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Isle of Man to consider civil partnerships for gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. “I think the other changes to legislation we have brought in, in relation to the gay issue,”
    I can see how people could pick that apart and take offence to us being an “issue” just because we’re not the norm
    I am not an “Issue”…i am a guy who gets discriminated against by people who don’t understand why everyone should be treated the same
    If i pay tax, then i expect it to be used for everyone, not just the majority

  2. Well it’s a step forward. The homophobia on the Island is still there however, just have a look at Manx Forums to read that for yourself. Also times have changed but not so much to allow for any member of the Manx Parliament to actually come out has it Mr. Bell? The UK has managed it but not the IOM.

  3. I like the last line in the report which seems to be an add on – partially recognises UK CPs – I wish someone would try to sort out this problem – I guess the UK will just accept any old CPs from any other country but won’t make an effort to sort out whether we will be recognised by them

  4. “Treasury minister Allan Bell said he hoped the bill would change perceptions of the island.”

    It won’t.

    Legalising discrimination in the form of civil partnerships will be noted.

    Are these polticians really so stupid as to think being granted 2nd class legal recognition for our relationships is going to be adequate?

  5. Its all rather silly having a small island with a certain amount of autonomy from the rest of the country! Birmingham could declare itself autonomous (Capital of the New Mercia) or Leeds or Glasgow and then pick and choose with laws to abide by!

  6. A retired law lecturer and preacher on the Island says he has serious concerns about the Civil Partnership Bill.

    The Bill went before the House of Keys for first reading this morning (Tuesday) and would give new rights to gay couples on pensions and benefits.

    It’s being promoted by Treasury Minister Allan Bell, who says the Island has had a bad reputation in the past for homophobia.

    But Peter Murcott says the bill replicates existing legislation on marriage – and he says a Christian Island should keep the institution of marriage restricted to men and women.

    Homophobia is alive and kicking on the Isle of Man. When the gay’s in the Tynwald come out then there will be said to be real progress, as yet they are firmly in the closet.

  7. Treasury minister Allan Bell is absolutely right about the island’s reputation. Despite the catching they have done with regard to gay rights legislation, I still think of the place as homophobic and know it to be so.

    Alan Bell, to dispel the homophobic reputation of the Isle of Man, its government is going to have to take a RADICAL leap forward, for example, announce that you GAY MARRIAGE is to be legalised on the island AND that GAY MARRIAGES may be identical in form and venue as heterosexual marriages, i.e. registration offices OR churches.

    Now THAT might turn our heads!

    Meanwhile we continue to think of the Isle of Man as a no-go backwater.

  8. I also think it is worth mentioning that the Manx Parliament didn’t adopt change for its gay citizens willingly, it was forced upon it by the UK Government. The IOM is a backwater for the most part unfriendly towards gays. I would give it a miss.

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