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Gay man jailed for ‘reckless’ HIV transmission

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  1. I used to have reg check ups at the G U clinic, but since laws like this came into place I no longer do. At my last test I was neg , so if any one ever accuses me of passing on a virus then I can say hand on heart, I have no knowledge. I think laws like this are terrible. It is down to me if I take the risk of sleeping with some one who is HIV postive. Weither they have told me or not. Because lets face all of us potentionally are. The real and sad reason behind all this is good old homophobia. Aids still is labeled as a gay disease in the western world, and it is by this, that we have this double standard. There are loads of illnesses that can be caught that can kill, but we dont hear about people going to prision for those.

  2. Dave: There is a difference between “not taking precautions” and intentionally infecting somebody. I agree that everyone should assume the worst and consider anyone they sleep with HIV+, that way they theoretically can’t go wrong; But we all know we can let it slip in the heat of passion, drugs, booze or whatever. Accidents DO happen.

    This man went out and out to effectively infect and potentially kill his ex. That is an entirely different matter, and I for one hope he dies a lingering and painful death so can appreciate what he has inflicted on another.

  3. Unfortunately, until people decide to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, we are going to see more and more of these cases.

    Criminalisation will nothing to stop the spread of HIV.

  4. Anybody who knows they have HIV/AIDS and has unprotected sex with another person without telling them of their status should be detained until their considered no longer a risk to society. Be that in a prison, mental hospital or any other establishment they must be controlled for the greater good in some way.

    This is a big problem in African culture where witch doctors tell people with HIV to have sex with a virgin get cured. This has led to the rape of children and even babies.

  5. Mbosaramba 16 Feb 2010, 7:31pm

    Bastard criminal! He should be not only jailed but executed!

  6. Mbosaramba 16 Feb 2010, 7:41pm

    Mr. “Abi1975”, where did you take from “a big problem in African culture where witch doctors tell people with HIV to have sex with a virgin get cured”?!

    Did you EVER has been in Africa?

    Did you EVER study anything in Africa?

    There is over 3000 African cultures and I absolutely sure that you know NOTHING about it.

    If it is so, then why to expose your own ignorance and unintelligence about African people?!

  7. Same old WUM different name!

  8. Couldnt he just transmit the disease in prison? Wudnt it be more of a risk there lol?

  9. Mbosaramba: I have been to Africa, and I have seen the idiots that claim it is not HIV but “evil spirits”. When the Health minister of South Africa claims garlic and lemon juice will cure you. Now you tell me who is ignorant and unintelligent. It is fools like you that cause the spread of death and disease with your backward medieval ways of witch doctors and fakery.

  10. When someone is reckless they deserve everything they get, this man included. We are all responsible for our own actions and if you have HIV like myself then you have a duty to make sure you protect others as well as yourself.

    If everyone made the law to themselves to protect themselves and others maybe we could stop this from happening. I know though, the likelyhood of this happening is low but if it did happen it would go some way to stopping the bigots using the “they spread diseases” comment, which I have heard on more than one occasion.

  11. Actually, there are 48 countries in Africa, and only in South Africa, as far as I know, that this so called virgin cure for AIDS, is practised. It is therefore incorrect to desrcibe it as an ‘African’ culture.

  12. what a tragic case for everyone concerned.
    being diagnosed with HIV is horrible, and at the very least it will cause emotional pain and make life harder. thankfully, due to HIV treatment it does not necessarily mean a shorter life.
    it’s also tragic for the accused.
    had he had proper legal advice about the paucity of evidence which was used to convict him (evidence which did not prove he infected his partner and would have fallen apart under rigorous questioning from a well-informed lawyer), then he probably wouldn’t be in this sorry medical condition.

    the comments of the judge are really beyond contempt. it’s obvious that he just considers people with hiv as potential vectors of transmission.

    and the predictable call for execution from one loathsome individual on here is tragic beyond belief. as if such levels of hate are really going to make it more likely that people with hiv will disclose.

    sad and tragic all round.

  13. You people really should read through what you write – do your families and friends know you think these thoughts? – You want to talk reckless… how reckless is it – to go out get pissed and drugged -up then have sex with someone you don’t know and oh ‘accidentally’ have unprotected sex – that’s just as reckless as having sex without disclosing your status because – you fear the death penalty, or imprisonment -for a human, blood born virus that started in Africa and has been transmitted by humans – all types of sexually active humans – You cannot aportion blame to something viral!

  14. JohnD, that is rubbish, someone who knows they have hiv and doesn’t use protection is a very, very bad criminal. Your comparison is deeply wrong, shame on you!

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