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First gay boutique hotel to be opened in New York

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting, i wonder if they’ll discriminate against straight couples!!

  2. George Earl 26 Feb 2010, 12:46am

    Sounds great. And even though I am a New Yorker, I’m going to be heading to this trend-setter as soon as the snow tapers off. And no, straight couples will be as welcome as the “other” kind. Us. That’s one superb thing about living in “the Big Apple” — New York City!

  3. “The five-storey building will also include a nightclub with space for up to 750 patrons.” This is enough to ensure I will never stay there. When I want to go clubbing I go to a club. When I go back to a hotel I want to SLEEP! Not be kept awake by the club underneath it.
    Otherwise – a great idea.

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