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Survey finds three quarters of Americans support out gay soldiers

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Reader comments

  1. As usual, this rag continues to spout hyperbole, hearsay and straw-poll statistics. 1,000 people is not all America. Out of an estimated 315m people, it’s not even a spit in a bucket.

    And equally, over what geographical region and what demographic?
    Based on the general hostility towards gay marriage in the USA, I would expect the results for this to be rather similar.

  2. LOL!!

    The USA is lagging behind many other countries by 10 to 20 years!!

    Nearly every major western democracy allows lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals to serve openly in the military, and have suffered no discernible adverse consequences as a result. (as you would expect!) This list includes Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Poland, Thailand, and the United Kingdom, among many others.

    Examples of countries that ban non-heterosexuals from military service include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Venezuela–and the United States, of course. Nice club to be in!!

  3. Im living in the US and voted for Obama. Im very disappointed in our progression on most things. Obama hasn’t done anything that he said he would and as far as the gay issues and the military he could certainly do so much more. Constantly wanting to abandon citizenship…

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