe any of this. No woman would do that. No lesbian would do that anyway. Figures she’s some closeted breedery acting individual. I mean “straight” men rape men all the time, it almost makes sense. But let’s stick to raping men more, please.

  7. theotherone 26 Feb 2010, 2:53pm

    really menstruator?

    I was raped by a Lesbian.

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