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Malawi couple denied trial in constitutional court

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Reader comments

  1. This is a so called moral crusade against Gay people in Africa and I’d go so far as to call it a holocaust prelude. Join me in wrtiting to the Foreign Secretary David Milliband and Secretary of State Clinton!

  2. BrightonDrJohn 23 Feb 2010, 7:22pm

    I am ashamed that our government are sitting on their hands with respect to the ‘Nazi’ African so called religious crusade. The time has passed when our ministerial servants should call in all the relevant commissioners and abassadors and say enough is enough. If they continue with this horrific move to exterminate homosexuality from the continent that Britain will withdraw all support from the country. Hopefully the US Secretary of State and President will do likewise. This cannot be tolerated in the name of ‘Religion’ – this has nothing to do with the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop should expel these people from the Church in our name.
    We cannot sit back and allow this discrimination to go on – we in the so-called developed world would never allow this in our countries, so we should not stay quiet about it over there.
    As Mike (below) has said everyone of us should write to their MPs, Ministers, Prime Ministers and the EU and US politicians today!

  3. Omar Kuddus Gayaylum(uk) 24 Feb 2010, 2:05pm

    “Malawi is a country run by dictators killing people for their sexual orientation, imagine a world run by these kinds of characters .
    Yet in the free west the govenments say nothing and keep the aid flowing regardless of the contarys Human Rights violations and stance.

    We,in the west not only asan LGBT community but at governmental level, have to educate these people to feel responsible for change, we must be relentless to be relentless in our efforts.
    The longer people keep quite, the longer these governments will continue to abuse LGBT’s and Human Rights.
    It is Amazing that the woRlds governments do not make a stand and express thEir disgust and make their protests heard STRONGLY AND FINANCIALLY.

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