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Gareth Thomas ‘wicked’ for supporting LGBT History Month

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  1. Are we really still paying attention to Green’s mumblings? The guy clearly only speaks for himself and is utterly irrelevant.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. I guess we can expect much more of this now that Labour has sold us out!

  3. Green is a poisonous lunatic with a marked obsession about getting it up the bum. He is obviously an evil influence on children.

  4. It’s not worth reporting what Stephen Green says or does.

  5. I hope Mr Thomas sues him for defamation of character.
    We need to send out a very clear message that people that obey to dogma do not have extra rights. You are free to worship whatever god/gods you wish but that does not give you the right to stir hatred through fear.
    The 2nd World War was many years ago, Dogmatists are not persecuted and don’t need to be over protected in order to practise what they desire.

  6. John(Derbyshire) 22 Feb 2010, 12:37pm

    He`s obviously trying to smear Thomas-and also trying to lose him his job. Its really nasty when you think about it- attacking anyone who says or does anything positive about gay people. The implied threat is that “nobody should employ people who portray gay people as normal human beings”. I think public opinion has moved on from this- but obviously Green would love to go back to those days.

  7. Gareth: Don’t let the bigoted ba****s grind you down. Speak from the heart and tell it like it is. You have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to fear so long as you give an honest opinion. No promotion, no dissent, just the facts. IMHO you have taken a brave step by coming out in your profession, better still the fact you have chosen to take it one step further and talk openly with people who are at an age where they may be thinking about their own sexuality.

    Mr Green: Section 28 is gone. It’s past, it’s history. Deal with it. What makes me even more worried about your standpoint is that you had to hide behind your faith as justification. Can you not argue a point on your own two feet without having to call on support from ‘on high’?

    I think Sue Sanders had it right with her comments. By talking about black history we educate, we don’t turn children a different colour. The same is true for homosexuality. We are what we are. Mr Green, live and let live.

  8. “Small homophobic group Christian Voice” — yes, just how large is this organization? I have never seen anyone except go-to god-botherer Stephen Green quoted as being a member. Wikipedia mentions Tory hereditary peer Lord Ashbourne as its sponsor (he also sponsors The Creationist Science Movement). Green claims a membership of 600. I doubt if there are even sixty. Some journalist should look into this.

  9. Whenever I ask myself the big moral questions, I find myself asking “what would Stephen Green do?”
    Then I do the opposite of that. The guy’s a first class prat.

  10. Hilarious.
    “In adolescence, pro-sodomy teaching in secondary school can easily turn an adolescent phase of same-sex attraction, which many girls and boys go through, into a fixed orientation.
    Evidence for that pile of hokum please, Mr. Green?

    “sodomy in particular is being thrust down small children’s throats”
    Priceless. Stupid, then, as well as a tw*t.

    To the best of my knowledge, Gareth Thomas has never made any public pronouncements on ‘sodomy’, though some of us may wish that he would. Just another zealot airing his pathological obsession with sex.

    Best thing to do is ignore him.

  11. Mr Green is so far “out there”, that anything he says is really of no consequence whatsoever. I surprised anyone bothered to print a quote from him in the first place. Take away his minor platform and he has nothing.

  12. Sorry, I meant to finish my earlier post (no.8) by adding that it must be very frustrating for Christians to have this tiny, tiny extremist group constantly quoted as though it spoke for them.

  13. Mr. Green is completely the right fool. Does he know what choice is? Thanks Sue Sanders. “A word”, they say, “is enough for the wise”. But oh! Green isnt wise at all; could he be?

  14. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Feb 2010, 1:30pm

    “Education is key to understanding the diversity of the human condition” -Sue Sanders


  15. The only thing that amazes me is that anybody gives Mr Green any attention whatsoever.

    The serious issue in sport is how are we going to create an environment where gay people are going to be accepted as who they are? One Gareth Thomas does not magically wave all the homophobia away in the dressing rooms, on the pitch, in boardrooms.

  16. Oh, and there I was thinking for a moment it was a credible group making the statement. Please does what Christian Voice think really matter?

