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Figure skater shrugs off ‘homophobic’ remarks

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Reader comments

  1. And the gay apologists for these kinds of slurs will shrug it off as taking ourselves too seriously. If those commentators are not homophobic, then why do they resort to cheap comments to denigrate this talented skater. His sexual orientation is nobody’s business. This only proves just how insecure these commentators are about their own sexuality if they see fit to denigrate someone they perceive to be gay using stereotypes to justify their comments. Its disgusting. If they have nothing good to say about someone, then shut the f-ck up, period, ignorant straights that they are!

  2. What the commentators said was extremely narrow minded and sexist – this is something that annoys me and I’m sure it irritates others too. I’m not trying to be pedantic but theres a difference between being hateful regarding someones gender presentation, and being hateful about their sexuality.

  3. You don’t need to be gay to be gender queer!

    But I guess anything other than the concept of male and female and heterosexuality is far beyond you average sports commentator.

    Why don’t these commentators go out into the rest of society and tell all the men with pink on they must be gay :D

  4. What the commentators said was rude and unncessary.

    But by refusing to acknowledge his sexuality the skater leaves himself open to such comments and innuendo.

    He should grow a spine and tell these morons ‘Yeah I’m gay, what’s your issue with that exactly, needle-d!ck?’

    What is he protecting by staying in the closet?

    His macho image?

    Sorry – but he never had one.

  5. I love this line:
    “Every little boy should be so lucky as to turn into me. And that’s all I have to say about that.”

  6. At the end of the day, Johnny Weir is the one with the sponsorship deals and olympic medals. Who are the commentators? Big fat no-one-of-significance, that’s who!

  7. Simon M, I suspect even if he said he was gay he’d still be hounded for being ‘cissy’ or whatever.

  8. I don’t see why Weir has to be gay because he likes sequins Simon M! He could also be hetro, bi, asexual, trans or gender queer. Your in danger of sounding as narrow minded as the commentators Simon M.

  9. To misquote an old saying …
    “Those that can, do … those that can’t “commentate”
    Am I the only one sick of overpaid, undertalented, sports commentators picking holes in people that can actually achieve something in a world that they can’t ?

  10. Comment 8, I completely agree

  11. @Simon M: “He should grow a spine and tell these morons ‘Yeah I’m gay, what’s your issue with that exactly, needle-d!ck?’

    How do you know he’s gay? I would have thought his ‘spine’ was already strong enough, given the cr*p he’s had to put up with. This is not so much an issue about sexual orientation, as about someone who is playing with gender normativities and then being laughed at because people think he is gay. Why should Johnny have to ‘confess’ his sexuality? As he himself says: who he sleeps with is no-one’s business but his. What a sad and pathetic bunch we all are if we insist that someone should ‘come out’ just because his behaviour questions norms about gender? As for those witless commentators: I wonder if they would be allowed to get away with making fun of a skater if he/she was black and the comments were about their race? Somehow I doubt it.

  12. Apologies for assuming that he’s a closeted gay guy rather than ‘gender queer’ or ‘someone who is playing with gender normativities’.

    He may be those things for sure. The trouble with these closet cases is that they are NEVER heterosexual. Can anyone think of an example of someone who ‘doesn’t like to be labelled’ who eventually came out as straight.

    The likelihood is that this guy is gay. He is being mocked for his effeminacy, and through his refusal to tackle what the commentators are saying by being honest, he is in fact making himself look like a coward.

    It’s not fair.

    But it’s the truth.

  13. SimonM, I think you’re being quite offensive. I don’t think he’s looking like a coward at all. Even if he is gay, he’s under no obligation to discuss his sexuality because he’s being attacked by a bunch of homophobes. He doesn’t have to fight your battles. If you have a problem with these people, write to them or do whatever it is that will make you feel better about yourself without belittling him for not choosing to swoop to these people’s level.

  14. ChutneyBear 23 Feb 2010, 6:04pm

    I agree with Valerio, I know plenty of people who are closted and to be honest they told me as I was quite open but I didnt shout from the roof tops for them to come out, they came to me as I just said live your life whatever way it makes you feel comfortable. I would find the effeminate type more offensive than someone not out which doesnt bother me in the least as the closet cases as you wonderfully termed it usually are the ones who I feel more akin with.

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 23 Feb 2010, 6:31pm

    ‘The Québec Gay and Lesbian Council has demanded an apology from RDS for the remarks, which it said were “outrageous” and “homophobic”.’

    Félicitations Québec.

    Once again, the Province of Québec has shown the World how to react normally to homophobic remarks made on the air. Canada would not have achieved as much without French-Canadians; and they will not stop until they bring RDS to their knees.

    Johnny Weir has parents and family who are proud of him just the way he is; he has loved ones and friends who are deeply offended by the homophobic wisecracks of the Australian commentators, and he has thousands of fans who know how to support a young man who has been practicing his sport every day, and at the most ungodly hours, since he was a kid, instead of having a social life of his own.

    He has a trainer, a choreographer and a costume designer.

    In short, he is an Olympic Athlete, and his graceful acceptance of st8 people as they are…………. is only a hint of the stuff of an Olympic Athlete.

    Johnny Weir personifies Olympism; he is Olympism in Action, making the World a better place through the values of Excellence, Respect and Friendship.

