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Trans man Thomas Beatie pregnant for the third time

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Reader comments

  1. People including trans people get pregnant get over it!

  2. Yeah I wonder when this will be old news? The first time it was possibly newsworthy because the headline suggested omg a man with a male reproductive system has squeezed a baby out. Sadly no.
    I know plenty of guys who would become pregnant if medical science would allow it.

  3. Mbosaramba 15 Feb 2010, 7:40pm

    Craziness in progress. For the third time we see such sort of idiocy. That’s just the beginning: soon we will see more preganant idiots…

  4. Mbosaramba – erm…why is it idiotic to do something which is important to you and which harms no-one? Whats it to you?

  5. I should add – Thomas Beattie is not the first pre op trans man to give birth. He was just the first to take it to the media.

  6. theotherone 15 Feb 2010, 8:18pm

    wow the same story again.

    News worthy? Perhaps not.

    Continuing to scream about this ,makes one wonder to want extent we are ment to think ‘oh my god – what a freak!’

  7. Mbosaramba 15 Feb 2010, 8:33pm

    1: “Thomas Beatie” was a woman before she cuts her breasts and took male hormones in order to look like a man, because she doensn’t want to be considered as a woman.

    2: After she achieved what she want, she named herself as “Thomas Beatie”.

    3: Later she again wanted to be a woman, stopped to take male hormones, gots her periods again, and — AGAIN — presented her vagina to her man, started the practice of coitus, the sexual intercourse, and became pregnant and gave the birth of a child of unknown medical condition (may be psychitaric).

    4-5: She repeated sexual intercourses again and again as a woman with a man, and getting pregnant again and again.

    That’s idiocy, because she was confused about her transsexuality – she acting as typical psychiatric individual.

  8. theotherone 15 Feb 2010, 8:39pm

    and you, my dear, are acting like a lower class of moron.



    What you’re still here?

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Feb 2010, 8:45pm

    Mbosaramba = Monkeychops ???

  10. Mbosaramba – Thomas Beattie is married to a woman and they conceived their children via sperm donation. As far as I’m aware he did not have sexual intercourse with a man to conceive these pregnancies – it was very much a turkey baster job.

    This is rather old news now. And I very much doubt that his wife breastfed the two children seeing as she has no reproductive organs as a result of an accident (she had to have a hysterectomy to stop internal bleeding – that’s why Beattie is acting as “surrogate”), so she wouldn’t be able to produce the necessary hormones to lactate, which would really require her to be pregnant anyway.

    No doubt it was added for increased “freakiness”.

  11. Mbo…whatever…

    What is a psychiatric individual? Do you mean psychotic? You are a literal font of knowledge, you. Is there anything about bullsh*t armchair psychiatry you don’t know? Oh dear.

  12. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Feb 2010, 9:18pm

    Mbosaramba = Monkeychops ????

  13. I see nothing wrong with transsexuals having babies. However I do have concerns that some are making a media feast over all this. Whether it’s for exposure, financial gain or both, it smacks of major-league attention seeking. My worry is that if these people are so obsessed about all this showing off, the welfare of the children may suffer as a result.

    I’m sure the last thing any LGBT person wants to see is this person having to hand over their children to social services because they are deemed an “unfit parent” – All the anti-gay lobby will have a field day of “I told you so’s”, and tarring anyone else attempting the same thing with the same brush.

  14. why would person who rejected the female gender then desire the ultimate female experience of all? Doesn’t sound like he is a real man to me, or wants to be. Perhapos just enjoying boith worlds

  15. Congratulations to them. The child will no doubt be very much loved.

  16. theotherone 15 Feb 2010, 11:27pm

    niki: you’re mixing Gender and Sex.

  17. theotherone, I am like Nikki please explain to me how it works that someone who wishes to be a man would keep anything relating to being a woman ‘just incase’. I can’t understand Thomas at all.

    I believe no one has the right to tell others how to live their lives but as you say Nikki and I are mixing Gender and Sex. I could do with some educating on how Thomas’s gender re-assignment but not his sexuality. Any articles will be greatfully received on this matter.

  18. He is just a male who wants kids who was also born with the right bits to have them, why shouldn’t he use them? he’s just using what he’s got.

  19. I agree, having worked with and friends with female to male trans-people I have to say this is about money and not about needing to get the correct body.

  20. Liz Church 16 Feb 2010, 9:25am

    A _third_ time? That’s more than his fair share.

    I was going to complain that it isn’t news, but hey, we get the Mbosaramba show. Where did they come from? Not a pregnant idiot, perchance?

  21. Isn’t this old news?

  22. I would not want the current surgical solution of a micro penis if I was female to male. I would certainly not want to pay $100,000 for a fudged solution that’s no solution. That’s why many trans men will never have the surgery.

    Now if your in a relationship like Beatie is and your partner can not have children anymore, would you not want to put aside your own personal, emotional and psychological discomfort, to bring children into your family.

  23. Dang. I have to go against previous judgements about RobN (#13) and agree with his post. We have had our differnces in the past …

    Tom’s wife wasn’t able to have children and he was. What is the difference between that and any other m/f couple having sperm donation or assisted conception? So long as they make a loving family for their children who cares? I agree that going to the Press about it is a bit suspect, and gives ammunition to those who would oppose it.

    In the words of Oscar Wilde: “Once could be considered unfortunate, twice looks like carelessness”. I would add “Three times makes you a media wh***”. Are they looking for a slot on Oprah or Jerry Springer?

  24. Mbosaramba 16 Feb 2010, 5:22pm

    “Thomas Beatie” is a Filipino female, whose real name is Tracy LaGondino.

    That individual was born as a female and will die as a female, regardless what she attempting to present to the public between, and regardless how she was impregnated and regardless with who’s sperm her children were conceived and consequently born.

  25. “why would person who rejected the female gender then desire the ultimate female experience of all? Doesn’t sound like he is a real man to me, or wants to be. Perhapos just enjoying boith worlds ”

    Yes, enjoying best of both worlds. Emphasis on ENJOYING. So many people are miserable, let these people be happy!

    And Mbo… STFU!!!

  26. They should keep themselves for themselves… poor kids…

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