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Amsterdam winners may get kisses from gay men, not girls

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 19 Feb 2010, 6:56pm

    “Usually, the winner of the Amsterdam leg of the famous cycle race Giro d’Italia stands on a podium surrounded by women in miniskirts who kiss him. Instead, a politician in the liberal city has argued that gay men should enjoy the honour of congratulating winners.”

    Or… how about no-one kissing the winners? Why objectify anyone – female or male – to reward some cyclists?

  2. Why not have both, a woman and a gay man kiss either cheeck?!

  3. I just love the Dutch!

  4. Simon Murphy 19 Feb 2010, 11:48pm

    I was arrested in Amsterdam.

    What horrific crime had I committed I hear you ask.

    Well to my eternal shame I cycled through an orange light.

    I still have nightmares. The guilt will just not subside.

    Perhaps I should go to conversion therapy. I need to become a law-abiding citizen.

  5. Oooo Cheeky!

  6. Hollnad. The only country where you can legally spliff up in public, but you are banned from putting tobacco in it.
    The world is going PC nuts.

  7. I’m free!

  8. when you consider real problems gay people have all over the world, this isn’t terribly important, mind you.

    Though I can’t help wondering why the sexuality of a cyclist in a race is common knowledge. Is it a requirement on the application form?

  9. The hkisses are not about sex. So why would a Gay man reject good natured kisses from the women, as is the tradition?

  10. It’s not supposed to have any relevance other than show how liberal the city is. Of course the kisses aren’t sexual, and don’t mean anything. The winner and kissers will likely never meet again. The point is showing that in Amsterdam they’ve transcended heteronormativity. It’ll probably never happen, but it was worth raising, just to increase awareness.

  11. RobN, you can smoke tobacco in coffeeshops. You have to go through a glass door into a seperate room the staff can’t enter.

    The Dutch are sensible about these things.

  12. All this male on male kissing sounds like a good idea.

    Good old Amsterdam.

  13. Where did I leave my bike…

  14. Trust our Dutch Cousins to come up with that one; they do have Queens Day aferall!

  15. Pumpkin Pie 22 Feb 2010, 3:46pm

    Cute. I actually really like this idea. Seems so silly and unimportant, but it would make me smile to see heteronormativity done away with, even if only at the podium of a cycle race. I hope they do it! :)

  16. haha. Good old Netherlands.

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