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Man wins discrimination claim against London’s oldest gay pub

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Reader comments

  1. ChutneyBear 24 Feb 2010, 3:57pm

    he won thousands, drinks are on him lol

  2. So ‘REALPUBS’ has tried to ‘de gay’ the pub!(quoting the tribunal here) Thats quite a task given its Londons oldest gay bar with a large catchment of the gay community close by. Given the fact that pubs are closing by the dozens every week, you would of thought that any business with any financial common sence would welcome any type of drinking punter! If the business is there why change the format? What do locals think? This use to be the number one pub to visit on a weekend, full to the brim of skinheads,bikers and leather types, they often burst out onto the pavement with their drinks, it was so full at times! Bet the Pembroke Arms, can’t muster those numbers now! Oh how the world has changed!

  3. Used to love the Coleherne, more before it changed but have to say the last couple of years it never really reached it’s full potential. Will be missed but like already said any customers should be welcomed esp at the moment.

  4. Does anyone know where to find a list of pubs owned by “Realpubs” [sic(k)]? I’d like at least to boycott them, or if possible take part in a demo against them.

    Are they the same company that, with aggressive homophobia, “degayed” the Salisbury in St Martin’s Lane some years ago? In the old days it was heaving with gay men every night, but now in the evenings it’s an over-priced tourist pub, sad and empty. But the interior is so camply OTT it needs to be reclaimed as a gay pub.

  5. bedlamb: You could always try here for a list of places you no longer wish to drink…

  6. Eric Whitney 24 Feb 2010, 8:53pm

    i love it when the assholes get theirs. curious to know how the neighbors responded to the ‘this is no longer a gay pub’ sign.

  7. You have to love that even their own website refers to it as “for many years a landmark gay pub” (thanks to Dionysian’s link). Their version of de-gaying it, though is rather contrary to the usual stereotypes: “it has undergone a major refurbishment and been repositioned as a stylish pub and dining room.” Out with the gays, in with the style!

  8. Omar Kuddus 24 Feb 2010, 10:43pm

    Its about time that the LGBT community started to bycott “Realpubs” and then perhaps they may get the message that we do count.

  9. Well, they’ve had an investigation, paid their fine and are pleased it’s all over. Not one word of contrition, no regret expressed. Doesn’t sound like they’ve learnt from it.

  10. Well not that Earl’s Court has been a haunt of mine for many years, but I had been told the Coleherne had “gone straight”.

  11. This kind of ignorant crap really annoys me. I sent this email to RealPubs (

    “Realpubs? Real, in what sense?

    There’s nothing like a good employment tribunal to show up the words on the ‘ethos’ page on your website for the hollow marketing-speak they are.

    I must say thanks for having such a good list of your venues available online. As someone who does a lot of socialising in pubs, usually the Old Dairy, I’ll be checking it to make sure my friends and I don’t wander into any of your venues again. I am not spending any money with a company that clearly doesn’t respect me. You’ll need to position yourself to appeal to a less discerning customer base. Unfortunately you seem to locate in areas with young professionals, so good luck with that. The BNP do always seem to be on the lookout for venues to hold meetings in…

    Apart from the intial appalling mismanagement and discrimination, your utter failings are compounded by your assertion that an ‘investigation’ into the incident and the payment of a fine has ‘resolved’ the situation. The investigation has to lead to some action, but none seems to have been taken, so ultimately nothing’s changed.

    It’s probably best not to believe the old adage ‘all publicity is good publicity’ either.”

  12. I hope this pub goes bust.

  13. BrightonDrJohn 25 Feb 2010, 7:08am

    I totally agree with all the comments and sentiments of all the comments delivered so far!
    I would hope our anti-discrimination task force around the country will react appropriately to this incident. I am hoping that all the appropriate media but online and physical will make every effort to highlight the ‘realpuss’ network is boycotted by us. I would also hope that apart from individual pubs being targeted with flyer and placard weilding boycotters but also all the shareholders, suppliers, bankers, trade associations, trade publications and unions are all informed of this outrageous attitude of the executives involved in this case. If we let them get away with this – as they seem to think they have – then others might follow quickly.
    The Colherne and the Salsibury were cultural institutions. They were the beacons of the gay community when we had few places to meet or ‘commune’ (hehehe).When I was living ‘up North’ I knew that when I visited London there were two places I could feel were not going to judge me for being gay.
    Come on lads and ladies – don’t let it start like this!

  14. There is an old saying in America, and prob in England

    Hit them in the pocketbook and their hearts and minds will follow.

    And if they don’t , do you still have mental hospitals for confining perverts – People who are way too interested in what goes on in other people’s bedrooms.

  15. I do like a nice boycott. This seems to have a lot of pupose and should send out messages to the nwewer pubs that jump on the pink pound bandwagon that we can and do bite when riled.

  16. BrazilBoysBlog 26 Feb 2010, 1:27am

    The worst part of all of this is the reply for the company spokeswoman.. Thinking that it is now all over and somehow resolved. What a totally inadequate response from this company.

    Certainly, boycott this anti gay pub chain.

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