  17. Richard Green is perverted himself; he is obsessed with anal sex for a start and uses every opportunity to say the word sodomy! He is as anti Gay as the Arch Homophobe of Rome and the Mad Mullahs! His organisation has sunk to the depths to undermine victims confidence in reporting of homophobic crime to the police, with a spoof on the True Vision Campaign website (a site set up by West Midlands, West Mercia, Staffordshire and Warwickshire Police based on the Birmingham Police Forum’s anti hate crime packs)I wish I had recorded him on Question Time a few years back when Janet Street Porter took him by the metaphorical goolies and sqeezed hard! Carry on the Good work Gareth and take no notice of this guttersnipe’s utterings.

  18. whoops sorry to Richard Green; I meant Stephen Green!

  19. I wish PinkNews would stop reporting on Christian Voice.

    This group is like the Westboro Baptist Church – they are so tiny that their oxygen is the publicity that news outlets like Pink News keep giving them.

    If you don’t report on them, then no-one hears them.

  20. Hi eddy thanks for the offer but recent articles about eating sushi off naked bodies has put me off a bit(!) ;-)

  21. Openly suggesting the violent act of raping someone to get an argument across puts those very people in the same par as Stephen Green. They are no different to this vile man.

    I guess equality does work when both are wrong and equally disgusting.

  22. OK, Mike, don’t worry, we can easily shove the fish and chips to one side . . . but you can still nip in for a nibble! ;-)

  23. Squidgy, you have informed us all elsewhere in these threads that you are a published writer yet you clearly have no grasp of the use and power of rhetoric!

    Please publish here the ISBN numbers of your various books.

  24. Oh, Stephen Green *rolls eyes* Enough said!

  25. Can we petition PinkNews to stop reporting on Christian Voice and the Westboro Baptist Church? Someone used homophobic language on the bus the other week, no-one reported on that. Giving these tiny and insignificant fringe groups publicity only fuels them to continue spreading hate with increased fervour. In forumspeake, all PinkNews is doing by printing what these bigot say is FLAMEBAITING.

  26. why don’t the bigots ever think if teaching was enough then many people would be hetero?
    Christian voice represents the homophobic side of Christians as many claim to condemn homophobia and then admit to homophobic views and attitudes
    Good luck to Gareth+

  27. Vic Codling 22 Feb 2010, 4:50pm

    How illogical (at the least) I had years of heterosexual ‘norm’ teaching… it never turned me straight! If Mr Green is a straight role model, I am SO pleased the Hetero stuff didnt work..(Not sure how straight HE really is though – unfortunately)
    Well done Gareth T…. a very strong and positive role model for young people of whatever sexual-orientation.

  28. Keep up the reporting of the bazaar behaviour of Stephen Green. At some point his local mental health team and social services should get involved and section him for his religious mania.

    The only children I worry about are his with their continued exposure to Greens poisoned mind.

  29. Eddy (blush; I’m a happily married man of 25 years (and two of them perfectly legal!);-)

  30. Brian Burton 22 Feb 2010, 5:27pm

    When I was just ten, a fouteen year old used to shag me regular. I wonder who taught the fouteen year old and when?….It shows me what rubbish is talked about this whole subject.

  31. Stephen Green seriously has a fair proportion of his screws loose.
    As others have said, no right thinking publication will even consider quoting him and giving him the oxygen of publicity he so desperately wants. I really think this site can do without him too. Just ignore the rambling little twat and he will go away.

  32. To those people calling for such news not to be reported, I find that a dangerous and disturbing idea. It is important that we are kept aware of who and what is against us, no matter how small a threat they may seem.

  33. Raymond H. Burgoon-Clark 22 Feb 2010, 5:44pm

    One has to wonder at their obsession with anal sex and copraphilia.

  34. I agree, the ravings of Stephen Green and his ilk need to be reported so that we know what they are up to.

    Out of interest, can anyone point me to any of the main established churches coming out and condemning this type of nonsense? They do themselves no credit at all by their continuing silence at his hate mongering.

