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US Army will not accept temporary ban on gay firings

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Reader comments

  1. If they have to wait until the US is NOT at war – then DADT will never be repealed.

  2. I appreciate that the general has misgivings regarding this direction that the military will be taking. I also recognize that he should follow the directions of his commander in chief OR his command should be terminated.

    There are challenges. Some gay military members who have been “outed” may want to leave the military due to concerned regarding the treatment from other soldiers. Some soldiers may choose to be violent or avoid their responsibilities due to concerns about working with outted soldiers. However, their are rules in place to disallow assault and ignoring commands.

    This is a case where the military simply has to stop acting like wusses and do as they’re told.

  3. BrazilBoysBlog 24 Feb 2010, 4:31am

    I agree with Jonathan above. Let these idiots do as they are told. They know that this is coming, it´s just a matter of time. So why continue to get rid of good soldiers, who have cost a fortune to train in the meantime?

    They are just stalling and postponing the inevitable. It´s time that they got real and give up their little straightboys club. It´s an insult to every gay and lesbian who has served in the military, fighting for their country, to be treated in this manner.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 24 Feb 2010, 10:59am

    By reading through various blogs I get the impression that the US military have a lot of Xian god-botherers in it who are/maybe terrified of “the gay”.

    However, the US military does operate effectively in NATO, where the majority of the military are “open”

  5. Nobody in any country should be forced to serve their country if their country cannot support them being themselves.

  6. I continue to be mystified why anyone would want to serve in the armed forces of a country which treats them as second-class citizens. The US military fought just as hard against integration of African-Americans and women.

    I wonder what they’re going to say about the recent decision that women can serve aboard submarines. All the arguments against gays apply: close quarters, “hot” (shared) bunks, no privacy, etc.

  7. “I continue to be mystified why anyone would want to serve in the armed forces of a country which treats them as second-class citizens.”

    You’ve got that arse about face. The sooner some of the more conservative elements of American society come face to face with real life gays in day to day situations (not pride marches and protests) the sooner their prejudices crumble. Look at that idiot who was jeered at and got booed off the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference this last week following his homophobic rant. Look at Dick Cheney and General Petraeus talking about ending DADT. Americans of every political stripe are realising that us gays simply have rights as human beings, inalienable rights. They may still not like aspects of our lifestyle (though in most cases this is a caricature few of us live), but differing rights for us simply won’t hold water. Ironically this is even more true for constitutional purists than it is for modern liberals who believe in a ‘living’ Constitution. Small government conservatives know that a government which can deny fundamental rights to gays can do that to anyone.

    Besides, unlike the anti-military types above who always have a low view of our soldiers, I know they can adapt, incorporate, and remain professional. We pay them to fight on Monday and build goodwill in a town on Tuesday. We ask them to be away from their families for months at a time. They are more than capable of dealing with change.

    Gay soldiers will be subject to the same rules of conduct as everyone else. On this one, its the shrill civilian minority with their own private issues to sort through who will need to grow and accept, not the soldiers.

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