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Pope may be invited on BBC’s Thought for the Day

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Reader comments

  1. Mr. Mbosaramba 17 Feb 2010, 6:12pm

    Since Mr. Mark Thompson, who is a BBC director-general and a devout Catholic, I am wondering how he was able to tolerate such pederast as Mr Ray Gosling on the BBC?

  2. I think there is a very real risk the Pope will use such an opportunity to implicitly make disparaging remarks about LGBT people. The BBC must surely be aware of this risk, therefore in their goal of impartiality they should not go ahead with this idea.

  3. Let the Pope speak, and be held accountable for what he says. … Why not have some call-ins?

  4. If the Pope disparages gay rights, then why not sue him under British law? The reasons given for such opposition are always libelous in that they are never based on facts.

  5. Never mind “Thought for today”, I’d like to see him on “Total Wipeout” on BBC1’s Saturday lineup.
    No intellectual reason really, just the unadulterated joy of seeing him get drenched, punched, knocked off a podium into a swimmingpool, crawl through some mud and get pushed around on an oversized roundabout until he throws up.
    Failing that, can we get him on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”?

  6. George – if the BBC are to achieve their goal of impartiality they must allow the Pope an opportunity to voice his views otherwise their action would be seen as supporting the LGBT community.

  7. Here’s a few thoughts for him to consider. I don’t like you. I don’t like your twisted comments about people like me. I think you should think about the real harm you are doing to perfectly innocent individuals. Finally, I think you should go someplace else.

  8. It is time this soap-box for God-botherers was ditched, or else opened up to agnostic and atheist contributors.
    Mr Mbosaramba: kindly spill your poison somewhere else.

  9. But its not as though the Pope has no public voice to state his opinions already. Why would he need the BBC for his “thought for the day”? We hear on the news the content of his xmas day speeches, and we will no doubt hear about every last word he utters during his UK visit.

  10. Mumbo Jumbo 17 Feb 2010, 7:23pm

    So the leader of a gang of international child rapists gets three minutes of unchallenged airtime on BBC Radio’s flagship news programme?

    What next, Garry Glitter on Blue Peter?

  11. Sure if they are going to let him on, why don’t they go the full nine yards and have a full week of gay hate preachers on the BBC? I’m sure all the muslim leaders would be more than happy to talk about their “thought of the day” !

  12. Disheartened 17 Feb 2010, 8:06pm

    Thought for the Day: “The pope is an x-nazi who still uses the nazi terminology of gays being ‘against natural law’, the same nazi ideology which sent 10,000 LGBT to the Nazi death camps”

  13. I don’t see why the Pope should not be on ‘Thought for the Day’ – they have every other nut-job on there, why not him..?

    And by the way, JEAN-PAUL BENTHAM – our Acadien-Canadian contributor -had it right, the other day, on another thread, when he said that Mbosaramba up above at #1 here, was MONKEYCHOPS/TIGALPILAFSPLATHERER/REALITYCHECK or some other long-silent, now-revamped, God-bothering thread disrupter.

    You, too, are right, Riondo at #8.


  14. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Feb 2010, 9:31pm

    “Pope may be invited on BBC’s Thought for the Day”.

    ‘May??’ Is he or isn’t he?

    I’m still not convinced he will cross over the river, so to speak.

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Feb 2010, 9:42pm

    “Jean-Paul Bentham: “Mbosaramba = Monkeychops??”

    Jean-Paul Bentham = Paranoid?

    Comment by RobN — February 15, 2010 @ 21:31″

    Yea right, and I’m so afraid, shaking-in-my-boots-paranoid!

    Ain’t it fun!

  16. Mr. Mbosambara 17 Feb 2010, 9:42pm

    Curiously, when Britain will be able to clear up their BBC of pederasts, including catholic devoties? Perhaps never. Apparently Britain loves pederasts and permits catholical perverts freely come and go the country.

    There many U.K. pederasts usually arriving in Spain and Portugal, both very catholic countries, and spoiling innocent boys there.

    That’s alone speaking very clearly about immorality of British homosexuals, their double and triple standards.

    What a SHAME!

  17. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Feb 2010, 9:51pm

    Aw, you can do better than that. C’mon, put a little effort in it!!

  18. “There no protection for any homosexual in the world because all streets impossible to protect for any police force. That’s the opportunity for any opposing party to make even with gays at any time any where in the world! Take care, guys!

    Comment by mbosaramba — February 15, 2010 @ 1:40”

  19. “Good news, however why only 5 and not 5000? Police is understaffed, perhaps.

    Comment by Mbosaramba — February 15, 2010 @ 1:29

    I’d like personally examine arrested – it should great pleasure to analyze homosexual innermost!

    Comment by Mbosaramba — February 15, 2010 @ 1:34”

  20. “He was crazy. Certainly. Who in their healthy mind will hung himself BEFORE his mother’s funeral? No normal person will – even AFTER! However I feel sorry for this crazy guy.

