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Gay ‘mercy killing’ presenter Ray Gosling released on bail

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Reader comments

  1. The Police should stop wasting time and money. There is no evidential basis for a prosecution here.

  2. Mr. Mbosaramba 18 Feb 2010, 7:57pm

    That’s bail is huge mistake: no murderer ever should be released on ANY bail.

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 9:19pm

    should, should, should, should….you should this and you should that…a real bully, aren’t ya.

  4. why should anyone have to suffer so the insurance companies can make thousands of dollars off of a sick person, i strongly backed jack kevorkian

  5. Ignore the Sambo troll, and he (she?) will go away.

  6. I disagree, Riondo. I think Gosling has left the police with no alternative BUT to press charges in this case.

    At the very least, Gosling is guilty of breath-taking arrogance and naivete. He knows what the law is; how can he expect to confess to a crime on national television and get away with it? And how can he think this will help the casue of euthanasia law reform?

    All in all, it would be better for everyone involved if he had kept his camp old mouth shut.

  7. Funny how the old bill can suddenly deploy resources at the drop of a hat to investigate a mercy killing but routinely responds to victims of serious crimes – as they are being assaulted or their houses ransacked – with a “unfortunately, due to current pressing priorities, we’re unable to attend right now” message. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the specifics of Ray Gosling’s (reported) actions, he’s hardly a stalking murderer posing a serious threat to all law-abiding citizens of Nottinghamshire, is he?

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