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Tory councillor suggests gay and black candidates are ‘there to tick boxes’

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t agree with this either.

    It should be best LOCAL candidate for the job whether they be gay, green, black, polkadot, blue rinsed, whatever.

    All this does is create resentment and fuel homophobia and racism.

  2. theotherone 15 Feb 2010, 12:47pm

    no need for a ‘local’ candidate (though I’d admit that this is preferable) but imposing candidates from on high is a problematic – it can get people’s backs up.

  3. If it is a tick box exercise then it is a bad idea. People should be able to vote for the best local candidate, whether she/he is black, white, green, gay, woman, disabled, muslim, sikh….

  4. theotherone 15 Feb 2010, 12:58pm

    Putting one (at best) candate on the short list isn’t too bad but having ‘all the minorities’ listed is a bit like the companies that hire minorities to show how their Equality Bullsh1t is working and then sack them asap

  5. Sister Mary clarence 15 Feb 2010, 1:51pm

    If the black candidate and the gay candidate are both the ones being ‘parachuted’ in it probably does raise some questions to be fair to here, and voters may well be the ones raising those questions.

    It does suggest Conservative Central Office is aware that the need to show a balanced line of candidates, but it you are going to even up inbalances, its helpful if you do so with the support of the local party, or you run the risk of getting some club footed old mare who only opens her mouth to change feet sounding off (although to be fair that may not be a true reflection of the lady involved in this particular case I hasten to add)

  6. I was waiting for this story to pop up. I’m actually quite surprised the comments here so far disapprove of what amounts to ‘positive discrimination’. I noticed in the recent story of the jailed leader of the Black Police Association that the Met had claimed he was failing his job because “he was not reaching his quota of ethnic police officers”.

    This whole thing stinks. Get the right man for the job, irrespective of their race, colour, religion or sexuality. I would rather have a competent person doing the job than, as an example, an incompetent gay man that has been slid into position just to make the statistics politically correct.

  7. theotherone 15 Feb 2010, 2:41pm

    ‘some club footed old mare who only opens her mouth to change feet sounding off’

    you can see her with her gin laced tea screaming ‘oh my god it’s a n1gg3r!’

  8. Not sure why your surprised with the comments on here. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t support the right person for the job. No matter what gender or race or any other diversity they are. I do think that when enticing people to certain areas in society does needs to be done, it’s like career days but more publicly. There are jobs out there for the public that need to filled by a diversity strand. IE: female rape victim should be helped by a female. But Politics isn’t it, by a long shot.

  9. The Grinch 15 Feb 2010, 3:23pm

    Excellent! A job involving ticking boxes sounds fabulous. I can even use those pens with sparkly bits in the ink to ensure they know it’s a gay who did it. Sign me up!

  10. Seems to be a common practice, at least amongst the main political parties. I seem to recall Blair being accused of much the same thing.

  11. “I don’t agree with this either.

    It should be best LOCAL candidate for the job whether they be gay, green, black, polkadot, blue rinsed, whatever.”

    I agree completely
    The best person for the job is the best qualified, not the under-represented minority

  12. The Halcyon 15 Feb 2010, 3:56pm

    It’s all swings and roundabouts; six of one & half a dozen of the other. Although there’s a good argument for having a local person standing in their constituency, there’s an equally good argument for not having a local person standing in a constituency. The difference would be a sound grounding of local issues versus the ability to be completely objective. And there are some areas where “parachuted candidates” have turned out to be really great for the area. For all her faults, Ruth Kelley turned out to be a popular constituency politician irrespective of however you find her personal views. Many in her constituency didn’t want her to stand down at the next election.

    I would add though that it was naive of Ms Connolly to think there was just a box-checking exercise. Despite everything that has happened, there is still a long list of people who want to get into Parliament for their party and of course there will be fierce competition. Perhaps she should have looked at her own campaign before bemoaning exactly who was standing against her.

  13. Halcyon: I can see your standpoint, but I really don’t think the argument of an out-of-towner being more objective holds water.

    Local issues can often take many years to rise to the surface, and it is not something a complete freshman can solve by waltzing in and attempting to fix all their problems; equally, you are likely to also kick up an awful lot of resentment from the locals, as is seen here, which is certainly not going to bloat their ballot box.

    To coin a phrase: “This is a local town for local people”.

  14. They can trot out all the PC candidates they want…I’ll never be voting Tory even if every candidate was gay….the Tories brought in section 28 that did decades of damage, “smily fluffy” call-me-Dave consistently voted against any gay equality proposals in any bill and they are in bed with right wing homo-hating neo nazi fascists in Europe.

    So keep trying Dave…the bull rinses will get upset..and you’ll still not get any sensible LGBT person voting for your bigoted lot.

  15. Brian Burton 15 Feb 2010, 7:48pm

    The Tory councillors and politicians are are quick to use the term ‘Ethnic’…..Racist bastards!

  16. Brian: Dat is pronounced ‘Etnik’, to you white boy! ;)

  17. Yes, do try harder and along exactly the same lines, Dave! You’ll really get up the noses of the traditional county set, lose the election, and then we won’t get saddled with a backward-looking, say-no, fear-the-worst bunch of Tories as our ruling party.

  18. This is truly nauseating. Any hope that the contagious malaise of PC that has infiltrated society like a virus would be dispelled under the Tories has truly shattered. God help us all…

  19. theotherone 16 Feb 2010, 1:10pm

    PCs not so bad really Rob as long as it’s not used as a mask for Totalitarianism or as long as it doesn’t interfere with policing ect – just politeness is all PCness is.

  20. theotherone: “just politeness is all PCness is.”

    That just about sums you up. Political correctness, bureaucratic meddling, busybody interference and moral blackmail have become the scourge of this country over the last thirty years. Mainly due to liberal-minded idiots like you that think that people will always do the right thing. Well I’ve got news for you honey, they don’t.

    They do *their* thing.

  21. PC is about cos so many don’t get why bigotry and other evils are even wrong
    if people didn’t discriminate then there would be no need for PC any more – easy

  22. RobN – moral blackmail is a tool of the right like the Christian Right and the tories

  23. – RobN

    “They do *their* thing.”

    As did the Klu Klux Klan, as did the Spanish Inquisition.

    Doesn’t mean it should be tolerated.

  24. Even if it is a political correctness issue of “ticking boxes” – I want more people of colour in office. I want more LGBT in office. I want more women in office. I want more asians in office. I want more disabled people in office. I want LESS old straight white people who are totally out of touch with the real world. I want LESS straight white privileged people who only see the world from their privileged perspective.

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