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Anti-gay cure group to protest outside Christian convention

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  1. ‘He said that after “choosing” Jesus’ – Last time I heard, Jesus wasn’t a sexuality… and even if it was, it wouldn’t be a choice.

    He also then says he had HIV symptoms, well I am not doctor, but it would not surprise me if some other illness had similar symptoms, so saying he was found without it doesn’t mean Jesus cured him if he didn’t defiantly have it before!

    These anti-gay Christians and other religious groups are scum.

  2. Wasn’t it that Jesus fella that was running around with twelve men friends? His mother wanted him to find a nice Jewish girl and settle down but he was having none of it.

  3. im sorry i wont be there

  4. Seems he knows he has to say “symptoms not unlike…” because his HIV test would have come back negative. But to lead people on who are thick enough to actually buy into his nonsense is immoral…ah but of course, people like him only like to demand morality (of a particular type) in others, without bothering about themselves.

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Feb 2010, 9:18pm

    He added: “We also want to to bring awareness to the hate-fuelled, money-making agenda of these deeply homophobic, self-hating conversion therapists.”

    True. It is a business, e.g., Richard Cohen in Uganda.

    Also true that “Love needs no cure”.


  6. Richard Carvath 17 Feb 2010, 9:33pm

    Humans are heterosexual by nature. Homosexuality is a perversion. Homosexuals are really heterosexuals in need of healing. I fully support the Christian healing ministries which help homosexuals to go straight and return to normal, natural sexuality. Rather than protesting outside, homosexuals should go in and ask for the help they so desperately need.

  7. Using your own logic Mr. Mbosaramba you can not love your father, mother, grandparents, siblings and friends because it does not involve a male inserting his penis into a woman’s vagina. How very sad is your concept of love Mr. Mbosaramba!

  8. Where do these trolls come from?

  9. Mr. Mbosaramba 17 Feb 2010, 11:56pm

    Some homosexuals are constantly talking of their inherited homosexuality. Such nonsense is nothing but newly invented myth.

    During my childhood experience I never see any homosexual inclination from any boy in my neighborhood, or in my school. Being boys, we never talk of LOVE between boys: we have had FRIENDSHIP, but that’s never has been the LOVE.

    We loved our mother and fathers. We loved our girls. We never get erection by seeing our penises and never have had any thought to penetrate any anus with our penises. That’s was absolutely unthinkable for all boys of my neighborhood and my school. I never see and know any homosexual boy in my boyhood. Period!

    If so, from where most homosexuals of the Western world takes their “idea” that homosexuality is genetically conditioned? From their deluded heads – ONLY.

    Some individuals became homosexual because abnormalities in their sexual development, or as matter of choice, the preference for uncommon sexual gratification. It is not the love but just some perverted practice of sexual gratification.

    I do agree that perhaps, on the purely humanistic ground, homosexuals should have the right to reject normal way of sexual activity which is practiced by Mankind in general for thousands years, and they should have the right to choose abnormal sexual practices. However, homosexuals never can expect from sexually normal people any respect for homosexual practices.

    I am inclined to think that homosexuality is the sexual abnormality in adolescent and adult life. It is the consequence of some social defects in the system of education of young generation of Mankind. Such defects should be apprehended and fixed in order to create better and harmonious society of future Mankind.

  10. Carvath is some independent prospective mp using an image of a spitfire to con a few voters. Similar to the BNP efforts to steal a few votes by using images of the Second World War. Shameless. The other bloke is just a nob. I can only imagine they get here after surfing a few Gay sites, get their rocks off there and feeling dirty and embarrassed, they come here to vent their spleen. A touch sad, really.

  11. sounds like it.

    Isn’t possible, troll with the stupid name and bad grammar, that people like you made homosexual boys afraid to show their true nature? That’s why you didn’t see any.

  12. Why give these deluded quacks publicity by protesting? Who would even know about them otherwise?

  13. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 2:46am

    He added: “We also want to to bring awareness to the hate-fuelled, money-making agenda of these deeply homophobic, self-hating conversion therapists.”

    True. It is a business, e.g., Richard Cohen in Uganda.

    Also true that “Love needs no cure”.

    Bravo. Gay Rights are Human Rights.

  14. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 3:04am

    Caution: American businessman, Mario Bergner, promises to make money vanish… from your bank account and into his.

    Similarly, his CEO, Richard Cohen, has made a killing in Uganda.

    Here is Richard Cohen now being interviewed by Rachel Maddow:

    This should give us all an insight into this kind of $$$ business $$$ venture.

