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Mass screening ‘could eradicate AIDS in 40 years’

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Reader comments

  1. Here’s hoping!

  2. ChutneyBear 22 Feb 2010, 2:58pm

    The countries should just mass produce generic copies and tell the mainstream drug companies to f**k off, more to life than profit! Hope this project goes well!

  3. As much as this is a brilliant idea, it shouldnt be done without a way to limit population worldwide
    We are already far too overpopulated in some countries
    If we save millions of lives by wiping out AIDS then millions need to be cut somewhere else
    Someone has to do it eventually before we run out of space

  4. Tigra, you’re bang-on about the desperate need for Planet Earth to enforce universal birth-control. When will the penny drop? When will governments have the guts?

    “Oooo, bu’ it’s my ‘uman right, innit, to ‘ave a bye-bee! As many as I bloody want, as well!” squeals the bit*ch who’s incapable of exercising her creativity in any other way and who, once she’s had five or six poor devils, proves that she’s incapable of rearing them responsibly.

    As for mass-screening and then shoving everyone found HIV+ full of antiretrovirals, whether expensive or cheap copies, surely that’s not the way to go – vast numbers of people surviving by way of a lifelong dependency on highly toxic drugs! Ridiculous!

    And anyway, it wouldn’t work. There would be some who would refuse to take the drugs. Some would hate the side-effects and stop taking them. And, as we have well and truly observed on these threads, there are a lot of nutters out there who would deny that the drugs deal with HIV and that HIV does not cause AIDS. So the scheme wouldn’t work unless you could FORCIBLY ram the drugs into every HIV person on a daily basis. You only need a few hundred HIV+ people around the world to resist taking the treatment and to keep having unsafe sex for the spread of HIV to continue.

    No, the way forward with regard to HIV, Dr. Brian Williams, is for you to pull your fuc*ing finger out and find a fuc*ing CURE and kill the basta*d virus dead in its tracks!


  5. Let’s look at the entire health/dying/death picture to get a
    reality perspective about controling how humans live.

    •Around 5.4 million deaths a year are caused by tobacco.
    * Smoking is set to kill 6.5 million people in 2015 and 8.3 million humans in 2030, with the biggest rise in low-and middle-income countries.

    Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. The disease accounted for 7.4 million deaths (or around 13% of all deaths worldwide) in 2004.

    Alcohol abuse is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Alcohol abuse is responsible for over
    4 million deaths and disability, and five times the burden of illicit drugs.

    So we’re in a losing case as long as people don’t take responsibility for their own choosing and behavior. But
    world population continues to grow, but perhaps with a
    more unhealthy percentage living out their years.

  6. Hank, I’ll take your figures above on trust but the one you haven’t included, the big one, is the massive increase in world-population that is continuing. In the last 70 years the population of this poor old Planet has TREBLED!

    Think food, water, oxygen, forests, pollution.

    And then think twice about saying “Congratulations!” the next time some breeder announces proudly that they have produced yet another mouth to feed!

  7. Im all for people getting healthier and cures
    But just look at the UK under Labour
    A guy finishes school and can get incapacity benefit for life by getting fat or for some other stupid reason
    A girl finishes and has the choice between getting a job or having a kid every year to keep her benefits coming in and her fat arse in money
    These people should have no access to health care even though they are more likely to seek it than the same people of their generation in work

    Bring the death penalty back for murderers, an eye for an eye
    Thats gonna lower population

  8. ChutneyBear: “The countries should just mass produce generic copies and tell the mainstream drug companies to f_ck off, more to life than profit!”

    That’s all very well, but that’s a very naive view.
    Who developed these drugs in the first place? Who invested the millions in the R&D? More to the point, who’s going to develop the next generation of drugs after you f_ck them over and clone generic copies to all and sundry?

    I can understand the emotional response, but you have to appreciate that pharmaceutical companies invest millions in new research, yet more on getting testing and worldwide approval, and yet more again on marketing, and they have only 10 years from launch to regain their investment, let alone a profit, before the copyright runs out.

    Personally, I think its about time a deal was struck where drugs companies will lower their prices based on worldwide agreed figures in return for extended copyrights to say, 25 years, like most others. Based on that, they can spread their financial recuperation over a longer period, and prevent generics from flooding the market. That way, everyone wins.

  9. Actually education is the answer, but how are you going to get
    the word out to millions of illiterate people in the poorest
    countries. They can’t read, they have no newspapers, no radios,
    etc. — it will have to be a “one-on-one” connection so to speak
    to tell them what they’re doing is killing them. Can anyone
    imagine how many volunteers, professionals, etc. it’l take to
    reach these people plus how much it’ll cost?

    I don’t like to be a pessimist, but it looks like “the snowball
    is rolling downhill and getting more gigantic” every minute.

    There’s going to have to be some sort of miracle (that I don’t see
    anywhere) to stem this deadly problem.

  10. Eddy: Have you ever considered that AIDS might be nature’s way of controlling population?

    I don’t mean that in some “divine” way, but simply that in most enlarged populations of animals, some natural event will often wipe the majority out and allow them to start afresh. We might be advanced and supposedly civilised animals, but we are animals nonetheless.

    With the combination of constantly mutating virii and bacteria, and people criss-crossing the globe daily, I suspect it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. Global pandemics are already major concerns with the like of Bird ‘flu and the recent Swine ‘flu, but it only needs the HIV virus to mutate the wrong way, and we could have millions infected. Only a few years back there was a lethal strain that had fused with Tuberculosis, and if the HIV virus were to become airborne, it could ultimately wipe out the entire human race.

