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Judge orders arrest of missing ex-gay mother

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Reader comments

  1. “Ms Miller and Isabella have not been seen for nearly two months and her lawyer says he does not know where he is.” – great typo! lol

  2. i hope this ‘human’ is found and kept away from the child.

  3. Bishop Ioan 24 Feb 2010, 3:26pm

    About time. These fundies seem to think that they can flout any law they wish with impunity. Nope. As Aleister Crowley once put it in another context, “The law is for all.”

    I agree that the child needs to be taken away from this hater for her own good.

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 24 Feb 2010, 4:16pm

    It´s about time!

  5. “The arrest warrant applies only in Vermont, where Ms Jenkins lives. A nationwide warrant can only be issued by the county district attorney.”

    I do wish they’d hurry up and issue a nationwide arrest warrant. This woman is evil to take this child away from her other parent. It;s abuse to use a child as a weapon like that. What kind of messed up person must you be to think that god approves of this action?

    Ms Miller should sort out her own issues (because it seems to me like she’s got plenty) and not involve this innocent child in her mess.

  6. Iris, I understand that we disapprove of the actions and the beliefs of Ms Miller however parents are always called upon to take decisions in what they believe to be their children’s best interest. If you try to see things from her point of view, she’s fighting a ruling she doesn’t understand, where Ms Jenkins is being considered the child’s other mother – something she wholeheartedly rejects as she only recognises her own parental rights.

    I do hope a nationwide warrant is issued promptly but it will be in the interest of justice, fairness and LGBT rights. Whether it is in the best interest of the child to be taken away from the only parent she probably knows is uncertain. Maybe she’ll have more promising future options in Vermont, away from religious freaks, but maybe she’ll just feel disconnected from everything she knows.

    It is extremely sad that this child is in the midst of this legal and, dare I say it, cultural battle and I blame Ms Miller alone and her extremist views. However, I do not believe she’s evil, as you write, only one more victim of religious ideology…

  7. Hm. And I thought it was us gays supposed to be breaking up families, not those good Christian folk! Role reversal much…

  8. “She’s fighting a ruling she doesn’t understand?”

    Valerio, you are being too generous. She knows perfectly well what she’s doing. Besides, again, ignorance of the law is NOT a defence.

  9. To take Valerio’s concept to the ridiculous logical end, here is a similar example. Take a mother who believes that she is a better person on drugs, believes that her daughter should do everything in her power to help her obtain said drugs and who believes that her daughter should be prostituted to obtain the funding for those drugs. That mother would not understand the ruling of a court trying to take the daughter away from her for such beliefs.

    We have laws in place to help regulate those individuals who place their own decision making above society in general. Sometimes those laws do appear to favor one overarching group rather than another, such as anti-sodomy laws disenfranchising the rights of gay men to have sex in or outside of relationships. In those situations, the appropriate response is to take said laws and challenge them in court, not to ignore the law and then run away from the legal decisions implicit to any cases regarding the court challenges.

    What Ms. Miller has done is to make herself a criminal. As a criminal, she should be sanctioned as appropriate by the legal authorities. I hope that society, along with Ms. Jenkins, is successful in requiring that Ms. Miller abide by the law and that her daughter is returned to her legally appointed guardian.

  10. Valerio, I WAS sympathetic to her when I first read about this case. However, having read more, my sympathy has greatly diminished. Let me repeat – I believe she has issues, and I believe she was ‘taken advantage of’ (if that’s the right phrase) by religious groups when she was vulnerable.

    The only reason that the little girl is not so familiar with her other mother is that Ms Miller has kept her away from her. I don’t think we should reward such cruel behaviour – because it IS cruel. It’s cruel to the other parent who had a relationship with the girl that Ms Miller attempted to sever, and, most of all it’s cruel to the little girl. I hate to think what psychological damage has been done to her.

  11. This child has two parents, not one. These comments seem to be forgetting this fact. One parent took the child away from the other parent against the order of the court in the state where all three were a family. If this were a het family, there would be no question. Miller is a criminal who believes she is above the law.

    1. Jenkins should NOT have custody she hasn’t provided any genetic material to create the little girls life and just because the mother has found a new way of living should never come into it. I hope they are never found at least until isabella has reached 21yrs then she can decide for herself!!!

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