    Comment by Mbosaramba — February 15, 2010 @ 16:09”

  21. “The guy is clearly crazy! 51 years ago he was the criminal who committed the crime of buggery, and he was justifully convicted as a bugger in accordance with laws of Great Britan. What’s happened now is different matter, and law could not be applied backword. The idiot doesn’t understand that, and this is why he is the idiot. Poor ex-bugger with crazy brain, nothing else!

    Comment by Mbosaramba — February 15, 2010 @ 15:49”

  22. Yes, the rights of the world’s LGBT citizens are incompatible with Catholic Dogma. Here are also a few other embarrassing things that are also declared enemies of the Holy See:

    equal rights for women;
    a child’s right to not be molested;
    mental health;
    science and reality;
    birth control;
    sex education;
    democracy (people should be told what’s good for them).

    Meanwhile, the church continues to use the confessional as a means to recruit young gay lads for lifelong abstinence and the priesthood.

  23. Sambo is a troll.

  24. If he did Thought for The Day on TV, we could get a shot of the Pope’s arse.

  25. There have been more complaints of bias by the BBC Africa desk from the GayUganda blogger, and now this, as well as increasingly one-sided religious propaganda on TV, I’m beginning to wonder if the BBC has been taken over by religious fanatics.

  26. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 2:36am

    M-m-m. I never thought of that, but you’re spot on about the silence with regards to Uganda.

  27. Brian Burton 18 Feb 2010, 8:14am

    Why not have ‘Keith of Salford’ on BBC’s ‘Thought Of The Day’ Followed by the Pope as ‘Fart Of The Day?’

  28. Well I pay for my TV Licence month yet funnily enough rarely watch any of the BBC channels. Hope I get away with not paying for any month that this creep appears!

  29. Well I suppose the BBC let that other well known facist and gay hater Nick Griffin onto Question Time but at least the audience were able to vent their anger at him in public. we would only be able to shout at the radio!!

  30. Any chance of changing the picture – he’s bad enough without a yellow tinge?

  31. davevauxhall 18 Feb 2010, 11:45am

    Keep that yellow tinge it makes me laugh every time. Looks strangely like the child molester/murderer in Sin City. Coincidence I guess. LOL

  32. John(Derbyshire) 18 Feb 2010, 12:34pm

    If anyone thought the BBC was not homophobic-they should have viewed the episode of “The Royle Family” transmitted on Christamas Day. Plenty of homophobic language from Ricky Tomlinson- put into his mouth by Craig “batty boy” Cash. How can they get away with this? Putting homophobis into the “mouths” of Tv “characters” like Jim Royle doesn`t make it any different.

  33. Who says the Pope will live long enough to make the broadcast!

    Anybody got a sniper rifle they can lend me?

  34. 18 Feb 2010, 2:23pm

    Goodness me, I thought it said “Thought for the Gay”! Some hope!

  35. The Halcyon 18 Feb 2010, 2:56pm

    I have a hard time reconciling the need for religious programming on the BBC when there are so many religious themed TV channels on cable/satellite these days. By all means have dramas with religious themes, religious characters in programmes and general educational stuff but let the Churches/Faiths broadcast on their own networks. Or at least make them pay for religious programming on BBC TV & Radio, it’s effectively advertising a spiritual ‘product’ and afterlife insurance.

  36. Vic Codling 18 Feb 2010, 4:00pm

    Perhaps this preist shoud be asked his modern day opinion in terms of ‘against natural law’ about a 38 year old guy; still single; living with his Mother; only ever seen hanging about with 12 other guys, all dresed in white; then being found up a local cruising are kissing another guy when he was arrested…. by the Romans; That guy from the god delusions, Jesus. He appears very good at making judgements on people – something I read was just for his God only to do!

  37. Things must be increasingly difficult these days for devout Catholics in positions of power, wherever they live. The Vatican administration is ruled by man who formerly headed The Inquisition (to use its old name) who seems to be asserting increasing pressure and threats on such people to force them to comply with what he dictates to be current doctrine, in their public life and actions, to the point of disobeying the law of the land. For example see this story @ : Cardinal: Politicians Who Support Marriage Equality Are No Longer Catholic.

    This is incredibly divisive, and after centuries of progress in religious harmony, potentially sows the seeds of mistrust of Catholics in positions of power, as to whether their allegiance is to the pope on one hand, on pain of being excommunicated, or their own conscience, beliefs, electoral promises, and country on the other.

  38. Brian Burton 19 Feb 2010, 12:53pm

    Can no one rid us of this troublesome Priest?

  39. Jean-Paul Bentham 20 Feb 2010, 5:52pm

    The song says “…mellow yellow”, not “…mustard yellow”.

    Hard to get a good spray tan at the vatican.

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