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Ex-gay mother avoids charges in custody battle

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Reader comments

  1. “This week, a Virginia judge said he could not hold Ms Miller in contempt of court because he could not be sure she is aware that she missed a court appearance.”

    Since when was ignorance of the law a defence?

  2. Good question Rose. The answer is when you have a judge who is a bigot and doesn’t act impartially

  3. Lisa Miller is not a fit mother and should have the child taken away from her.

  4. She certainly knew she was supposed to hand over custody when she took the baby and ran… what am I missing? Since when is being good at hiding enough to avoid charges?

  5. This is why DOMA must be ruled unconstitutional and our relationships in other states must be recognized under the 14th Amendment as equal with straight relationships whether they are marriages or CPs. This is the most flagrant violation of the US Constitution in over 100 years.

  6. This demonstrates that evangelical christians shouldn’t be allowed to spread their hate-filled anti-LGBT propaganda. Now it’s not just destroying individuals, but families too. The ex-gay movement is downright evil.

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