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South African man wins Mr Gay World 2010

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Reader comments

  1. Surprise! It’s a white man again. Presumably, they couldn’t find a gorgeous black man in the whole of South Africa.

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Feb 2010, 7:46pm

    Congratulations Charl Van den Berg. So now you’re off to Vancouver, Canada, where the Mr Gay World competition started last year, to the Winter Olympics at Whistler and to promote Gays in Sports.

    Way to go.

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Feb 2010, 7:47pm


    It’s not about being gorgeous. Charl is just an ordinary guy.

  4. Mbosaramba 15 Feb 2010, 8:04pm

    “South African man wins Mr Gay World 2010”

    Ha! Of course, whites choose white as “Mr Gay World 2010″…

    Whites practicing their racism even in the very gay event and thinking fot themselves as real fair, moral and decent people. Not only that: now you, indeed, hypocritically calling a white ordinary as an African. That’s just outrageous LIE!!! Where is your sense of justice, guys? Its gone with the wind, for sure…

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Feb 2010, 9:05pm

    Mbosaramba = Monkeychops ???

  6. Mbosarama/ Clive JW- Erm, are you insisting that white south african guys should be barred from winning Mr. Gay World on principle?
    If you have empirical evidence that the jury was unduly prejudiced, and that black contestants never win, let’s hear it.
    Otherwise you’re merely asserting your subjective racial bias concerning who should win an international gay pagent above the jury’s decision.

  7. Mbosaramba is a stupid racist. Your nationality has nothing to do with your ethnicity.

  8. @#6. I was just being flippant. Obviously they can only judge those who enter the competition anyway. It would just be nice to see some black faces in these things some time. I’m not sure what Mbosaramba is barking on about, but I’m not barking up his tree.

    @#3. So it’s not about being gorgeous? That would explain it, then (no offence to Charl).

  9. He’s hot! And a well deserved winner. Racist blah blah blah yawn.

  10. Why is this being made to be a race issue? please substantiate your claims if you believe there was any form of racism.


  11. Always disappointing when idiotic trouble-makers find fault with everything; yet when the plans are made, they do not contribute anything. Whats with race in this? I would like to contest but never did. Even though I am black, I wont be named the winner when I did not enter.

    So shut your mouth & stop by igniting your racial fuel for no reason. You do not in anyway represent the opinions of black gay man. I only hope you are openly gay or at least not a stereotypical gay-denying black person.

  12. CliveJW – Glad you cleared that up, it’s sometimes difficult to detect flippant comments on these boards without resorting to emoticons! My apologies… and I do agree it would be good to see a few black winners.

  13. Can’t say I am suprised. Look at Andrew Strauss and Kevin pieterson; fine examples of South African manhood..()!)

  14. Mbosara…………..

  15. Oops sorry your comments bored me so much I fell asleep.

  16. Simon Murphy 16 Feb 2010, 11:36am

    Whether he’s black or white is largely irrelevant.

    What is relevant is that he is portraying himself as a brainless bimbo. It’s a f***ing beauty pageant. He’s being treated as a lump of meat to be ogled. That’s his choice for sure, but it’s completely laughable if he believes that “It’s my aim to help break down stereotypes and differing mindsets in the global community”

    No it isn’t.

    It’s your job to look good in a pair of Speedos

    Mr Gay World – what a joke. Do we have the daywear, eveningwear and swimwear sections?

    I wonder does he want to work with children and will he keep pushing for world peace.

  17. Fair play Simon – I sometimes wonder if the UN when looking through the CV of someone applying for the job of peace envoy check to see their ranking in a beauty pagent!
    Maybe the logic is that you can get two warring factions at the negotiation table to a temporary ceasefire if they’re temporalily distracted by a bimbo in their midst!
    [Though whether a gay pageant winner would have the desired effect is something of a moot point, you’d have to find 2 gay warring factions first!]
    Mind you, isn’t sending in a drop-dead gorgeous bimbo actually what started the Trojan war? They just didn’t think this “world peace” thing through!
    I think there’s a plot for “Miss Congeniality 3” in there somewhere…

  18. Well having had a 3 year relationship to one (white) South African, and married for 4 years to another, I can tell you they are really fun loving, passionate and great friends.

  19. Simon Murphy 16 Feb 2010, 4:43pm

    “Well having had a 3 year relationship to one (white) South African, and married for 4 years to another, I can tell you they are really fun loving, passionate and great friends.”

    But that doesn’t answer the burning question of how they look in the swimwear section?

  20. To Clivejw and mbosaramba – You know what?…you dont know what!! South Africa does not = racism, unfortuneately people like you make it come across as if it does. Others on here rightfully laugh at how you clumsily exposed yourself as racist. It may come as a shock but homosexuality is still VERY much seen as Western and un-african where even its very own President believe that a hot shower cure one of HIV! I do suspect the same level of common sense between Clive, Mbosarama and President Jacob Zuma.

  21. Despite Charl Van den Berg’s previous history with the adult film industry, outlined in my blog at , he was still crowned the winner of this competition. The competiton director has also been very verbal that they do not support the porn industry in anyway. Leaving me confused…

  22. I guess I’m concerned about the disclosure of Xiadai’s information. Is this site using a pseudonym, or did it just divulge information that may result in the imprisonment and potential torture of a Chinese national?

  23. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Feb 2010, 11:15pm

    Somewhere over the Rainbow, everything will be perfect.

    Personally, I like having a Mr Gay World, and I believe he would not be a good role model if he were Perfect, do you.

  24. @ Clivejw: “Presumably, they couldn’t find a gorgeous black man in the whole of South Africa.” Would you know how many gorgeous black men competed for the title of Mr Gay South Africa in the first place?

    @ Mbosaramba (4): if a person of Afro-Caribbean, African or South or East Asian descent born in the UK can be called British, why should the same rule not apply to SA?

  25. So this is what weve done with our rights and freedoms Great!

  26. Ray Cloete 17 Feb 2010, 2:14pm

    Racism!? that whole competition consisted of numerous cultures, Asian, Indian, African, European, American,Korean,Portuguese, to name a few.

    Howcome does this certain race feel discriminated against? He won because the world, judges voted for him based on hes performance.
    The competition is take very serious, and to degrade is realy distastefull…btw arent we all equal, why are you so cencerned about the color of our skin, do you reckon it makes us different. Practice what you Preach!!!!

  27. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Feb 2010, 9:04pm

    Personally, I like having a Mr Gay World, and I believe he would not be a good role model if he were Perfect, do you????

    And Ray Cloete is right. This guy won fair and square, and he looks like an ordinary guy to me which is why he will be able to carry out his duties as Mr Gay World.

    Let’s keep our eyes on him and we’ll see that being Mr Gay World has little to do with being ‘gorgeous’ or Perfect.

    I personally expect a lot from Charl by way of educating the world about the disastrous effects of homophobia.

  28. BTW, Who was Mr Gay World last year? Does anybody know??

  29. The last Mr Gay world? Joe Ratzy…The Pope! :-)

  30. Is he advertising an under-arm deodorant?
    Looks a bit of a bruiser, but none the worse for that. Drool.

  31. He’s nothing special

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