    Rachel Maddow – Richard Cohen, part 1

    Rachel Maddow – Richard Cohen, part 2

    He works hard for his monay;
    Oh yea, he works hard for his mo-onay!
    And he don’t care about you!

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 3:33am

    “There no protection for any homosexual in the world because all streets impossible to protect for any police force. That’s the opportunity for any opposing party to make even with gays at any time any where in the world! Take care, guys!

    Comment by mbosaramba — February 15, 2010 @ 1:40″

    Come on rambo-rhumba, you can do better than that!

    Put a little effort into it.

    We know you’re not playing with a full deck.

    Now please don’t take that the wrong way. Use your common sense, eh.

  16. Mr. Mbosaramba 18 Feb 2010, 5:14am

    Mr. Jean-Paul Bentham,

    You seem to me standing for so-called human rights, and I am sure most gays doing the same verbally and on virtual basis. In this respect I’d like to ask you, as well as any other homosexual, the simple question:

    Do you know ANY country in the world which implemented human rights as it stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

    In my view, there no such country in the world existed and all governments of the world are pure HYPOCRITES.

    Not only this. Most homosexuals are hypocrites also, including you.

    That’s the problem with all of human rights FALSE defenders.

    I would like to accept any freedom of the speech and any freedom of information in the world, but I think the first sort of people who will become most evil-practicing would be homosexuals. The reason is simple: your sort of individuals are hate any opposition and easily spelling out offensive language, easily insulting anybody who just trying to engage in communication, and nastily scorn any person who is not an English native speaking (as I am).

    Your sort of people, – homosexuals, – is most immoral individuals, and they using dirty language (not only in English but on all languages of the world, in accordance with my experience and observation).

    If so, then why your people attempting talk about the human right, while they and you never wanted recognize such rights for any opposing individual or groups? None of your homosexuals has any ethical and logical ground for such talk.

    Then more I observing crazily acting out homosexuals in Western countries, then more I understand why homosexuals persecuted in some countries in Africa and Asia.

    I think if homosexuals will get their political powers, they will be the nastiest dictators in the world because they are most intolerable to any opposition individuals in the world.

  17. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 7:25am

    Is that the best you can do?? I thought your English was a wee bit more gripping when you were exposing your primitive side. Can you do that for us again, Monkeychops-mambo-mambo-cha-cha-cha.

    Tell us all about your own ex-gay therapy, and how your own brain was fried. And try to be as brutally frank as Richard Cohen when he was interviewed by Rachel Maddow. If he can get away with hate-mongering, you can do it better…because you’re the bess.

    Hey, how would you like that kind of coverage? I can see it now: “Rachel Maddow interviews Miss Mambo-Shambolajamaica”. Sorry, of course I meant Mr.

    You’ll be famous, FAMOUS!!! Ain’t dat wot U want, dude?

    Shall we pencil you in for…a-a, do you work on Sundays?…I see she has an opening next Sunday…m-m-m…have a banana while you’re waiting…no, I don’t have lube…m-m-m…tra-la-la….

    Let’s see, now how would it be if you put your best foot forward… like you could start with the conclusion.

    Picture it….naked on center-stage…oh, you don’t do naked…well…what about a sharp spotlight just on your face and you affirm pontifically:

    “I think if homosexuals will get their political powers, they will be the nastiest dictators in the world because they are most intolerable to any opposition individuals in the world.”

    And you MUST stomp your right foot firmly on the planks when you pronounce the word “most”…to emphasize, you know.

    Now think…think, mambo-mamjo…why?…because that’s what minds are for, dear.

    Now don’t get the words mixed up at the last minute. Can you imagine the embarrassment you could cause by replacing the word “homosexuals” with the word “religious nutters”…well, we know how unstable you’ve been in the past, don’t we…I mean, have you ever not finished by making a complete fool of yourself? UM-m-m??

    And try not to salivate on camera…every little thing shows up, you know…yes, yes, but just a little lip gloss is all you’ll need…have you decided what ethnic costume you’ll be wearing, lovey…there’s an astronaut suit that was only worn once…lovely color picks up the light…

    So you will remember that, eh Mr. Abmara… always start with the conclusion and the audience will never be bored, and most importantly, it’ll just take you 10 seconds. Aw yes, but fame is a fleeting thing, ya know.


  18. Jean-Paul..
    Ne gasps pas ton temps avec ce fou; comme tu l’as deja dit, ce n’est qu’un troll..

  19. Brian Burton 18 Feb 2010, 8:23am

    This Bergner seems to be a complete nut. Is this the type of idiot running Christianity?

