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Sydney Mardi Gras attacked for being ‘too corporate’

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Reader comments

  1. I feel uninspired to go this year… think I’ll give it a miss.

  2. Since when was a gay event ever inspiring?
    All I want to do is ram one of those whistles down some immature little queen’s f_cking throat.

  3. Simon Murphy 15 Feb 2010, 5:05pm

    “All I want to do is ram one of those whistles down some immature little queen’s f_cking throat.”

    And why do you suffer from such anger management issues do you think?

    I mean why would you attend an event like Mardi Gras if it encourages you to behave violently?

    Wouldn’t it be better all round to simply stay at home?

  4. Bloody hell, that’s the worst outburst yet from RobN – saying that the kind of thought that would be in his head were he on a gay-pride march would be along the lines of ramming a whistle down the throat of one of the participants.

    RobN is a gay man who is suffering from SEVERE self-hatred.

    We’ve all heard of “grumpy old men” but this one is a million times worse. This one is bordering on the edge of violence.

  5. PAUL MARSHALL 15 Feb 2010, 10:50pm

    Money talks and thats unfortunately the world in which we live in, shame on NMG who have shown themselves to be motivated by the dollar. Regardless of the major sponsors being responsible for the parade happening at all,,,,,,oh aren’t we all so grateful for that fact, point is they need us more than we need them

  6. Mardi Gras is a Neo-Nazi Organisation, run by alot of Gay Fascists. I have hated the Mardi Gras for years. It does not and has not represented the Gay community for years. It has been taken over by the corporate world and dollars years ago. Alot of us gays even get rejected to going to our events as we do not fit into the new gay image and what it is to be gay any more. I wish we could get rid of it or create a new one just for us gay men. We have become so oppressed and repressed since we became mainstream and inclusive. Death to the Mardi Gras.

  7. Katrina Fox 16 Feb 2010, 11:29am

    Peter Hackney’s full article on the corporatisation of Mardi Gras and queer media censorship is at

  8. What most people don’t realise is 120 fair stall holders were declined by Mardi Gras as they were in conflict with Events NSW. While Mardi Gras have the right to decline stall holders they did so with as little notice as possible and certainly didn’t disclose on their website the fact the exclusive clause that Events NSW had.

    What was frustrating is that three weeks out from the event NMG decided to advise companies who had applied weeks earlier that they were declined when they had known this conflict existed months earlier.

    By my personal calculation the exclusive clause from Events NSW has actually cost NMG money ie. the sponsorship deal is probably worth less than the Fair Day stall money, created a lot of bad will among potential future sponsors and generally meant that the number of visitors – who would be exhibitors at Fair Day from visiting NSW – which is after all what Events NSW wants.

  9. Simon Murphy: “I mean why would you attend an event like Mardi Gras if it encourages you to behave violently? Wouldn’t it be better all round to simply stay at home?”

    It doesn’t “encourage” me, but when I get some twat blowing his whistle in my ear at point-blank range in a crowded bar, I don’t respond lightly. And that is why I now stay at home.

    Eddy: Why do you keep coming out with this bizarre concept of ‘self-hatred’? I like myself. It’s you and people like you I despise.

  10. HAHAHAHAAHA…… You funny people!RoBN, u are….. odd, but it makes this site just a little less bland.

  11. Poor RobN is so lost in his self-loathing and his hatred of the ethnic minorities who live around him in East London that he can’t SEE that he doesn’t really like himself at all.

  12. Why does Pink News insist on referring to it as the world’s biggest pride event.

    Australia’s ABC News reported 300,000 people there last year –

    That’s consierably smaller than our own Brighton or London and indeed Madrid, Berlin, New York, San Francisco etc.

    You really shouldn’t do our own events down. Sydney Mardi Gras has good PR but it certainly isn’t anywhere near the world’s biggest!

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