    According to the Olympic Charter (p. 96; sec. 49.2), “all decisions concerning the coverage of the Olympics Games by the media rest within the competence of the International Olympic Committee”, presently presided by Jacques Rogge.

    You, who will be sponsoring the Olympics in 2012, are invited to leave your comments regarding homophobic remarks made by the Australian commentators during the Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010 at the IOC Communications Department, either by telephone at +41 21 621 6000, or more effectively by email at

    When an Olympic Athlete shrugs off homophobic comments made publicly about him, he only adds to his stature; when we, as members of the gay community, shrug off homophobic comments made publicly and on the air, we diminish our stature by empowering homophobia.

    And to top it all off he is a great American example to the younger generations, and perhaps to the older ones as well.

  16. I vaguely remember way back when Robin Cousins was at the top of his career as an ice skater somebody or other calling him a ‘fairy’ and causing a huge fuss. Men who do things like figure skating or ballet dancing always have to fend off a certain amount of this sort of nonsense whatever their private life. And it really ought to stop. Gay, straight or any of the inbetween states that I’m still trying to work out like ‘gender-queer’??? it is nobody’s business. But what is going on when somebody employed to commentate on a sport is allowed to say things like that?

  17. Johnny Weir is an extremely talented, sometimes irritating, always eccentric, but, above all, a very courageous young man who lives his life the way he wants to. Bravo Johnny!!!!


  19. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 23 Feb 2010, 10:44pm

    Johnny Weir, a true gentle person.
    I think he was winner of at least Bronze,for shame all he got was slurs
    hurled his way.
    Shame on his teammates, have they forgotten, he also is skating his
    heart out for the united states?
    Shame on all of you!!!!!!

    Jean-Paul Bentham your comments,so true.
    I sent an e-mail of protest to the address listed.
    An e-mail popped back,stating for media only.
    For how long,how many times do we have to turn the other cheek,
    (Be cool with it?), open minded to tired old jokes that seem to never go away.
    Such a message our youth must endure.
    I do hope those of Canada are outraged.
    F E

    do so hope many protest

  20. Jean-Paul Bentham 24 Feb 2010, 2:19am

    Mary Flying Eagle Ray:

    You’re a poet. Thank you.

    It appears it is practically impossible to contact the IOC during the Games. But we have not heard the last of this, no way.

    All Olympic Athletes wear colorful winter outfits; and Canadians love bright colors during the winter season; helps to keep us cheerful, more so than in the icky summertime.

    What is the excuse for an outfit like Channel Nine, that is the question, innit?

  21. Even though the way simonM expresses his thoughts makes him sound mean spirited and bitter- I still think his underlying comments make sense. People are curious creatures and when someone is famous they always wan’t to know all the aspects of their lives- it comes with fame. Because he doesn’t conform to our stupid values of masculinity and femininity it is inevitable that until Johnny Weir publicly acknowledges his sexuality, whatever it is, he will continue to face these questions and speculative inuendo. Once he states it publicly – he just becomes another gay or straight person in this big wide world and the fun of speculation by commentators/spectators ceases to exist.

  22. What these commentators constantly forget is that talent should Never be divided into whose gay and whose not. The sports people are their for a reason and representing their country.

    Talent is just that as it should be and all should be given the merit they deserve.

  23. Eddie McGuire is a dill. Trust me – I am an Australian.

  24. all i have to really say is maybe Johnny Weir like me does not see the reason or feel the need to boradcast to the wrold he is gay? i dont see how it should matter if a person is gay or not we are all human after all the ones who matter most to me know im gay and i never even had to tell them they just knew granted i dont act the the streo typed gay i dont fancy ever man i see i dont really care about fasion i do like shopping who doesnt? im a rubbish dancer and a hopeless romantic rambling aside the coments made about him were spineless and a laughable attmet to get a angry recation he chose to be the bigger man and shurg of the coments much like i do when ive been called fag queer or what ever else i just laugh and move on theres been one or two times were i have said yes im a fag and see her(being one of my best mates) shes my fag hag and only one time were i have been upset by a coment and that was iris robinsons coment ok im done rambleing on blessings of love and light

  25. Pumpkin Pie 24 Feb 2010, 3:12pm

    Wow, cute guy. :3

    Nice to see this sort of stuff doesn’t bother him. Also nice to see Quebec’s Gay & Lesbian Council’s response. They’re absolutely right, of course. The commentators in question are neaderthals. There’s a big difference between a joke and a “funny” insult, and I think those French commentators calling him a “bad example” makes it perfectly clear on which side of the fence these comments fall.

  26. Eric Whitney 24 Feb 2010, 8:57pm

    assholes abound – so glad to see organizations on our side slapping them back. even happier to see his nonchalance about it – that’s an even bigger sign of progress.

  27. Yeah cute guy! It touches more on gender issues and gay stereotypes.

    “I don’t see why Weir has to be gay because he likes sequin”
    Well, one of his secrets is the hand cream which he uses. Not a hint about his sexuality at all…

  28. Perhaps he feels so secure in his own person that he doesn’t feel the need to justify himself to anybody. Just because he doesn’t come right out and say he is gay does not mean he is closeted. Why should he or anybody else care about somebody else’s assumptions?

  29. Jean-Paul Bentham 2 Mar 2010, 9:15pm

    Johnny Weir being interviewed by Larry King on Monday, March 1:

    This young man is an Olympic Athlete, for sure.

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