    Ain’t I ever the optimist? ;)

  11. That’s primitive thinking, RobN. You could claim that every disease there has ever been was “nature’s way of controlling the population”!

    What? Nature thinks to itself, does it? Nature think it needs to control the population so it whips up a disease? You can’t get away with such nonsense by saying you don’t mean it in a “divine way”.

  12. I cant wait for another of these plagues to kill millions and lower the population personally, if it stops me seeing these stupid adverts for sponsoring kids in foreign countries
    Why do we give aid to so many countries who use it to buy guns instead of food?
    Africa doesn’t care, we should be trying to force Mugabe out of power, not fighting wars in Iraq and Afganistan where every person is a possible terrorist

  13. Chas: You haven’t grasped what I am trying to say: It has been said that the HIV virus may have been around for thousands, if not millions of years, it’s just that it was isolated and it took that long for it to find a suitable host. The chances are there are many more nasties out there lying in wait, or at least potential ones, as they constantly mutate and adapt.

    I don’t mean to say there is any conscious force at work here, but like water finds it’s own level, so does life.

  14. How naive of people to think that this theory could work, or even be allowed to work when there are so many vested interests at stake to keep the HIV/Aids industry thriving. You can almost hear the dinosaurs at the Terrance Higgins Truth splutter into their tea at the very thought!

  15. Yet another example of an inept Pink News staffer paraphrasing an expert as saying something that he quite simply hasn’t said .. because, rather than reporting facts, they are lazy and report what one sensationalist news source has incorrectly said, and not what the expert actually said.

    Brian Williams’ “effectively stop” is as much a stop as the “functional cure” provided by current medications is a cure .. i.e. not at all.

  16. RobN, to suggest that all the diseases of the world are nature’s way of keeping the population of humans at a reasonable level is utterly fatuous and lacking in compassion. It’s the sort of “If Allah Wills It!” or “It must be will of God” baloney believed in my Muslims and Christians. When that minaret came tumbling down a few days ago in heavy rains and killed twenty-five Muslims below, many Muslims will have believed it was willed by God.

    You appear not to have considered, like millions of others, that what happens time and again in nature is that populations of creatures thrive, explode, and get out of hand and then compromise themselves by polluting or exploiting their environments!

    In other words, the destruction emanates from the behaviour of the creatures and not from some entirely unaccounted force that you have called “Nature”.

    You don’t believe in homeopathy as well, do you?

    I thought you think of yourself as a grounded realist, RobN.

  17. Eddy: “In other words, the destruction emanates from the behaviour of the creatures and not from some entirely unaccounted force that you have called “Nature”.”

    We, the creatures you refer to, and every other living thing on this planet is ‘Nature’, you cretin. It doesn’t matter if it’s a prion or a f_cking elephant, if things go too far in one direction, nature seems to redress the balance.

    You obviously don’t read my posts properly, or you would have read my statement “I don’t mean to say there is any conscious force at work here, but like water finds it’s own level, so does life.”

  18. Sorry, you’re not getting away with this hocus-pocus, RobN.

    You have said, “nature seems to redress the balance.”


    You have said, “like water finds it’s own level, so does life”.


    You have uttered statements of vague gibberish and gobbledegook, akin, I am afraid, to the hocus-pocus of homeopaths, occultists, religionists, and all other such irrationalists.

    But if you wish to think that HIV is “Nature’s way” of looking after Planet Earth, then by all means you bow down, put your little bottom in the air, and worship the great and good HIV Virus!

    And, hey, no need to use condoms when fu*k, RobN, because that would clearly be getting in the way of Nature’s good wishes!

  19. OK. Simple terms. Put some rabbits in a field. They breed, they eat. They eat some more. Oh dear. No more grass. A few strong ones survive, the rest die. The grass grows, the remaining rabbits repopulate, they breed… etc etc.

    That sort of cycle happens all the time, sometimes once a day, sometimes once a decade. I just think if I was a betting man, I’d say we were due for a turn…

  20. I think we can safely say that Rob isn’t one of the ones who was blessed when they were handing out brains.

  21. That’s a very compassionate and kindly way of summing up the RobN contributions to these pages, Mark.

  22. What’s the difference between most gay men and a shopping trolley?

    A: A shopping trolley has a mind of it’s own.

    I am seriously wasting my time trying to explain evolution to a bunch of people that still think they emerged from under a f_cking gooseberry bush.

  23. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, HA!

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    I am genuinely LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

    Grumpy, daft, and possibly piss*d or drugged, RobN declares that he is tired of explaining evolution to people on these pages!

    It’s hysterical!

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    The mouth that has spouted the most extraordinary amount of juvenile twaddle suffused with acres of bigotry has announced that it is tired of “explaining” evolution!

    As if it could actually ever grasp the principles of evolution in the first place!

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  24. Well I was reading Richard Dawkins, Matt Ridley and Steve Jones while you were still on “Smash Hits”, sunshine.

  25. Sorry, RobN, but I don’t know what you’re referring to. I have never read anything of the ilk of your “Smash Hits”.

  26. Interesting article. I look forward to seeing the results.

  27. Further questions that need to be considered:

    1. How could we persuade people who do not feel the least bit sick to get HIV tested every year?

    2. How do we get people who test HIV positive to commit to and adhere to long-term potent combination antiretroviral therapy that may cause side effects and toxicities!

    3. Who will pay the upfront costs of testing and treating vast numbers of people?

    4. What will happen if many people start treatment, but are noncompliant? This could lead to increased drug-resistant strains of HIV.

    We are dealing with humanity, not prisoners or battery hens.

  28. Only a vaccine has the chance of eradicating this virus. Anything less will not work, even condom promotion because it’s not in human nature to cooperate on a mass scale.

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