  20. Brian Burton 18 Feb 2010, 8:24am

    Keith, I was going to say that!!

  21. At the risk of generating yet more incoherent and pompous drivel, I must say I feel a little sorry for our friend “Mr” Mbosaramba. So keen is he to share his apperception of the world, after [his] very worldwide traveling that he spends an inordinate amount of time on a gay (or, as he would put it, ‘homosexual’) website.

    SO charitable yet so misguided…

  22. As for the “Rev” Mario Bergner, how deluded and egocentric these crackpots are – as though our old chum Jehovah hasn’t got better things to mess up than the sexuality of some nutcase from Chicago!

  23. “Where do these trolls come from?”

    Rose, given the vulgar, obsessive and angry language, I suspect we’ve seen “Mr” Mbosaramba here before…. he’s probably David Skinner or that other piece of carrion fungus who, in his delusion, referred to himself as some kind of “king” – they both liked using grandiose and preachy language in block capitals.

    But the improvement in his English is astounding, isn’t it? Why, just last week he was pretending to be some poor Iranian muppet who had limited English, and this week he’s dropped this pretence and gone for the screaming nut approach, albeit with much better English. Curious, why the sudden change? Split personality? Schizophrenia? Who knows. Who cares really. But there’s something disturbingly wrong with this Mbosaramba chappie.

    What I like is the level of anger and frustration in his posts…. beautiful. When you get this people which obvious clinical disorders this frustrated, you know we’re winning the battle.

  24. Justin Hafey 18 Feb 2010, 10:15am

    Wow, that guy is really messed up. It makes perfect sense to me, homosexual’s are evil, the bible say’s it is.

    When are these peddellers of this crap religion going to just go away and die!!!! Here’s a few facts about the world in the 21st Century, Nobody cares about your Vengeful, spiteful God whose major concern is where people put thier dicks. See, we have a voice now, we have a vote, we have power, The one thing sick arseholes like you have denied us for thousands of years, through a systematic deception campaign of lies and hate. The fact of the matter is that we are winning this war, and you can’t face it. Your Religion is dead, just face up to the reality of that situation, grow up and move on. It’s called equality and human dignity, get used to it:)

  25. In the animal kingdom, animals have sex with each other regardless of being male or female. It can result because of a dominate male fighting for the females. To my knowledge, animals neither go to worship on a Sunday (or whenever) nor are they abused for doing. It is an accepted part of life, so accepted that no animal give a flying fig.

    Humans are still animals whatever way we look at it. The only difference is some take it upon themselves to feel they have the right to be self righteous and demand everyone should follow their way of doing things.

    There is so much hate in this world, who really give a stuff about who loves who. It’s really none of anyones elses business. Why do Church folk, those who would be disgusted if their sex life was talked about, feel they have the right to judge others by what they do in bed. Doesn’t that actually show how perverted they are that they can’t think of anything else.

    All these people do is hold back humanity from it’s full potential. It is these so called ‘do-gooders’ that have created so much hate in this world that has lead to poverty, wars, famines etc

    Those people who feel the need to spread such hate must take the soul blame for all the hate that has become in this world.

    All I can say is if the animals other than humans can accept it as a way of life without judgement and carry on with their lives, thats good enough for me.

    Now, I’m think someone should set up a service that’ll help cure these religious people. Not only would it do well but it would certainly help create a better, friendlier world to live in.

  26. “Now, I’m think someone should set up a service that’ll help cure these religious people. Not only would it do well but it would certainly help create a better, friendlier world to live in. ”

    The religious NUTTERS, at least. Not all religious people are so ignorant and hate-filled. These fundies just have the loudest voices. What’s the saying – “Empty vessels make most noise”?…

    Our troll friends above are also good examples of internalised homophobia. Normal adults don’t care about what other people do in bed. Note the word ‘normal’ there. Will’s right about the very disordered way these people come across. I’d bet my bottom dollar many of them have psychiatric problems.

  27. Ello Iris, yes your right, I should have made clear I was aiming that comment more towards who this story covers.

    1 more thing, do they have psychiatric problems or are they just deluded? ;)

  28. “1 more thing, do they have psychiatric problems or are they just deluded?”

    Why pick? Its seem like both to me :)

  29. Amen, ain’t that the truth lol

  30. Mr. Mbosaramba 18 Feb 2010, 1:39pm

    After reading most nastiest comments of U.K. and Canadian homosexuals on this site, I am inclined to think that may be the time for removing homosexuals from society is coming.

