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Gay charity to help British men convicted of homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Where’s Stonewall then? Should they be fighting this?

  2. To have full equality, a lot more has to be done. For example, what about all those good people who were discharged from the military in the UK and USA for being gay. Can they retroactively get honorable discharges and the benefits that had been denied to them because they were gay? In Canada, after they recognized gay marriage, a group of gay widows/widowers filed legal suit to get survivor benefits under Social Security. Will this right be accorded to gay people who were denied because they were gay? There are also people still in prison in the USA who were placed there for being gay. My partner has relatives at the Walla Walla State Prison in the state of Washington. A lot more has to be done before we can say there is “equal justice under the law.” One apology to Alan Turing is not enough.

  3. Well highlighted, be interested in the out come on this. Well done Galop.

  4. Omar Kuddus 16 Feb 2010, 3:38pm

    Earnest Hemingway once said ” The world is a fine place and worth fighting for”.
    To take poetic licence i am going to add so are LGBT rights and equality and we all deserve to be treated as Equal in the year 2010 despite what the laws were when LGBT’S were treated as criminals and the freedom that the LGBT community take for granted today were not in existence.
    The generation that finds it “acceptable” to be treated as a “criminal” for being gay, i am definite would not feel the same or not act unsympathetically if they were persecuted today for their sexuality or for the mere fact that they were from the LGBT community.
    One forgets that Homosexuality was “illegal”and can one imagine living in a society where , in the free west one was “criminalised” for ” being Gay”.
    I may fight for the rights of venerable / in-dangered LGBT’s word wide for their sexuality but i never forget that the freedom that we now enjoy in the west was fought for and fought for with toil and discrimination and effort.
    Where is Stonewall? They are playing it safe as per usual and keeping their distance.

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