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Uganda MP says he would kill gay son

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Reader comments

  1. Such a pity that these bigots are going to cause their countrymen to starve to death.

    Uganda may be pitifully poor and its populatiuon may be in need of foreign aid.

    But Britain should not donate a penny to them unless they are 100% certain that it will not be used to fund genocide against gay people.

  2. Yet another vile man of the world who tells his people that religion is a peaceful cause yet spews such evil hatred. It seems that so long as these people are given the platform and others follow, humanity will never progress into being better.

    For all their talk of following the texts surely they must abide that God created live… it is not for man to take it away. Yet vile people like this seem to think they have the right to justify murder.

    Verbally Otto Odonga is no different to those serving on death row. The only difference is he is a MP speaking for a country keen on teaching all to be bigots.

    Why taxpayers money is used to fund such evil governments is beyond me. If they choice to act like this then they should do so alone and without funding from Western countries, until they change of course. Although I suspect that wouldn’t be long because most of these governments are so corrupt they’d need the help.

    mmm, could have been talking about the uk there in the last sentence!

  3. So, it seems Ugandan MP’s son now knows the threat he has to deal with. Will that be goodnight, Mr Odonga?

  4. Why do we bother with Africa. I mean really. I do hope we aren’t giving any aid to these people. Still you can’t blame the whole country and their culture I suppose. Think where the UK was 40 years ago. Uganda is way in the past especially with such a highly powerful religious community. We can’t expect these people to change over night. Black culture also has a massive problem with homosexuality I guess that boils down to religion too.

  5. Bill Perdue 23 Feb 2010, 5:31pm

    The growing wave of persecutions and pogroms against our LGBT brothers and sisters in Africa are about to get worse.

    Much worse.

    The christer and islamist cults in Africa are relatively unchecked because only a few nations developed a leftist leadership capable of sucessfully leading political and armed struggles. The Algerian FLN, Jabhat al-Taḩrīr al-Waţanī, or Front de Libération Nationale, the Angolan Frente Nacional de Libertação de Angola and SA’s African National Congress are examples. It’s a shame but for the most part African states lack the anticlerical history of the French and later revolutions, particularly the widespread use of the guillotine to educate obstinate priests and bishops.

    One reason is that many European colonialist states ‘granted’ independence to many African states which remain neo-colonial as opposed to post-colonial. Scientific American defines neo-colonialism as “A policy whereby a major power uses economic and political means to perpetuate or extend its influence over underdeveloped nations or areas. Strong elements of neocolonialism persist in the economic relations of the rich and poor countries”

    The net effect of neo-colonialism is the creation of states that are over- exploited, not, as they are sometimes mistakenly described, under-developed. By and large anti-GLBT laws and other European or islamist laws were imposed on African cultures by slavers and colonialists to bolster their divide and rule strategy.

    Their goal was to change the rules and make it easier to steal land and resources, engage in slavery and promote low wages via various apartheid schemes. As Desmond Tutu noted ” When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”

    Peter Tatchell says “In many cases, these countries are using laws imposed by the British in colonial times. Before that, homosexuality was actually tolerated or accepted in the traditional cultures.”

    Recently Tatchell passed along a YouTube video that lays out in the clearest way the Ugandan christers intent to murder every GLBT person they can.

    It’s a must see look at how mass murder begins.

    The new Ugandan law is the fruit of a global assault that includes the christer right in the US led by ex-gay scum and their Southern Baptist ringmaster Rick Warren, who used Obama to defeat prop 8 in California. Vicious pogroms are underway in neighboring Kenya and other nearby nations like Zimbabwe and in islamist nations like Iran and US occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. The Ugandan bill will almost certainly be copied. The new Ugandan laws are much more comprehensive and violent than islamist Sharia law.

    1. We should demand that the UN prohibit member countries from having any relations – except trade or aid in food, medical, sanitary and other humanitarian necessities – with Uganda if this bill passes.

    2. We should demand that the World Court issue arrest warrants for any legislators who vote for this bill or officials who enforce it.

    3. We should demand that the EU and US offer an open ended asylum, immigrant status and social services to any LGBT folks fleeing countries where christers and islamists are conducting pogroms or state sponsored mass murder campaigns against LGBT folks.

  6. “Private parts do not belong in the anus.”

    Oh, dear, hatred of the poor old anus again! A hatred heavily sponsored by the churches.

    But at least they are talking, discussing this bill. And at least some people are answering the homophobes back and in public.

    Meanwhile, yes, Bill, Western governments should be taking a strongly principled stand that hurts Uganda and other similar countries where it hurts. Trouble is the “Christers” and the old goat of Rome are working in the opposite direction.

  7. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Feb 2010, 5:44pm

    As I have said elsewhere on this topic, not one penny of aid to these governments.