  31. “I am inclined to think that may be the time for removing homosexuals from society is coming.”

    Knock yourself out there… you will let us all know how that works out for you, won’t you? My advice, steer clear of that old swastika, that lark’s been done before, and we survived that one.

    By the way, what colour are your pills, Mr. Mbosaramba? Is there any writing on the side of them, by any chance?

  32. Deeside Will 18 Feb 2010, 2:31pm

    From a “Mere Anglican” Conference held last month, entitled “Human Identity: Gender, Marriage, and Sexuality — Speculation or Revelation?”:

    “The Rev. Mario Bergner, an Anglican priest and former college drama teacher, described his journey out of homosexuality and into a new life as the married father of five. Speaking of how online porn presents a new challenge to Christians, he confessed that he has a lock on his own computer that is monitored by his wife and others to whom he is accountable.” See:

  33. “he confessed that he has a lock on his own computer that is monitored by his wife and others to whom he is accountable”

    LOL! What a really great marriage that pair must have…. not built on mistrust and lies at all.

  34. douglas in canada 18 Feb 2010, 3:07pm

    I’m sorry for sounding so doubtful, but why does Mr. Mbosaramba’s bad English sound like FAKE bad English? I can’t help but think that he/she is a very capable English-speaker, trying to disguise him/herself as someone else.
    I think that FEAR governs these people’s lives, either fear of the unknown, or fear of losing power – power that they hold by nurturing an environment of ignorance. They refuse to acknowledge scientific findings about sexuality. Some of these religious groups know that once more people discover that their fairytale is a sham, their membership numbers will plunge even lower.
    I am constantly amazed at the hypocrisy of this group: they adamantly deny what science teaches us about sexuality, but when it comes to medical research that can cure their physicial illnesses or prolong their lives, they’re they first to demand access.
    I think that if they deny the truth about sexuality, they should refuse ground-breaking medical treatment. Then, in a short time, they would simply die out – and natural selection would once again do it’s job.

  35. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 4:39pm

    How clever of you, Douglas.


    Instead of inclining, try reclining…with a cold pack and a mirror, that’s a good lad.

    And you mustn’t shoot peanut butter into your veins like that. Try ketchup; it’ll leave a heavenly glow on your face, and before long you’ll be ascending all over the place and raking it in at last…no more bolagna sandwiches, and a condo in Fort Lauderdale.

  36. These people are like all witch-doctors; without a large pool of bigotry, superstition and fear out in the world they would have no takers. The only way to make them disappear is to keep building a rational, pluralistic culture.

  37. Hi, does anywhere know where the protest is taking place? I’d like to help out. Cheers x
    can’t believe such ignorant twats still exsist:(

  38. Mr. Mbosaramba 18 Feb 2010, 7:31pm

    I think most Christians who wish to cure homosexuals from their perverted sexual practice just wasting their times. They don’t understand the real hazard of politization of homosexuality and hazards of invasion of homosexuals in political world, in business world and in the educational establishment.

    Such Christians acting as naive kids with believes in good nature of perverted individuals and that Religion could change the evil-doers. That’s wrong. That’s waste of money, waste of energy and nerves.

    There shall be radical strategy and actions on prevention of political homosexualization of society. The societal tactics could include multiple methodologies, but the objective should stand above simplistic religious approach, on very practical basis.

    Political strategists should take a cold look on the fact how quietly homosexuals used jurisprudence and acting in the national courts to change the social systems for their objectives. After such cold analytics, politicians can find the ways to fix the holes in judicial systems of every country of the world and restore the public confidence in perfect ethical standing of governments with exclusion of all homosexuals from governmental positions in every society on the Earth.

    That should be the real objective of wise politicians of Mankind.

  39. Mr. Mbosaramba 18 Feb 2010, 7:51pm

    The observation of penetration of homosexuals into intergovernmental structures of the European Union and their ability to forming inner homosexual political fraction (Cushman and his homosexual political associates) in the Parliament of the European Union indicated that political homosexuals now became the obstructive force which preventing several countries to enter in the European Union (Turkey, Macedonia and Croatia).

    That fact alone is indicating how hazardous political homosexuals could be and how such individuals standing against the people’s will of three countries of the world for improvement of their international relations and living standards.

    Europe and Asia and Africa should not look on degenerative American politicians and prevent politization of homosexuality on all levels of world’s societal structures.

    That’s the imperative of the current Mankind.

  40. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 8:09pm

    “should” this, and “should” that, and “should” this, and “should” that…yawn.

