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Bafta win for Colin Firth’s gay professor

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Reader comments

  1. Nice photo. Gorgeous looking man. A classical face. Look forward to seeing the film. As hopefully will his legions of female followers!

  2. I saw this film just two days ago and thought it was excellent. It was very sensitive and Colin’s performance was nuanced and strong.

  3. have heard Ford over and over again call this character bi, not gay. I think it should be pointed out that Isherwood’s characters and stories were ‘straightened” by his publishers insistence throughout most of his life. A Single Man was a real breakthrough for Isherwood in that it had an out, unapologetic gay protagonist. Having a bi man now co-opt this story and de-gay it and getting all excited about another straight actor getting an award for pink-facing it, is just more of the same. When a gay actor gets a Bafta playing a gay role that will be something to cheer.

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Feb 2010, 1:34pm

    Great news, both about Colin Firth and Christopher Isherwood’s work.

  5. Congratulations, Mr Firth.

    I really want to watch this film. Unfortunately, it is only showing in a few cinemas in London, so it is going to be a bit of a journey – but I don’t care lol.

  6. Interestig blog from the Guardian on whether or not ASM is a ‘gay’ film.

    My verification words today are ‘convict’ ‘tarts’. Bit harsh, isn’t it?

  7. Thanks, Chameleon, for that excellent link! Very interesting article and comments there. People may find the following Comment by one “deepbluepete” amusing!

    “A Single Man is a film about a gay man not a gay film. It starts in tragedy and ends in death. Inbetween there are interactions with a drunken messed up fag-hag and two attractive but deeply unsuitable pretty young men. Apart from that poor Colin is lonely and, we are too assume, constipated. This is very much conforming to the view that most straight people have of gay men and adheres to the very familiar narrative structure of Brokeback Mountain, in that the lead ends up isolated and alone and then, oops, dead! If you’re going back to the aesthetics of camp as defined by Susan Sontag then, yes, it’s a bit gay. But, and this is my point, to be really gay there would be a lot more fisting!”

  8. Mm the fridge man eh? Was he goodlooking(!) Come to fix your appliance Mr D’Arcy(!):-) well done Colin.

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