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Another man arrested in Malawi

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 16 Feb 2010, 5:30pm

    The British Department for International Development (DFID) would oversee British aid to the backward nation of Malawi.

    Contact them at to urge them to cease all aid to Malawi until homosexuality is decriminalised.

    Malawi clearly does not need our aid money if they have money to waste on persecuting gay people.

  2. The Grinch 16 Feb 2010, 7:01pm

    Eff the British Government! Official Queen of the Gays Madonna needs to slip on the leotard and shimy her ass back to Malawi for an impassioned speech on how locking up the gays will impact her record sales! Her black babies will be forced to shop at the Gap, and worse, Malawi can kiss good bye to a school that will reward their little ones with a G.C.E in Crap Singing but Advanced Marketing skills…get on it Madge!

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Feb 2010, 1:45am

    It won’t do any harm to contact the UK’s DFID, that’s for sure.

    But and but, as with Uganda the UK appears to be more concerned with its relations with the USA than with those of developing countries. After all, what we are looking at in these African nations is American Puritanism at work, right. What a can of worms.

    The backlash against Human Rights in some countries will not prevail. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the way of the future and “Gay Rights” are “Human Rights”.

  4. To be born black and gay in most of Africa and Jamaica must be one of the booby prizes of life!
    The UN should act against this repression which is rapidly being a continental holocaust against gay people. Again, Religion is being used to justify cruelty and oppression! That old chestnut Leviticus is being rolled out again (selectively of course; only the bit about men with men, nothing about all the other forbidden death sentence “crimes”). These are people who also still believe in evil spirits and witches!

    Poverty, famine, Aids and civil unrest are rife in these tribal nations and they seem to have nothing better to do than go on gay witch hunts! That’s because its easierto pick on gays of course!

    The EU should stop funding these wicked governments who are in danger of beginning a process exactly the same as the Nazi’s did to the Jews; we can not let it happen!

  5. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum(UK) 17 Feb 2010, 8:27pm

    When is the world going to realise and accept that some people are LGBT and always will be and accord them the dignity and respect they deserve by the fact that they are born Human and as such equal to and as everyone else.
    But more so when is Europe and especilly Britain going to stand up and be counted ,or is there no profit to be made from these African States.
    I again hope the British Home Office and Government are taking notes especially when they deside the fates of LGBT asylum seekers from Malawi

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