    You don’t listen to anyone, do you? I told you to stick to the conclusions so as to avoid boring these good people.

    Is that your conclusion: “should”, “should”, “should”, “should”??

    The will of the people? What do you know about that? Was that the thesis of your third doctorate degree??

    But please stick around. It’s been awhile since we’ve had such an entertainer on PinkNews threads. Har, har.

  41. douglas in canada 18 Feb 2010, 10:25pm

    Something still doesn’t make sense —
    Impeccable spelling of large words VS. crappy grammar.

    For me, these schizophrenic posts are not worth responding to. I think we should just ignore them and spend more time dealing with the article at hand. The people who post such things are only trying to hijack any discussion that could lead to some positive results.

    I think the protesters are setting a wonderful example by bringing love where others would promote hate. I am going to start looking for opporunities in my own community to talk about these issues, and see what I can do to affect some change in my own neighborhood.

  42. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Feb 2010, 10:34pm

    Love needs no cure.

    You’re right, Douglas, the weirdos who need so much attention are called thread disruptors. I do believe they take a course in how to do it…through one those fundamental anti-gay religious sects. We see less of that here in Canada, eh.

  43. Mr. Mbosaramba I feel sorry for you. You’re obviously in need of psychiatric help.

  44. “I’m sorry for sounding so doubtful, but why does Mr. Mbosaramba’s bad English sound like FAKE bad English?”

    Becuase last week Mbosaramba was pretending to be Iranian, but this week he’s obviously got his hands on Michel Thomas’s English-In-One-Week course, and now he’s astoundingly fluent. Almost a miracle, wouldn’t you say? But he never likes to seem too cocky with his new skills, so he intentionally adds in a few really silly and obvious mistakes (which are never repeated) so we feel at ease. For some odd reason though, for an Iranian, he speaks American English, as with words like “politization”

    Its that, or his another freak we’ve seen before….

    ….my money’s on Hank. Hand has some really f***ed up theories about some clandestine “New World Order” that is run by the “homosexuals” to overthrow Christianity… I wish. And look at the similarities to “Parliament of the European Union indicated that political homosexuals now became the obstructive force”.

    Hank is also a mentally disturbed fool, rather like Mbosaramba. Of course I could be wrong:- there’s likely more mentally disturbed fools in the world then enlightened gay people…. like us!

    We are a beacon of hope for poor broken people like Mbosaramba.


  45. Funny thing being religion is used by people to start wars, by greedy leaders who keep wealth yet let their citizens die of famine and poverty, by leaders as an excuse to terminate life and be selective about who lives, for leaders to encourage violence against anyone who disagrees with them..

    I fully accept that there are a lot of religious people who have moved away from such actions but then they are targeted for not being ‘of the true faith’.

    ‘Homosexuality’ is about love.

    Now who is it that comes across as evil? mmm…. let me think now…

  46. Mr. Mbosaramba 20 Feb 2010, 6:51am

    i not to be so bitter if only once i could get scored in gay club. nobody want me so i no want you, evil ways go to hell you

  47. “i not to be so bitter if only once i could get scored in gay club. nobody want me so i no want you, evil ways go to hell you”


  48. Thank goodness . . .

    Mr. Mbosaramba has finally disapeared up his – big fat – self absorbed – pompous . . . arse.

    Mr Mbosaramba . . . instead of evacuating your filth all over these threads. Try colonic irrigation next time.

  49. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Feb 2010, 9:38pm

    From today”s “The Advocate”, California congresswoman Bonnie Lowenthal has introduced a bill that would eliminate a 43-year-old section of state code that mandates a search for a ‘cure’ for homosexuality:

  50. Mr Mbosaramba (46).
    All is explained.

  51. How do we cure hatred

    There is no cure for that also, except to put the homophobic haters in a mental asylum for the criminally insane.

  52. Mr. Mbosaramba – #46

    You mean you couldn’t get a sh@g, therefore we have all to burn in hell.


  53. I have just read that banner saying love needs no cure true love needs no cure but i dont see any love in trying to deny people who come to some one and say help me i dont want to be this way you complain about us Christians and just look at you selfs bitter as can be another religious colt denying people who want to be help the choice of doing so do you think the people who want help want this to be stopped ?? jesus commands us to love all even are enemy’s and so do I . I would like to see the world at peace its so simple to love you neighbor as you do you self if we all adopted this simple task there would be no need for war these people want help if they didnt they would go simple let them have it just because you dont its not fair to deny someone it who does thank you for ant comments left from this good or bad god bless you all

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