  35. Robert, ex pat Brit 22 Feb 2010, 6:02pm

    Squidgy, in case you’ve forgotten, there is plenty of that to go around in the Tory party and in the House of Lords including a bunch of C of E clerics. I bet you anything Green votes Tory.

  36. Reading some of the comments on here prompted me to do a quick Google of dear Stephen. Talk about “Methinks the man doth protest too much…!” I’m suprised he hasn’t asked Aslan to be his press secretary. Do you think Christian Voice has a branch in Narnia?

  37. What I fail to understand is why Pink News considers it necessary to report upon such vile ramblings. It never reached the press anywhere else. Why give them the oxygen of publicity.

    I could understand if Ms Geen thought it was in the public interest to bring this to our attention – but this?!

    Jessica, dear, don’t give them the satisfaction.

  38. I M Laughlin 22 Feb 2010, 9:00pm

    Everyone here is right – Christian Voice is not an organisation as such, but a very ill man’s vanity project. Most Christians quite rightly refuse to associate with it. If you want to argue with another homophobe’s sodomy fixations, try visiting the website of Radio Nederlands (the Dutch World Service) where this story has brought out the usual gaggle of religious extremists: Happy arguing!

  39. (On an unrelated note, ‘hartelijk dank’ Mr Laughlin (comment 39) – I actually have not-so-fond memories of cycling through that very village mentioned in the Radio Netherlands report :-) I was on my way back from Arendonk, and my legs were like lead after sinking a few beers at Postel abbey earlier that day… I associated Dutch religious crackpots with the country’s Calvinist bible belt – Dutch Roman Catholics tend only to show interest in religious tradition during the Carnaval – so this story comes as a disappointment)

  40. BrazilBoysBlog 22 Feb 2010, 9:57pm

    @33 I agree. I WANT to know what is being said, where and by whom.

    Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer still.

  41. Gays, go ahead and teach all young boys to practice homosexuality in order to reduce Earth’ population!

    That’s your service to Mankind.

  42. I think in this instance it’s a matter of giving Christian Voice more attention than it deserves – it’s a group of essentially powerless nutters who are really beneath notice.

  43. I agree he’s an irrelevant pipsqueak, but I confess I always enjoy a good ‘Stephen Green Acting Mad Again’ story. Admittedly the people it’s unfairest to are the moderate Xians.

    Now, not that I’m an expert, but doesn’t young Gareth Thomas clean up rather well? He looks like a walking ripple of muscle…

  44. The Halcyon 23 Feb 2010, 12:03am

    Don’t dignify Green’s comments with a response other than the fact he might want to do a little fact checking before he speaks/writes.

  45. …. the fundamentalists don’t want you to donate to gay history month!

  46. Green has to be very careful but he is the best manifestation of supposed religious belief being used to protect the promotion of hatred of LGBT people.Meanwhile Rowan Cantuar sadly kow-tows to Ugandan & Nigerian religious bigotry.They may have full churches in Black Africa but they are certainly emptying here in the UK.

  47. The fact that religion seems to be getting a greater voice to discriminate at the moment and because ‘other papers’ won’t report this is maybe the important reason why PinkNews should.

    Ideally that ‘greater voice’ should be equal but we seem to have governments on both sides who don’t agree. It’s that, we should be fighting so that people like this don’t just get away with their homophobic ideas.

  48. Thomas, 35, told Wales on Sunday yesterday: “I appreciate not everyone will have the same viewpoint as me and I have no problem with that.”

    Congratulations to Gareth for not stooping to his level and just brushing this person off with a single sentence.

  49. BrazilBoysBlog 23 Feb 2010, 1:02pm

    @Loretto L Firstly, when oh when will you bible-pushers learn that you cannot ´promote´ homosexuality to anyone as if it were a brand of fuc-ing cornflakes? You either are, or you aren´t.

    If you aren´t, you need to learn that (some) people are gay and have the same rights as you to enjoy a happy and abuse-free life…. and if you ARE, you need to learn that this is okay, that you are a valid person who should be respected and not abused just because of your sexuality..

    On an entirely different point, you say “Gays, go ahead and teach all young boys to practice homosexuality in order to reduce Earth’ population! That’s your service to Mankind.”