    This man, as an MP, who would be quite willing to murder his own son if he were gay? Well, I´m sure his firmly held beliefs and convictions would also not let him accept any aid money from countries where gay people have human rights then? No? Yeah thought so. Clearly, his principles and beliefs have a price.

    Not one penny till we are sure none of this aid is going to finance anti gay homophobes.

  8. The feelings mutual. if he were my dad he would be dead by now!

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Feb 2010, 7:46pm

    @5 Bill Perdue: Excellent. Agreed and I would add that the suppressive Victorian laws are being enforced by American Puritanism in these African countries, when the thing to do would be to liberate themselves from Victorian values in the first place.

    ‘When Mr Odonga nodded yes, Mr Mutua said: “There is something deeply wrong with you.”‘

    A-ha, the voice of reason.

    The Bill is presently being debated.

    Let’s keep our eyes on Uganda’s natural resource (OIL), which has more interesting prospects for President Museveni than some crackpot private member’s bill which has kept him on the international hot seat far too long for his comfort.

    Who will pay the highest price for Ugandan oil?? The USA perhaps? China… where homosexuality was legalized a few years ago?

    Also, let’s not forget that Rev. Ssempa had a rude awakening last week when 375 people showed up for his proposed ‘massive demonstration of 2 million people” in support of the the anti-gay bill, and that half of those who were there came up from the slums, barefoot, out of curiosity…and maybe a sandwich and soft drink.

  10. What a disgusting remark.
    People like him have mental issues.

  11. I feel very sorry for those civilised Ugandans like Mr Mutua, with fvckwits like Odonga grabbing headlines with his murderous views. It’s funny how these professed Christians overlook one of the 10 Commandments, isn’t it?

    And do they have to be so damn’ obsessed with anal sex? How difficult can it be for them to understand that gayness isn’t solely about the anus!

  12. Har Davids 23 Feb 2010, 9:21pm

    What should be done with a country which has MP’s inciting people to murder? With some even bragging about killing their own children, if they felt there was a ‘good’ reason to do so? Sending money there should have been stopped the moment this bill became public.

  13. ill never give another penny to any charity that helps africa, boycott uganda and any company that has dealings with them.

  14. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum (UK) 23 Feb 2010, 11:29pm

    “Uganda is a country run by dictators killing people for their sexual orientation, imagine a world run by these kinds of characters .
    Yet in the free west thegovenments saynothing and keep the aid flowing regardless of the contarys Human Rights violations and stance.

    We,in the west not only asan LGBT community but at governmental level, have to educate these people to feel responsible for change, we must be relentless to be relentless in our efforts.

    Long amy live freedom and euality !

  15. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum (UK) 24 Feb 2010, 2:32am

    should read”Long may live freedom and euality !”

  16. Of course he would kill his son for being gay, because he is obvioulsy an evil & savage man who cares nothing for human rights! If you want to kill your own child who YOU have brought into the world, you should accept their character and their sexuality. His son is not evil, has committed no (civilised nation recognised) crime. And by killing his son, he is committing a mortal sin THOU SHALT NOT KILL! It doesnt say its ok to kill Gays does it!

  17. Most of the comments on here mention supporting these so called nations with aid from the EU or commonwealth. They also mention pogroms against Gays. I thik its almost verging on a wild prelude to an african Gay holocaust and have wrtten to Mrs Clinton and David Milliband; someone in Power has to speak out and speak out quickly to stop this mayhem!

  18. “There is something deeply wrong with you.”

    My thoughts exactly. I honestly think that people who spout such vicious and illogical hatred have psychiatric issues.

  19. Pumpkin Pie 24 Feb 2010, 3:00pm

    “There is something deeply wrong with you.”

    What a total badass. Rock on, Mr. Mutua. Rock on.

    You know, all this stuff about foreign aid bothers me. In theory, this money is used to help people who are poor and suffering. Just because a government is as evil as Uganda’s does not mean that it is corrupt (except for morally). Thus, the aid money should still be going to those who need it (of course, if it’s being funneled into projects like this, then I take that back). Cutting aid is a very, very messy way of dealing with problems, and these rich MPs won’t feel the repercussions until masses of poor people are already dead. Obviously, evil regimes like Uganda’s shouldn’t be getting financing, but unless there’s evidence that aid money is going into these projects, rather than into food and medicine, then I think cutting aid would be a bad idea. But then, that is hard to prove…

    Either way, whatever your thoughts on that, please do NOT let Uganda’s government colour your perception on donating to charities. Foreign aid charities absolutely do not let unscrupulous local MPs get their hands on the money that is given to them. They make sure every penny goes on supplies and support for those who need it. In person, as well!

  20. Sadly the medieval attitude still prevails and again religious beliefs are behind it. As with us, its going to take a very long time for them to change. I sometimes wonder what these bigots get upto when the lights go out – do they give themselves a stiff talking to!!

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