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Plaid Cymru launches LGBT group

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Reader comments

  1. Christine Rourke 24 Feb 2010, 12:45pm

    You MUST be joking…..

    This is a strange, other-worldy universe I have woken up in…

    Next the BNP will be starting an LGBT group.


  2. Mihangel apYrs 24 Feb 2010, 12:46pm

    let’s hope it doesn’t turn into another vehicle for the Tafia, and a way into power structures for welsh-speaker only apparatchiks

  3. Christine Rourke 24 Feb 2010, 1:04pm

    I have lived here in the heart of Plaid Cymru’s Gwynedd stronghold for the last seven years, and the views espoused by Harris and Jenkins are far removed from the political and social reality in this part of Wales.

    Plaid are trying to con the rest of Wales, which traditionally has wanted little to do with them, that they are now a inclusive, socialist party.

    This is NOT the case.

    Time and again they have shown that they regard the views of the non-Welsh speakers in Wales (the vast MAJORITY of the population, even in Gwynedd) as irrelevant and invisible, and if you want to know what they will do should they get power in the WA, then one only has to look at what they have done in Gwynedd where, for example, every major initiative that might bring more jobs to the county is turned down on the grounds that it might “dilute the Welsh language in the area”.

    They are an Anglophobic, backward-looking party that has consistently betrayed the very people they claim to represent.

    In my experience, Homophobia and Transphobia are rife in the party, and certainly with its supporters here in this part of North Wales.


  4. Next the BNP will be starting an LGBT group.

    Well if they did they might start doing even better than you’d realise. I suspect they will do better in the next election so I’m sure once they catch up with the times and see it might make them look better they may well.

  5. Chrissie,

    Plaid voted the right way on Section 28, Gay Adoption and the age of consent. You might disagree with their politics but comparing them to the BNP just makes you look silly!

  6. I live in Wales, and do not recognise any of what you are talking about. And I think you clearly have an axe to grind “chrissie” And btw, in Gwynedd around 75% of people speak Welsh as a first language, in fact in the Western half of Wales the clear majority speak it as a first language. FYI, Plaid Cymru has English born councillors in Gwynedd so I do not know what you are talking about.

    Plaid has openly gay members at all levels, senior MP’s, council leaders, mayors. Plaid was the first Welsh party to elect an Assembly member from the ethnic minority community so we are certainly not racist! The person spoken widely as the next leader is openly gay. I’m gay, and have worked at all levels for 6 years now and am a part of a branch in the South Wales Valleys. I have never, ever, had any problems with being gay. In fact I attended a social event at their conference on the weekend and afterwards, alot of people actually went to a gay club! Straight as well as gay. So… Stop lying.

  7. Thinking of moving to wales; Gethin Johns; Steve Jones, Gareth Thomas ;-0 as they say in Wales, “There’s lovely!”

  8. Christine Rourke 24 Feb 2010, 6:03pm

    @ David, you live in South Wales, not Gwynedd. They are WORLDS apart… Come and live in this area and see how visibly gay you dare to be.

    I do know the current voting record of Plaid’s MP on gay issues, and know Elfyn Llwyd personally. I have a great deal of respect for him. But I also know for a fact that his progressive views are not shared by many in his party, especially in this area where the expression of Anglophobic nationalist sentiments from other Plaid members and supporters often results in him having to carry out damage limitation exercises for his party.

    As for Mohammad Asghar, the Plaid AM you mentioned? He crossed the floor to the Conservatives back in Dec 2009, or had you forgotten?

    Have you also forgotten the reasons he gave; that he felt “out of tune” with Plaid’s policies, especially their remorseless drive for independence, and that whilst in the party he was made to feel like “a parrot in a jungle”?

    And how about Plaid’s campaign at the last AM elections? They went from door to door denouncing the crimes of New Labour, and promoting the angle that they were the best alternative, rightly condemning the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    And then they promptly forgot all that, and allied with New Labour and kept them in power in the WA, selling out their voters here. And all for a promise of a referendum on Independence that, coming from New Labour, wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

    Shall I mention their policy of closing village schools? That’s a big seller for them here. Almost lost them Gwynedd Council not long ago, but New Labour councillors helped them stay in control.

    So no, David. I am not a liar. I speak as I find.
    If the party consisted of more people like Elfyn, then perhaps it would be worthy of support and I would be less cynical of it. But right now…. Nope. Given their track record of dishonesty, I advise everyone to take their politically expedient claims of enlightenment with a large pinch of salt.

  9. All the more reason to vote Plaid.

  10. Can’t we just welcome this news for what it is and celebrate it without getting into political slanging matches.
    One of Plaid’s brightest young politicians Adam Price is an out and proud gay man. I see big things ahead for him.
    What’s to fear from independence anyway? Can’t get any worse than it is right now with parts of Wales being the poorest in Europe. We’ve had enough of being treated shabbily by Westminster.

    Plaid led Independent Wales I say with Adam Price at the helm as it’s first President!

  11. Chrissie makes no sense and others are right, she knows nothing. I have been a Plaid member for quite a few years now. I am openly gay and have had no fears in the Plaid Cymru from anyone. We have many gay members and most of them are out and proud including, hopefully, our future leader Adam Price.
    It is your scare mongering which actually entices hate. Plaid is for everyone in Wales. As I said I am gay, I’m an English-speaker with a majority English born family (I have a huge family), I am also a Catholic and have olive skin from French blood; don’t give me this rubbish that we are like the BNP!
    Labour in the WAG is actually more left then their London masters and all parties have voted for a referendum on full law making powers for Wales on similar lines to that in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland (although still a lot less than the latter two). Plaid in Gwynedd has only done what ALL councils in Wales has had to do and start reforming education institutions; look up the facts.
    I dislike people like you; yes you have a right to your own views, but you are spreading lies which only leads to people hating us and we ourselves here are trying to fight discrimination ourselves. It won’t work with negativity from you.

  12. I hope Plaid wins the next election outright!

  13. Pink Oboe Player 25 Feb 2010, 6:46pm

    @ Lago

    What English parliament?

  14. Chrissie. I don’t live in metropolitain Cardiff, I live in the South Wales Valleys. Regardless of political party its not a place where you’d be out and proud either!

    Gwynedd is largely a traditional, socially conservative place, many places like it are, in many respects, so are the Valleys. But Plaid Cymru is not a party of judgement. We are a party of tolerance. We were the first to call for the equalisation of the age of consent (before Elfyn became an MP) we have supported all of the major advances in Gay rights for years now. Iv’e been actively involved for many years, know plenty of politicians (yes from Gwynedd as well) and have never ever had a problem.

    If you ever have had a problem, then I would think that’s not because Plaid as a political party is in any way anti-gay. And you shouldn’t be trashing an entire political movement when there is clearly no basis for it. If you support Plaid then why don’t you join, join this new group, and see for yourself? That goes for everybody as well.


  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Feb 2010, 7:54pm

    A voice for the LGBT group is a voice for the LGBT group. Hurrah!

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