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Lesbian couple have first civil partnership in prison

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Reader comments

  1. I sniff a discriminaiton claim by Straights coming up – they cannot marry in prison by reason of prisons being segregated by gender.

  2. Oh God, the Sun… I can just image the take they gave it.

  3. They can marry. Same as they can marry someone not in prison. It’s unusual but does happen.

  4. Hmm. I think prisoners have forgone their rights by infringing other people’s. No voting, no marrying, no conjugal rights, no mobiles, no drugs, no TV.

    Now quit bitching and get back out there and break some more rocks.

  5. BouncerMan in Black 25 Feb 2010, 8:21am

    The captch code for this is ‘no hankie’, it should of been ‘no hankie-pankie’! lol

    So you commit crimes and you can marry and shag to pass your time in jail ….. while the murdered victim and the over-dosed dead drug victims and all their families live happily ever after. Sorry, but this sounds sick and vile; they aare in jail for punishment not for pleasure.

    This make me uncomfortable being Gay.

  6. What makes you think they have conjugal rights? That has never been the case in the UK. It makes me uncomfortable as a Human being to read such ill-informed views on imprisonment. Just because they are in the same prison at the moment doesn’t mean they have been together all the time or that they will be together. It is more likely that the girl serving two and half years was temporarily transferred to the lifers nick and will be sent back to her original prison quite soon after. For all we know she might have known the life prisoner before either were sent to prison and if the Prison Authorities think that this will help them in their rehabilitation then what’s the harm?

  7. AngieRS: Yet again, it’s people like you with your touchy-feely liberal attitude that allows convicted criminals like that their human rights, but does damn all for the victims.

    Sod rehabilitation, we demand punishment!

  8. AngieRs, the report syas they’ll have 2 hours a day together. Other prisoners do not have such time with thier partners. Thsi report does not talk of a temporary transfer. It talks of two serving prisoners on the same jail.

  9. When in prison rights should be taken not given!

  10. Yes, RobN, just who is we exactly? I’m particularly thankful that your views are not part of the broad spectrum of thinking in this country. Nice of you to ignore everything I posted and just go for the jugular. I’m beginning to think you’re here just for the wind-up half the time.
    Yes, Niki, two hours, that will probably an hour in the exercise yard or an hour or two in free association. No overnight stays in a cell together and it won’t talk of a temporary transfer, why should it. That is a security matter that they won’t be discussing with the Sun or anyone else. Do you deny a prisoner the right to education, Squidgy, to try and better him or herself, to try and escape the circumstances which drove them to prison in the first place? What about the right to health care or association with other people? LGBT people used to be imprisoned in this country for being what they are, would you have denied them their rights as prisoners? The prison isn’t even in Sussex, it’s in Surrey so how much of the rest of the report is wrong.

  11. Oh Angie: Please give the bleeding heart crap a rest! These people have been found guilty in a court of law and sentenced accordingly, so I am not interested in the reasons why they are there. They infringed other peoples rights, and ignored what is considered acceptable in common society by their own choice, so they have, by default, forgone any right to be part of that society, and all the privileges that come with it.

    It’s liberal attitude from people like you that instigates so much crime. If these little b@astards carrying knives were given two years hard labour (like working on a chain gang), they would be too damn knackered afterwards for television, let alone the opportunity to shag their missus. Maybe then they might think twice before they commit another crime.

  12. Yeah, you’re right. String the fu*kers up! Make `em break rocks like they used to. Get the mail bags back in, 3 stitches to the inch. Yep, I can see where I’ve been going wrong all these years. Bread an water and hard labour!!!
    Oh, no, hang on…none of that worked did it. No, all those years and none of it worked. Oh well, I s’pose there’s always Australia…

  13. AngieRS: “Oh, no, hang on…none of that worked did it?”
    huh? Who said that? Seems to have worked perfectly well in Texas.

  14. AngieRS – people know right from wrong. They took the decision to break the law and so reap the consequences. That is to be punished for that crime. The punishment should be for the person, never to want to break the law again. If it wasn’t for innocent people being hung, yes I would support being back the death penalty. A lot of people would. To be honest there are a few murders without doubt that could be hung to free up some much needed prison space. Why should the taxpayer keep them? I would fully endorge hard labour. Prison punishment should be about knowing what you did and never wanting to be in a place like it again. Prisoners should only have the basic human rights and be made to earn those rights and then their freedom. Pay back to society and earn back the trust.

    It’s time to say enough to making the victims pay for being ‘victims’ which is what Labour seems to believe in. Life should mean just that not out in 4 years.

    It’s your softly-softly, goody-goody, namby-pamby, hoity-toity, (still love The Thin Blue Line) approach that Labour supports that has gotten us in thie mess we’re in now.

    Time to tough up.

  15. Thank you Squidgy. It’s nice to know not everyone on here has gone completely soft.

    Prison serves three purposes:
    1. Punishment
    2. Segregation
    3. Rehabilitation

    It seems the most important order of the day they have omitted completely. Personally, I WOULD bring back hanging in a lot of cases. It is important to minimise the risk of innocent people being executed, but then there’s that saying about omelettes and eggs.

    I’m sure we will now get a comment from “Mad Dog” Jones, currently residing in Parkhurst via his iPhone.

  16. The Menstruator 26 Feb 2010, 2:15pm

    Ok. Not for nothing but… this is HOT!

  17. Wow! What more can I say but wow! robn and squidgy, it’s a life lesson to read the words of the masters. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite like it in all my life.
    Nothing but personal attacks and no substantiated fact that your “methods” work. Like I say, it’s all been done before and it didn’t work then and it won’t work now. robn, Texas? Now then, robn, tell me, has Texas suddenly been inundated by a spate of do-goodery and charitable works? Are they up to their eyes with little old ladies been escorted across busy roads? No, it hasn’t and they aren’t, violent crime and murder are as prolific now as they ever were and little old ladies carry mace and hand guns to protect themselves and a death sentence won’t stop any of it.
    Now then, squidgy, now then, “softly-softly, goody-goody, namby-pamby, hoity-toity”, well, I’ve just shown that to a few people I know and they’re on the floor laughing. Imagine, me, hoity-hoity, let alone goody-goody, classic, really classic. As for the rest of your post I mean, come on, you’ll be transporting them next. Coo, I’ve just sussed it, You are Ann Widdecombe and I claim my £5!

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