    Well dear, I´m not here to perform a ´service to mankind´, but let´s just run with your idea for a minute… Has it not occurred to you that if there IS a god, and if he DOES have a greater plan, then THAT might be precisely the point?

    And your service to mankind is what exactly?

    To OVER populate the world? Sounds like an intelligent plan that one dear…

    But, let me guess, Catholic by any chance?

  50. I agree with those saying why give this guy any publicity. He’s way over the top and no one pays him any attention, which is all he’s after really.

  51. BrazilBoysBlog, WELL SAID in writing “you cannot ´promote´ homosexuality to anyone as if it were a brand of fuc-ing cornflakes”!

    And there are some gay men who really do believe that they are, to use RobN’s language, “Nature’s Way” of reducing the population of the earth. We don’t generally reproduce so we don’t increase the population usually, but it’s some need for self-sanctification that causes some gays and lesbians as thinking of themselves as having this “divine” purpose.

    It also suggests that heterosexual breeding is a completely helpless and involuntary activity! It’s not. And Planet Earth is fuc*ed if it is!

  52. the non-breeding is bull – it ignores bisexuals plus people who had kids before acknowledging their sexuality, sperm donation etc

  53. Publishing what these maniacs say legitimises their organisations. Giving these people a platform will only make things worse, allowing their organisations the chance to grow and have more influence. Stephen Green is an idiot-about-town, and is chairman of an ‘organisation’ of which no other members have ever been named, and doesn’t belong in any journalistic publication, and moreover, had ‘Christian Voice’ never been mentioned in the press, they would likely have withered away after being entirely ignored during their Jerry Springer: The Opera protest. I maintain my steadfast belief in No Platform.

  54. christian = retard

  55. Gareth Thomas is a legend both on and off the field. He has helped thousands of people both young and old deal with their sexuality. He is a many times more noble and courageous than the vile scum that is stephen green. Yet again another religious fanatic with warped views of the world. I am entirely certain that if this world had more people like Gareth Thomas it would be a far better place. Thanks Gareth for all your help and support. I hope you don’t ever listen to fools like green. All the very best for the future

  56. Some christians are nothing but re-incarnations of the most evil people in history. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam, etc.

    There day will cum. I hear God is building a special add on for them. In Hell

  57. Alan Edwards 6 May 2010, 9:29am

    Dear Mr Green,
    This is a short letter to try to get through to a very defended, sad and under-developed mind. I can’t say that I was ever like you because I only know you through your tiresome writings, but I will try to persuade you that there are lots of little boys who grew up to be gay!

    When I was a little boy things were different, as I suppose they were for you. Society had set patterns laid out for little boys and it was incredibly difficult not to follow those patterns. They were the patterns of education, possible tertiary education, a job, a girlfriend, marriage and children.

    I followed the pattern, but about a decade ago I met a true man of God who quite simply persuaded me that I was and had been wrong to lie about myself to the rest of the world. This non-gay, devout Christian enabled me to look at myself to realise that I was actually damaging myself and my family.

    I was also helped by the writings of my grandfather and my father which showed very clearly that they had also been gay! They died lonely and embittered men and my Christian friend was desperate that I should not do the same. It was difficult for my family to understand that I had been living a lie, and, despite being prepared to “sleep in the bed I had made”, I decided that I should acknowledge my gayness.

    Curiously my self-awareness has enabled me to become much more pro-active in community issues and I feel very comfortable in my life as a counsellor and author. I feel that I have enabled gay young men who had been rejected by their families and society feel that there has been someone able to listen quietly to the stories of their lifestyle with understanding and compassion.

    These are Christian ethics and I feel very sad that you, personally, seem to have been by-passed in the acquisition of such skills. They come under a general heading of “Tolerance” which I would urge you to develop before it is too late. Seek for the Love that inside us all and display that Love to the world before you are destroyed by bitterness and hate. Your current path will lead to the destruction of your soul. Allow yourself to be the person you really are before you are forever lost!

  58. Alan Edwards 6 May 2010, 9:37am

    PS…..Incidentally I have three sons, all of who married and happily producing children!

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